Rainbow Shopsretail clerks

D Nov 17, 2019

I am submitting a complaint against your cashiers/clerks that were working Sunday evening, Nov 17th. They were very rude and should not be in retail. When customers would walk away from them, they would make smart remarks so the customer would hear them. I witnessed this 3 times.They made you very uncomfortable to shop in the store. They had absolutely no mannerism and should not be working with the public. They made you feel as though the customers were bothering them because they did not want to be there. One of them actually shouted out that the store is closed then the other cashier and her giggled and began talking about the customer. Very inappropriate and unacceptable. You did not hear the word please or thank you, or may I help you. I will not go back to that store and I know others have said the same due to your employees. I will also be sure to let others know of their horrible behavior and their horrible service. I strongly suggest you reconsider keeping them employed or attend classes on working with the public. It's an embarrassment to your company.

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