Ramada Worldwidecustomer service

Ts Oct 02, 2019

This place is horrible the worst customer service I've ever experienced. After having a beautiful day with family and friends, I had it ruined by attempting to check Into this property. First off the management is rude The lady I dealt with was Nichole who was the night manager apparently. She was horrible she needs to be fired period!!! I was racially profiled by Nicole. she called the police on me because apparently she didn't want me on "her property." After being treated like a peasant I told Nicole I might not want to stay at the property because the way I was being treated as a guest trying to check in. She then denied me to sign the contract grabbed the Room keys and cancelled my reservation because she didn't like the comment I made. I am now being denied a refund because they said the police were called. No arrest were made and no complaint was filed and when I call the property there is no one I can speak to over her. Never again my attorney will be in touch!! Unprofessional and argumentative lady not a place that understands hospitality. I doubt that the Ramada will be happy knowing that they have someone like her representing the business. She needs to be investigated. #Fire Nichole #My attorney will be in touch.

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