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I purchased the three horse power (twenty ton) electric model back in February of this year. The machine is advertised a being quiet, but actually is very loud with a high pitch noise that requires ear protection. Doug (company owner) says it is due to the higher RPM of the three horse power model and the hydraulic pump is making the screaming noise. Doug says he will send me a quiet pump. Doug has said this for months now. I call Ramsplitter about every two weeks and Doug says he will send a new pump each time I call but it never happens. Also Doug doesnt think that he needs to change his quiet advertisement as only two people (according to him) have complained.


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    jimeez Oct 06, 2011

    I have been trying to procure a 4-way wedge from Mr. Davidson for a couple weeks now. I call (and e-mail) him every couple days. When I do actually get to talk to him he says that he'll send it right out and email me a tracking number. It never happens. He's a nice guy and has a great product, but his follow-through stinks.

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    Teek Jan 30, 2012
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    I think the customer service is horrible at Ramsplitter. I ordered and paid for some Brass Spacer for my splitter they send me the wrong parts and it's been months of trying to get the correct parts so I decide to post my story so others don't get hurt.. Dough keep promising he will mail the replacement.

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  • Ra
    Ramsplitter not made in USA Oct 24, 2013

    Hello Fellow Outdoorsman/Women:
    I have wanted to write this for 2 years since purchasing my 20 horizontal Ramsplitter log splitter with a Honda commercial 5hp engine. First off, this company advertises their Ramsplitters are made in the USA. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE! They may be assembled in the USA but they are chock full of foreign components. The hydraulic ram is made in CHINA and the tow hitch is made in INDIA as well as the lynch pin that holds the front support. This INDIA made pin is such a POS it was bent when I removed it today (10/24/13) and replaced it with a 3/8 nut and bolt. I also cut that useless square stand-off on the front support off and added two pneumatic wheels, Now, the splitter ROLLS with ease in and out of the garage, no more picking the front end up. I am 61 years young but that maneuver was getting OLD! BTW, the Honda commercial engine is not made in Japan they outsourced that job to Mailaysia. Don't let the false marketing fool you. The unit works well but I just HATE liars! Tony Perrucci, Watchung, NJ

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  • Ma
    matt from long island Jul 28, 2014

    First off Tony, Your complaint is pretty funny. The product being made in the U.S. with a couple of foreign parts is not a LIE!
    You want an american engine over a honda?
    Why did you select a honda engine at checkout? are you trying to insinuate that you didn't know it was a honda engine?
    I ordered a skid steer ramsplitter about 3 weeks ago, although I haven had a chance to use it as of yet, It arrived a few days late and when it did arrive it was missing couplers that I was promised. I don't know if they got lost in transit or mistakenly not sent.
    I called the next day to inform, and Doug said he'd send me out immediate replacements, as promised I received them priority mail within a few days. Humans are humans and someolder folks may think quiet means absolute silence, its a logsplitter, want quiet? use an axe.
    being that your 61 yrs old and splitting your own wood tells me alot about you.
    1) your too cheap to buy firewood.
    2) you have alot of time on your hands.
    3) The fact that your from new jersey...good luck with that!

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    George Limerick Nov 26, 2018
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    Hello to coustomer victims, my name is George, I ordered a power unit and paid for it on my credit card.On November 2, 2018, they promised to have product in 3 days.Today is November 26 and I still haven't received my purchase.John promised he would deliver it his self if need be 3 times, they lie to there coustomers.I would advise anyone buying such tools or equipment to find another company .I am very, very disaftied and tired of being lied to, im sure im not the first person this has happened to. This is one star to many!!!

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