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RAEJ ENTERTAINMENT is owned and ran by a felon by the name of RICHARD ALLEN ESPINOZA JR. who is still on parole !!! This guy is a parolee, who is out there pretending to be an entertainment agent. He sucks unsuspecting women into believing he can take them to the next level in modeling, acting, dancing, singing an so on. According to some of his victims, this guy has been getting away with this same scam for over twenty years. He did get caught and sent to prision two years ago for scamming a girl friend, of mine out of her car. He just got released last year during the summer and couldn't wait to get back to old ways.
Women beware this guy is slicker than a greased up pig. He comes across as a legitimate agent and will convince you that he can deliver you the world, but delivers nothing but heart ache and a loss of your time and money.
If you have been a victim of this ###, contact the La Verne police department, the District Attorney's office and the California department of parole in the La Verne area. This guy needs to be stopped. He's already used this scam to sexually take advantage of some 19 year old girl.
Read all of the complainst against Him. His website came down pretty fast after all of the posting that came out against him. He's running like the weasle he is.


  • Ju
    Justice40 Oct 15, 2010

    Hello Jeff,

    Do you feel better now? I was your girlfriends producer. I invested $ 17, 000.00 into your girlfriends career. I got her an endorsement contract with Reebok, I booked her as a spokesmodel for the 3 rd Anglico Platoon for the Toys for Tots Charity, I booked her at the U.S. Open at Huntington Beach, I paid professional photographers to take her pictures for her C.D., J-Card, I paid professional music artists to do a C.D. for her.

    You and Keeira got into a fight and she was so upset when she left you, that she got into a traffic accident with her mom's car. You were jealous because Keeira depended on me to drive her around for 3 months, while her car sat in front of my parents house. It drove you crazy, and finally you pressured Keeira to get the car fixed. We used one of my dad's connections to fix the car for the cost of parts only. Keeira could not afford the repairs and your dad Mark accompanied her to my parents house to get the car. When my dad found out that Keeira, Linda and myself used one of his friends to get the car fixed for the cost of parts only. He flipped out and wanted Keeira to pay the cost of parts, the parts of labor and the cost of smog and licensing. The original price was 534.00 for parts only. My dad wanted you to pay his friend what your girlfriend originally owed his friend. $ 2034.00. He held the car at his office because his friend did not have room for your car at his garage. Keeira and Linda could not afford $ 534.00 to pay for the car.

    You talked her into saying that the car was stolen. So Keeira could get the car for free. Mind you, Jeff, you are a convicted felon and you are a member of a gang and you got into countless fights with Keeira in front of her apartment complex in San Dimas. The police have been called, countless times on you beating up your girlfriend.

    Because of you, convincing your girlfriend (Keeira) and Linda Ford to file a false police report against me and my dad. My dad and I were not talking. Mind you my dad was a attorney and pro-tem judge who makes over $ 250, 000.00 a year. You filed a FALSE police report against me and my dad. You have been bad mouthing my family for 2 years. You caused me to go to prison for 17 months.

    I'm upset, but I'm not angry any more. Keeira and Linda Ford know they filed a false police report against my dad and myself. I have hired a private investigator to gather evidence to prove that you (Jeff), your girlfriend (Keeira) and Linda (Keeira's Mom) cohersed Joe to conspire against me. All in an attempt to get the car for free.

    According to Penal Code 217 (a) (b)- It is against the law to file a false police report against person which causes them to be incarcerated.
    When you are found guilty. You all will spend a minimum of 1 year in a state prison.

    You took me away from my family, my friends and my business. I have hired an attorney to re-open this case and push charges against:

    Keeira Ford Linda Ford La Puente Radiator Shop Jeff ( I don't have your last name yet, but I will)

    You and your friends have been placing all these accusations against me for so long. Now it's my turn. We will have our day in court and you WILL LOSE!

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  • Ju
    Justice40 Oct 16, 2010

    I am going to post the minutes report from the court trial with Keeira Lyn Ford, Linda Ford and La Puente Radiator Shop on this web site. The District Attorney's office sent me to the Public Defenders Office and they told me that this case can be re-opened. I am waiting for the minutes report from the court proceedings. Once I have that, my attorney will be moving forward on this project. I will prove to all reading this notice, that Keeira Lyn Ford and Linda Ford lied on the witness stand to send me to jail and try and send my father too. Keeira and Linda place me in jail so they could get their car for free. I have evidence and countless witnesses that will prove that she is a liar. Keeira is a professional actress and she can be found on www.imdb.com. Just type in her name and you will see all the tv shows and commercials that she has done.

    (Below is the actual Penal Code that Keeira, Linda and Jeff broke)

    148.5. (a) Every person who reports to any peace officer listed in
    Section 830.1 or 830.2, or subdivision (a) of Section 830.33, the
    Attorney General, or a deputy attorney general, or a district
    attorney, or a deputy district attorney that a felony or misdemeanor
    has been committed, knowing the report to be false, is guilty of a
    (b) Every person who reports to any other peace officer, as
    defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of
    Part 2, that a felony or misdemeanor has been committed, knowing the
    report to be false, is guilty of a misdemeanor if (1) the false
    information is given while the peace officer is engaged in the
    performance of his or her duties as a peace officer and (2) the
    person providing the false information knows or should have known
    that the person receiving the information is a peace officer.

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  • Ti
    tiredoffcrap Nov 17, 2010

    Appearantly, your not too bright. I never said I was a man. What you did is no secret, genious. It is well known by many of her friends, family members and most of your scam victims. Judging from the other post by Miss Anon, you've got bigger problems from some of your victims boyfriends. Lets make something very clear. Any and all of her past and current accomplishments have absolutely nothing to do with you. You delivered nothing but hot air. Your just pissed off because you've been exposed for what you are, a pathological LIAR!!! Beside that, your trial is public record and you were found guilty. So good luck with your counter law suit, LOSER!!! I doubt you have two dollars for bus fare let alone money for an attorney.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Lone Avenger Nov 18, 2010

    As for Ms. Tired of Crap. You are either Chara or Carol.. Now, I'm guessing this is Carol. Now this lady is bi-polar and places sex for hire ads on craigslist. Carol lives in Glendale, CA and she lives in a 40's looking 1 bdrm apartment. Richard use to date this young lady. He dated her for 2 weeks in February. Carol is a major psycho and she is looking for the gravy train. Her saying that Richard is a pathological liar. Is complete B.S... Richard produced her first self titled C.D., called Keeira Lyn ford, got an endorsement deal with REEBOK, paid 3 music producers for studio time and to produce "Release Me", "Never Give Up the Fight" and "Tell Someone You Love Them". Richard booked a tour for her and she did the first show only and then she quit the tour. As for the boyfriends to watch out for. Keeira's boyfriend Jeff was beating her [censor]. Keeira and her mom Linda live at the apartments off of Amelia Ave. in San Dimas, CA. The name of the apartment has changed, so I can not write the current name of the apartments she lives at. Kencai Andrews was the graphic designer for the C.D. cover and the J-card, the professional photographer was Tori Wolf and she didn't even thank them on her C.D. cover. All she does is, take, take, take! She plays off of her looks. As for these so called victims, boyfriends. It's all a bunch of [censor]. Keeira broke up with Jeff along time ago and as for these other so called victims. Carol, Richard's ex girlfriend is bi-polar and places ads for sex. She wanted to be his girlfriend during the 2nd meeting with him. He had a business meeting with some millionaires and she immediately wanted to be with him. Chara is a model who looks nothing like her pictures. If all you want to hate Richard for calling it like it is. While then go right ahead. The people you mentioned above. Are gold diggers and users. They wanted a fast ride. Richard comes off as a professional and that's why alot of people respect him. Because he knows what he is talking about. In the entertainment industry, you need 2 things. Money and connections! Richard is a regular guy who gets taken advantage of by gold diggers. When you are nice to people, some try to walk all over you. What is the solution here? Pay his ex girlfriend, Chara and Keeira money. For what? They know that he has connections in this business and they all want to use him for that. It is public record, but it is also public record that Keeira Lyn Ford is a professional actress who is on: www.imdb.com

    Just because your life sucks donkey dick! There is no reason to try to hold Richard down. He does not need to do anything to prove himself. He leads his own life and does not let what you have to say, bother him at all. If people choose to stay away from him because of what you say here? That is perfectly all right because he doesn't need those users in his life anyways. He has true friends and he has, is and will continue to achieve his goals. Now tired of crap. I do know who you are. I have your home address and I do have your phone number, car make and model. If you continue to make terrorist threats on this medium. I will make sure that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. For making terrorist threats. Per your own words. (Judging from the other post by Miss Anon, you've got bigger problems from some of your victims boyfriends.)

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  • Mo
    MonkMcCool523 Apr 14, 2012

    I went to school with this guy, and he has been running this kinda scam since junior high. His big thing was "I'm a producer, publicist, photographer, and an agent", "All the Big agencies just take your money", or "John Robert powers is a scam". He stole money, jewelry, guns and credit cards from his family, just to has money to flash. Several times he cooked up some crazy lie about how he got money. I think my favorite was "Al Pacino's father Sal Pacino gave me $200, and wants me to be a hit man!" He tried several times to steal his friends girlfriends, he ran some kinda of mail order scam, got caught whacking off in the parking lot of Hillcrest Homes, a convalescent home in La Verne, CA. AND all this while still in High School. Nice to see he has graduated to Larceny and Grand Theft~

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  • Mu
    music guy Feb 16, 2017

    Richard Nova is not Richard real name it is Richard Allen Espinoza Jr. see https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/raej-entertainment-california-c314476.html owner of Raej Entertainment. He is BS and looking for his next scam. Trying to push of a BS story to get investors to invest into him electric motor scheme for automobiles. He not what he says he is just look him up and you will find he has done jail time for his past scams. He claims to be working on a TV show called "Legends." He is supposedly looking for singers and models to be spokes models. I have known him for 9 years and all BS . Beware . Richard Nova & Associates AKA Richard Allen Espinoza jr.
    Arizona Drivers license
    5290 North Verde Lane
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
    Date of birth 10/27/1969

    Lives in California in La Verne, California and keeps a Arizona Drivers license under his real name Richard Allen Espinoza Jr. Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 Bad news. Stay as far away as you can.

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  • Fr
    Friend2018 May 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @music guy These posts were from Valerie Espinoza (Richards younger sister) and her boyfriend, Nick. Both are Crack and Meth usernos. Valeries son told Richard he wanted to be dead because his mom was dragging him and his sister across the country to Iowa. To get approval for section 8 housing. His grandparents raised him and his sister. Richards family wanted to remain loyal to Valery but they didnt want to step on her toes because she is crazy and if provoked. She is very abusive, physical and violent. Throwing words at her parents that can xut through shrap metal. And more. Richard had to step in and notify the authorities about Valerie. She had been caught. Iowa section 8 dropped her account and Valerie went bolistic. Valerie had her boyfriend Nick (Monk) post these statements about Richard. Richardbis a kind and gentle man who is very loyal to those who are loyal to him. He can be a scorpio. But all scorpios are that way. If you meet Richard, give him a chance and form your own opinion.

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