The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
RAEJ Entertainment/Ricky &RAEJ& Espinoza Jrscam/fraud

Ricky "RAEJ" Espinoza Jr, owner of RAEJ Entertainment.

This person has been posting ads and contacting women through Craigslist.
He claims to be working on a TV show called "Legends."
He is supposedly looking for singers and models to be spokesmodels.

This guy is a FRAUD!

I have spoken to two other women:
One whom had a meeting with him and he never showed or called and he wasn't heard from again.
The other girl was sent a disclosure contract to sign and fax back prior to them moving forward with her signing on as a model. She sent it in and then never heard from him again.
As for me, he was an hour and a half late to our first meeting and didn't even call to let me know he was going to be late. The only reason I waited to meet with him was because I called him after waiting for 30min and he said there was an emergency and he'd be there soon. Being the understanding person I am, I waited. Then he sent me a contract to sign to be a spokes model. We were supposed to meet the following day and discuss the contract and everything with the other models. I drove an hour and a half to meet with him and he never showed up. I called and emailed and and I never heard from him again.
The most infuriating thing is that I had a few modeling gigs set up; but the contract stated I couldn't model with anyone else (which was fine, because i'd be making enough money through the contract. So I canceled those gigs and lost out on a lot of money since he turned out to be a fraud!). And this was after we had talked and he had assured me that this was all legit and he convinced me everything was fine and that I should cancel those gigs because he wanted to start working right away.
What a sleazeball!
It seems to me that he gets off on screwing with women.

Watch out for this guy ladies. He will waste your time, your gas money, and will pretend he is going to be able to get you all this great stuff; but it is just lies!!!


  • Mu
    music guy Feb 16, 2017

    Richard Nova is not Richard real name it is Richard Allen Espinoza Jr. see Raej Entertainment — Richard Allen Espinoza jr. owner of Raej Entertainment. He is BS and looking for his next scam. Trying to push of a BS story to get investors to invest into him electric motor scheme for automobiles. He not what he says he is just look him up and you will find he has done jail time for his past scams. He claims to be working on a TV show called "Legends." He is supposedly looking for singers and models to be spokes models. I have known him for 9 years and all BS . Beware . Richard Nova & Associates AKA Richard Allen Espinoza jr.
    Arizona Drivers license
    5290 North Verde Lane
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
    Date of birth 10/27/1969

    Lives in California in La Verne, California and keeps a Arizona Drivers license under his real name Richard Allen Espinoza Jr. Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 Bad news. Stay as far away as you can.

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  • Je
    Jerseygirl69 Jul 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NJ Raej Ent is in no way affiliated with any "Ricky" or "Rocky" and is not based anywhere outside NJ.

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  • Tr
    truthfulbilly Jul 25, 2010

    Is this the guy that is now posting ads and going by the name Rocky ? He is using the same phone number as listed above but a different company name and calls himself Rocky ? Just changing one letter ?

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  • Je
    Jerseygirl69 Jun 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The NJ Raej Ent is in no way affiliated or related to this "ricky" person.

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  • Tp
    tplsbld Jun 16, 2010

    His whole family are crooks HELLO the apple don't fall far from the tree

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  • Je
    Jerseygirl69 May 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This dude "Ricky" has stolen the name RAEJ ENTERTAINMENT. Raej Ent is a copyrighted entity and is an honest film and photography business in NJ. He will be challenged and sued for fraud.

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  • Go
    God Bless You!! Apr 29, 2010

    You don't know if he has them or if he does not have them. I happen to know that Ricky is attending Faith Community Church and he does have back stage passes. He is a nice guy and we are attending the Wango Tango concert on May 15, 2010 at Staples Center. I will take pictures and post them on this web site, to prove he does have back stage passes. All of you don't know the facts of why he took the bullet to go to prison. He was framed by an ex-singer friend of his. I'm not going to mention her or her mom's name. But they know who they are.
    Ricky got a phone call in June of 2005 from his singer. She just got into a car accident but she was ok. She asked Rick to help her get her moms car to her home. Rick agreed and went to her aid. Once the car was at her house, she couldn't drive it. This girl's mom received a ticket a week later which said she had to fix it or take it off the property or the property manager was going to tow it. The girls mom did not want this to happen so she was going to sell the car as is for 500.00. The ex-singer called Ricky up and begged him to talk her mom out of selling the car. Ricky agreed and set off to her house to talk to her mom. The ex-singers mom said that she could not afford to fix the car and she wanted to get something for the car and 500.00 was good for now. Ricky told her that his dad was an attorney and had alot of friends that could fix the car for free or the cost of parts. They would be able to fix the car but they would not do it for her or her daughter. Because the mechanic didn't know them. The ex-singers mom said she still had to sell it because the property manager was still going to tow the car because it was an eye-sore. Ricky said he could store the car at his dads house but Ricky would have to tell his dad that the car was his. So the ex-singers mom and the ex-singer and Ricky agreed to lie to Rickys dad and say that Ricky bought the car for 250.00 so it could sit at Rickys dads house until the ex-singers mom could fix the car. The car sat there for 3 months before the ex-singer used her mom's Triple AAA card to tow the car to the mechanic. The ex-singer could not make it to the mechanics in City of Industry, so Ricky followed the tow truck driver to the mechanic and signed off on the car so it could get fixed. Ricky was authorized by the ex-singers mom to say that the car was his in order to get the car fixed for free or the cost of parts. The mechanic fixed the car and called Ricky a week later. He said he was going to charge Ricky 534.00 for the cost of parts only. He waived the 1000.00 in labor because of his friendship with Rickys dad. Ricky called the ex-singers mom to let them know the car was ready and that the mechanic was only 534.00. The ex-singers mom said that she did not have the money to fix the car. Ricky let the mechanic know that he didn't have the money for the car at that time. A couple of days later, the mechanic called Ricky up and said that the car was taking up space at his auto shop and to come and get the car. Ricky told the mechanic that he still didn't have the money and the mechanic told Ricky not to worry about it and pick up the car any ways. Ricky drove to the mechanics shop in City of Industry and the Mechanics brother drove the ex-singers car down the street while Ricky followed behind him. The mechanics brother dropped off the car at the Home Depot, rolled up the windows and locked the doors and jumped into Rickys car so he can get a ride back to his brothers shop.

    Ricky father had talked to the mechanic and they made arrangements for Rickys dad to pick up the car and store it at one of Rickys dad's properties until the balance of 534.00 was paid. A couple of days had passed and the ex-singer showed up at Rickys dads house to tell Rickys dad that the car was not Rickys. When the ex-singer told Rickys dad this, he was extremely pissed off that his own son would lie to him to try and help a stranger. (To Him) Rickys dad went through the roof. (Upset).
    He called Ricky every name in the book and then some. The ex-singer asked for the car from Rickys dad. (Because Rickys dad was the legal guardian of the car because the mechanic authorized him to store the car on his property until the bill had been paid.) Ricky's dad told the ex-singer that she had to pay the 534.00 for parts, 1, 000.00 for labor and 500.00 to smog the car and pay for the registration. Making the total sum 2034.00 that the ex-singer had to pay. When the ex-singer was at the door talking to Rickys dad. Rickys mom called Ricky at his house and asked Ricky why the ex-singer was at the door, saying that the car was hers. Ricky immediately made a 3 way call to the ex-singers mother to have the ex-singers mother tell Rickys mother what had happened. The ex-singers mother told Rickys mom that her daughter gave Ricky permission to tell Rickys dad she sold the car to Ricky for 250.00, so Ricky could go to one of his dads friends to get the car fixed for free or the cost of parts. The ex-singers mother told Rickys mother that she wished that her daughter had waited another week so she could pay the 534.00. Then they all hung up the phone. The ex-singer did not have the money and she went to her mom so she could talk to Rickys dad about making a payment plan. Rickys dad was so pissed at his son for lying to him for the ex-singer that he did not budge. He told her he would give her a month to come up with the money or he would put a lien sale on it and sell the car so his friend the mechanic could get paid.

    The ex-singer and her mom could not afford the 2034.00 so they said the car was stolen. So they could get the car for free. Ricky was told to stay away from all court proceedings because his dad was going to fight the case based off of the lie that was told to him by the ex-singer, her mother and Ricky. Rickys dad was so mad at his son that he told Ricky not to talk to him. So Ricky could not tell his dad what is in this comment until years later. The ex-singer is a professional actress and she is on and has numerous credits to her name. She lied against Rickys father and won the case. Rickys dad was so furious at Ricky for lying to him for this ex-singer that he was unwilling to help Ricky fight his part of the case.

    When Ricky had to fight the case, he could not afford an attorney and the public defender told Ricky that he could not win this case. And that what makes Ricky think that he can win the case when his own father who is an attorney lost the case. Ricky told the public defender that he had a paperwork, endorsements, receipts and witnesses that could prove that the ex-singer filed a false police report. The court put Ricky in jail and Ricky had to fight the case from inside county jail. Rickys father and family were pissed off at him for lying to his dad and he could not get a family member to send all the evidence to Ricky on time to fight his case. Being in county sucked for Ricky and he was not getting the help he needed to fight his case. He was in county for 32 days (actual time), and when he went into see the judge. The public defender threatened Ricky to plead no contest to the case so the case would be dismissed and Ricky would be set free. Ricky took the deal because no one was helping him, not even the public defender. As a result of that verdict, Ricky received a year enhancement on a previous case from 2001 and Ricky was finishing up a 3 month community service sentence from back then. Ricky didn't get out of jail that day. He went to San Bernardino to face the judge from the previous case and the judge sentence him to 3 years with half. Ricky did 17 months. Ricky felt that he deserved the time because he had lied to his father and made his father lose his bar card. All because Ricky put a so called friend in front of his family. Never again, Ricky says!!

    I'm reading all the derogatory remarks about Ricky on this web site. I'm here to tell you that Ricky made his mistakes and he paid for them dearly. Ricky is a very nice man and he is always willing to offer his knowledge about the entertainment industry. It is because of the statements on this web site that cost him the support of investors on his tv show. Is he mad? No... What ever god has in store for Ricky is good enough for him. You can say all the negative things you want about Ricky but Ricky won't think unkind or bad of you. He will simply move on with his life and strive to be a better person.

    Ricky has alot of wonderful opportunities in the next couple of months. He is sharing those experiences with his friends and family. For all of you who support him and all of you who hate him. Ricky has one message for all of you and that is:


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  • Ca
    cantbelieveit Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    watchout everybody hes back at it. myspace of his claiming to "have back stage VIP passes to the Wango Tango at KIIS FM. I am raffling the tickets off at the Minx club next week. Anyone interested?" Nothing will stop this guy from continuing to lie and scam people will it? I'm sure within the next couple weeks he will be on craigslist with a different phone number and variation of his name promoting another false TV show.

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  • An
    anonymous_user Apr 28, 2010

    So how many of you ladies did he have sex with before he tricked you? I know he screws women before bulsh1tting them. He tried to get my g/f to sleep with him for money like she was some prostitute or something, and said he would create her websites for her also.

    If I ever see him in person...

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  • Es
    EspinozaExposed Mar 09, 2010

    California Bar Journal Discipline Summaries

    Summaries from the California Bar Journal are based on discipline orders but are not the official records. Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries. Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

    September 7, 2008

    RICHARD ALLEN ESPINOZA [#74367], 66, of La Verne was suspended for two years, stayed, placed on three years of probation with an actual 18-month suspension and was ordered to prove his rehabilitation, take the MPRE and comply with rule 9.20. The order took effect Sept. 7, 2008.

    In 2007, Espinoza pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

    For several months in late 2005, he kept at his home a car that was stolen by his son, who told Espinoza he had bought the car for $500 from its owner. The car was not street legal because of body damage, so Espinoza, who believed his son, agreed to store it in his garage. He later discovered his son obtained the car after promising to have it repaired and to pay the registration fees and register the car in the name of the owner’s daughter. The promises were false.

    Following his plea, Espinoza notified the bar of his conviction.

    He was privately reproved in 1982.

    In mitigation, he cooperated with the bar’s investigation, pleaded no contest to the charge and self-reported to the bar

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  • Pi
    pissedoff24 Feb 24, 2010

    WOW what a lair and a scam artist. Goggled his real name. You can find his address 816 Lake Ave La Verne, CA 91750 which is with his parents. Im posting it to scare him from continuing to do this. We need to not let this rest and get this POS stopped from scamming girls! I cant imagine the damage hes done to everybody!!! He IS a patholigal lair. Found out that his lies cost his dad his ability to practice law. WHOS IN CONTROL NOW YOU LYING HORRIBLE PERSON

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  • Fo
    formerbearcat Feb 23, 2010

    Sorry about some of the grammer in my earlier post. Its early in the morning and I'm almost off shift.
    Take care.

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  • Fo
    formerbearcat Feb 23, 2010

    OMG! This is unbelievable.
    I was looking up people from that past when I came across this persons name. At first, I was a bit curious to see if he was the same guy from the past. The modeling and entertainment scam associated with this guys name all sounded to familiar to me. It all came together when I read the links from both this site and craigs list. The city of La Verne, Entertainment industry, talant agency, and living at home with his parents.
    This guy has been using the same scam under different business names since the late eighties or early nineties. I knew of him from school and thats it. In the early nineties this man scammed a couple of friends of mine out of a considerable amount of money by promising them the world. He was very convincing. He presented them a photo album with all of the hot celebrities at that time. He appeared in a multitudes of the photo's with his arm around the celebrities, claiming that he knew them on a personal level. Talk about a "name dropper". He shot a multitude of photos of my friends and even tried to convince the to do risky shots by exposing their breast or wear a thong hiked way up. Thankfully they didn't.
    This guy had even gone as far as taking my friends and I, to the hotest dance clubs in Hollywood and get us into the v.i.p. rooms just to prove he knew the celeb's from the photos he presented. The one's that appeared to know him, were B-rated actors. Some of the actors were primetime, but most were from the saturday morning shows, like "saved by the bell, california dreams, ect... He would walk around the v.i.p. section taking photo's of these people, rubbing elbow and most knew him a Rick. He would use those trips to the clubs as a means of pursading one my friends into doing topless photo's. Which of course she later regreted.
    Its astonishing to see that Rick, Ricky, Richard or whatever he's going by now is still up to his old tricks. I guess some people never grow up. My only regret is that through the years I've lost touch with those ladies.
    It's obvious that this "just curious" post has an afilliation with Ricky or just may be Ricky posting under a different name. That seems like the rational response from a desperate fool, who appearently is afraid of going back to prision. As for "tired of crap". I know how you feel. this guy is real smooth operator. you have every right to be upset with this loser, but don't let him or anyone else who supports him or his behavior goad you into a confrontation. He's not worth it.
    By the way, his name was mispelled by some of you. I'm not surprised. he probably told you to spell it that way. His name is RICHARD ALLEN ESPINOZA, JR. estimated age 39-41 old.
    To all of his scam victims just remember "What goes around, comes around"

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  • Ia
    iamafeistykitty Feb 23, 2010

    In reference to Ricky's attempt to make amends:

    He's realized that he has been caught and called out on his behavior and is now starting to sweat it. Which is why he is using family emergencies and investors as an excuse and trying to hide the fact that he is completely full of it. Women, don't be fooled. This guy has been doing this for a long time, and the things he wrote about me on his website just prove that he is a liar and completely full of crap.

    And those websites that he provided that he is not "affiliated with" you could look up online. All you have to do is type in "modeling agencies" to google and there you go. That doesn't prove anything!!!

    In response to "just curious about the taste in your mouth":

    I find your comment to be a rather rude one to "tiredofcrap." It seems like you have personal feelings toward this guy. Like you are Ricky just writing under another person's name.
    I have met Ricky (Richard) within the last month and let me tell you; he would not fit between ANY woman's legs, he is indeed what you call a "fat son of a ###" (though I would have chosen to put it in a nicer way) and i'd be surprised if ANY woman was interested in looking him up...ever...

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  • tiredoffcrap, one more thing; this "fat son of a ###" has spent a bit of time in prison/jail so there is a good chance that he is no longer a "fat son of a ###". Becareful, your girlfriend might be interested in looking him up again.

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  • This son-of-a-### does sound like he needs to be avoided. It does, however, sound like "tiredoffcrap" is a scorned boyfriend that might be a bit angry that his girlfriend was stupid enough to let this slimy piece of ### between her legs. So I guess my question is: are you mad that it cost you money (via movies, dinner, condoms, etc...) to ### your girlfriend and it was your girlfriend who was paying him to ### her? Now it does seem that a piece of ### like this would leave a bad impression and taste in anyones mouth that meets him. So tell me, how did he taste tiredoffcrap? Furthermore, is part of your anger towards this clown because your girlfriend might have accidentally called out his name?

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  • Ti
    tiredoffcrap Feb 22, 2010

    There is no misunderstanding, you been caught in the act!!!
    You lying piece of ###!!! How dare you take the cowards way out by blaming your failure to deliver, on what you've promised so many people. Once a convict always a convict. Your going back to where you belong (prision), you piece of ###!!!
    Your a liar and a con artist . You victimize and rob people out of their money and there dreams. You didn't give a ### how you hurt any of these women or my girl friend. Paybacks a ### and you'll soon be someone's back in the joint. You Big Fat Loser!!!
    Your name is going to be plastered all over the net: Richard alan Espinoza Jr.
    Your a dispictable human being with no moral fiber. you use people and forum like this to pursue your agenda's. I'm encouraging every aspiring model out there, who had anything to do with you to turn you into the District Attorney's office. Your pathetic apology holds no water with me or anyone else you've lied to.

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  • Ri
    ricky e. Feb 22, 2010

    To all ladies:

    For whatever the reason or misunderstanding, it is apparent that I have offended some of you and for this, I am very sorry. I apologize for being so wrapped up in the drama going on in my life that I didn't take the consideration to give some of you a timely response. This behavior was truly out of my character and indicative of simply trying to juggle a hectic work schedule along with coordinating arrangements for a family crisis. I was working on the TV Show with a couple of investors. Unfortunately, the investors fell through, which caused the whole project to tank. I am sorry for the misunderstanding and offer you the following referrals to make amends to any of you that may have been inconvenienced or offended.

    Go to these model agencies whom may be able to represent you. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THESE AGENCIES:








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  • Ti
    tiredoffcrap Feb 22, 2010

    To all of you ladies out there.
    I can tell you first hand that this guy is a pathological liar!!! He's been running the same scam on young women for over 15 years now.
    He just got out of a California state prision last summer for ripping off my girl friends automobile, who he happened to meet with this ### modeling scam. Do not believe a word this Son of a ### tells you. He's a little imp of a man, who gets a sexual charge out of being around beautiful women who under normal conditions wouldn't give him the time off day.
    He uses pictures of well known celebrities, some old and some new to decieves women into believing he can get them to the next level of modeling, singing, acting and so on... This guy is still on parole !!!
    Do yourselve a favor. Don't believe a word he says. Contact the La Verne police dept or Los Angeles parole office concerning this piece of work. Your better off taking your money and flushing it down the toilet, than giving it to this loser. His real name is Richard Alan Espinosa Jr. not Ricky.

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  • Ia
    iamafeistykitty Feb 18, 2010

    Hey, "toomanyphonies."
    Thanks for posting what I sent you.
    I am the girl he is accusing...
    so feel free to email me (& i'm sure the other girls wouldn't mind getting emails either).
    Since I am the one who is actually telling the truth, and he is full of lies; I have nothing to hide and don't mind speaking to anyone on the subject and showing you that Ricky Espinoza Jr is a liar and a fraud.
    so...if you have any concerns...don't hesitate to email.

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  • To
    toomanyphonies Feb 18, 2010

    p.s. the above was sent to me by email from the woman he accused of running a smear campaign.
    I copied/pasted it into here so that everyone can read the crap he said and her response.

    (i forgot to mention it was from her in the above post).

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  • To
    toomanyphonies Feb 18, 2010

    Hi there!
    So, I am the woman that he is accusing of trying to lead a smear campaign.

    He posted this little "alert message" about me on his website:
    (please read what he wrote: and read my response that follows - below this)

    **"Alert Message
    Chara aka miss anon

    Is leading a smear campaign to discredit Ricky "RAEJ" Espinoza Jr. and our business. Miss Anon submitted air brushed pictures to us to be a spokes model for our business.Over a period of 2 weeks, we sent miss anon a 2 year spokes model contract to work with us.We met with Chara, aka miss anon and she did not look like her pictures. Her pictures were extensively airbrushed. Chara did not look anything like her pictures. We informed Chara that we would not be able to work with her. After receiving the news, Chara set out to create a smear campaign to discredit our business. She is posting ads on craigs list, complaint boards and she is trying to recruit persons working with us currently. In an attempt to try and shut us down.

    Please, Please, Please, do not air brush your pictures when submitting them to us. If your picture does not look like you at our initial meeting? We can not work with you.

    If you receive an email from miss anon or chara. Please let us know immediately.

    By forwarding all emails sent by this person, we will respond and book you paid modeling and acting jobs immediately. Let us show you that we are for REAL! " ***

    This guy is a serious nutjob. EVERYTHING he said on here is fake and I should sue him for defamation of character. I submitted a number of modeling images (a few that were lightly edited, but mostly for color). I also submitted a number of images of me taken directly from my crappy cam on a timer. MOST of my images are not even edited at all. I look EXACTLY like my pics and i'd be more than happy to prove it to you.
    ALSO...after meeting with me he kept telling me how much he wants to work with me and how much he loves me. I have an emailed contract from him dated AFTER our initial meeting as well as three voicemails still on my machine from him telling me to call him and how much he wants to work with me and how he was so sorry for missing our last meeting. These were almost a WEEK AFTER our first meeting.
    He even called me and left me a message telling me he was sorry for accusing me of running a smear campaign and telling me he wants to make it up to me and to end this. (then he goes and posts this bunch of lies on his crappy, clearly unprofessional, website!)
    I am the one who chose not to work with Ricky Espinoza Jr because i KNEW that he was a fraud.

    He is just upset that people are actually on to him and standing up against him!

    I will gladly show emails from women I have spoken to, as well as emails/VMs he has sent me and pictures of myself to show that EVERYTHING he says is a LIE!

    This guy is a pathetic excuse for a human being...

    1 Votes
  • To
    toomanyphonies Feb 18, 2010

    This guy is sum total loser!
    On top of all of his lies, he even put on his website a scam alert and said all these lies about this girl who did nothing but tell the truth and ask if anyone knew about him.
    He's acting like she did something wrong when he's the ###!
    This guy like lives at home with his parents and promises girls the world and he doesn't give it because he can't and he just likes messin' with people.
    What a pig.
    And he's been doin' this for a long time! At least two years, probably more.
    This loser needs to get a life.

    (and in response to the comment above, that is just sick. that poor girl should file a report in case he does something like that with someone else).

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  • Ia
    iamamodeldamnit Feb 15, 2010

    I have spoken to a number of women.
    He even conned one naive 19 yr old model into performing fellatio on him.
    He told her that it was for a foreplay manual for a company in Asia and promised her a lot of money and said that he just needed her to "audition" and then he'd book her.
    That was the worst one I heard< but I also heard that he was verbally sexual harassing some girls and that he likes to mess with girls' heads and promise them all sorts of stuff that he can't possibly produce and string them along, but nothing ever comes of it.
    One of his "spokes models" he has on the site said that he never paid her and she lost her job.

    This guy sounds like he's escalating from just messing girls heads to actually physical violations and it worries me that it may lead to rape, or worse.

    2 Votes

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