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Julian Day, CFO of Radio Shack was quoted in 2007 saying In 2007 you were quoted saying “I once went into a RadioShack location incognito in order to gauge customer service, " Day said. "It was about as inviting as a visit to the DMV.” This was many of things in the article related to Radio Shack's business model. The title of the article was " Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business" If only I had known of this uncaring attitude towards customers before I patronized their store. Here is my story.

• December 4th I purchased two 16 gig IPhone 4 phones with cases.

• December 7th I called Wendy my primary sales person and informed her mine was not functioning properly. She advised me to call AT&T which I did and was referred back to you for replacement. I called Wendy again informing her of the outcome and she advised me to come in and she would take care of it. I told her I could not come in until about 5pm and she said she and Hyatt who assisted with our transaction will both be there so one of them can assist us. I came in about 5 minutes to 5pm and a young man said neither Wendy or Hyatt was in and that only Hyatt could handle an exchange like this one. No one could help us.
• December 8th I called the store around 10am, spoke with Hyatt who told me to come right over which I did. She expressed she thought she could get it to work. Upon arriving she tried resetting the phone, removing the "sim card" and a few other tricks to no avail. She told me "Weird huh?". She said well these things are pretty hard to come by she hopes she can get me a replacement. I said "I need a replacement". She then assured me she would get me one from another store just give her until the end of the day.
• December 9th, late in the afternoon having not heard from Hyatt as promised I followed up with her. She said she could not get me a phone from any other store. I said where does this put us? She said well maybe after the holidays. I did not like that one bit. I said well "maybe after the holidays, when after the holidays". She said you know I just don't know. She was not inspiring confidence. I said, fine what about a 32 gig phone, if we upgraded can you get that. She said now that might be possible. Let me make some calls.
• A few days later having not heard from Hyatt again, I called her. She said Oh, let me call you right back. I felt she had not thought of getting my issue resolved since the moment we hung up the phone a few days previously. She did call back this time and an in enthusiastic voice exclaimed she found a 32 gig being shipped to her store to arrive tomorrow. I said well no so fast I have to speak to my husband she said well it will be here ready and waiting for you. I called the following day and said the current one meets are needs, music is the issue with the hard drive space and it seemed silly for us to pay $100.00 for more music space when the phone features - most important feature is the issue. We very much want a replacement of what we have paid for. She said she is not sure she will be able to do that. I told her "Hyatt, you sold me a product that does not work properly and you are obligated to get me one that does. I only have 30 days to cancel this contract or report defects and my time is running out. You need to replace my product.". She said "I know I know I am trying everything I can. I will honor beyond the 30 days because you told me about it. I said that is not good enough. I need it timely as AT&T will not allow me out of my phone contract because you couldn't get a working product. I only have the IPhone because the price deal you had, I can't just return my phone with you and get out of contract w/ AT&T, they told me you had to prove another phone or I would have to buy another from their stores. I should not have to pay more because you can't replace my phone in 30 days time. Hyatt said I know I know we will resolve it.
• Last weekend December 17-19th I called Hyatt again, as soon as I identified myself she said "Don't tell me you are returning the phones!". I said, Hyatt this is crazy. You tell me after the holiday's but you can't tell me when and I really don't think you guys are considering my situation at all. She said but I got you a 32 gig and held it for a week until I had to sell it. I told her Hyatt I told you the same day you told me you had one coming that we were more comfortable staying in the cost range we paid and so you held by your own choice. She said, we will handle this, I know we will. I asked her before Christmas? She said I am going to try. I said I needed to hear by Tuesday December 21, that gives me 7 maybe 8 business days with AT&T to cancel my contract. At this point I am nervous about peoples She said she will work on it.
• December 23rd, I decided to see if I could resolve my problem. I made 4 phone calls and found the phone in about 5 minutes time. Unfortunately it was another 32 gig. I called Hyatt and told her I am very angry I had to make calls to rectify problem, both calls to her in the numerous time she has failed to follow up as promised as well as to the other stores. She said she would see what she could do about the up charge and that I should have them ship it to her store number 0685. I called back the Kenosha, Green Bay Ave store and spoke with the manager Allen.
Allen the manager said that he can't ship to another store on a customer’s instructions. I thought it was odd when Hyatt gave me her store number so I told him I understand. But that I was going to have Hyatt call him. Allen proceeded to tell me the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in business. Allen said, he would give it to me as a replacement if I came up to Kenosha Wisconsin personally but that he might be able to sell it to a customer so he wouldn't ship it if he could possible sell it.
I advised Hyatt and she told me she could not make another store ship inventory to her. I was shocked that was her response. She should have contacted you and that district manager personally. But once again, I had to call Allen, get Allen's district manager's name (Richard) and contact him myself. Again, I am doing the work.
Kelly of the district manager Richard's office was the first person to express proper embarrassment and shock over this escapade. She said she would handle things immediately and she did. She contacted Allen and even managed to call me back to assure me within a matter of 15 minutes that Allen is prepared to ship it where necessary. All I needed to do was call Hyatt and have her speak with Allen. I promptly called Hyatt and she assured me that she would handle it. Sadly, I was not so sure. I called her around 4pm and she said she just can't seem to get Allen on the phone. I hung up with Hyatt called the Kenosha store and Allen immediately took the call. I told him Hyatt was trying to reach him to arrange the shipping and I am concerned about the late hour. He said he is at the store if she calls. I called Hyatt and said Hyatt he is there now waiting for your call. She said I will try to call but I have a store full of customers. I said Hyatt. (Mr. Weekly, I AM A CUSTOMER!) Almost 45 minutes later Hyatt called me to say Allen is shipping it next day and my phone will be here tomorrow, Friday December 24 Christmas Eve. Given the circumstances of the past 45 days I followed up with Allen. He said he is shipping it and having to talk me was taking away from him doing it right now. I asked for the tracking number and he said he would give to Hyatt.
December 24th, Today, 1pm I called Hyatt she said she received a shipment but that it was not checked in, she is sure it is there she will call me 15 minutes. About one hour later, shortly before 2pm I again followed up with Hyatt. She said you know I have hadn't time I am so busy with Customers. I said Hyatt, it is offensive each time you tell me that you have customers when I am a customer who has been waiting to be serviced for 20 days. She said I don't know what you want me to tell you. I guess if you give me 10 minutes I can see if I quickly go check in the shipment.
30 minutes later I called and Hyatt asked me to hold. She said she just checked (now while I was on hold not 30 minutes ago when she said she would) and the phone is not there. She doesn't know what to tell me. I said how about tracking it? She said it came from the other store, she doesn't have the info to track it. I urged her to call and get it. While she called and got the tracking number Hyatt did not bother to track it. She gave me the tracking number to follow up.
I tracked the package. Allen did indeed enter the shipment into the FedEx System by printing a label for it. But FedEx was never requested to do a late pick up and it was not dropped off at a Fed Ex drop location. The package has never been received by Fed Ex. There system simply shoes that the store printed a shipping label. (According to FedEx, Allen made no attempt to get the phone to me next day as he didn’t even prepare the shipping label for Fed Ex until after 6pm that day, 6 hours after his district office instructed him to have it shipped today.)
I informed Hyatt and asked her to please be sure that the package ships today so I get it MONDAY not Tuesday. She said she can't make the store do anything.
Still December 24th, I am left just 6 days from being out of time to cancel my AT&T contract and have no idea if I will have the product I paid for 20 days ago.
December 27, the Iphone 4g 32 gig is in and waiting for me at the Crestwood location but will not be released to me with no upcharge as promised by employee, store manager, Hyatt, at the instructions of Reggie Weekly via Bill Mynatt.


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    portboy88 Dec 29, 2010

    Ok...a few things. You kept calling during the BUSIEST time of the year. We can't drop everything we are doing and check other things. I know my store makes close to $8000/day on the days leading up to Christmas. If we are busy with customers then we can't drop everything just to help one person find something else when they are just calling in to check on things. If you were to go into the store it would have been done automatically cuz you would be right in front of them doing it. It's VERY rare that fedex drops things off on the day before Christmas anyways. We didn't get ANY shipments at all. 2nd off, no retailer can change the price of a phone. Especially an iPhone. Apple makes their prices and the only time we can change our prices is if they agree to it. We can't change the price of the 32gig the same price as a 16gig. That would make both companies lose money. You could always do the swap by mail or get something other than the iPhone because after our deal with the iPhones being $50 off original price it is HARD to find any of them in any of our stores. But you need to understand that during holiday times we are all busy.

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  • Th
    TheShacknonAdvisor Jun 27, 2011

    Oh, and just to add. That article titled, "Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business, " was produced by The Onion, a fake news agency that makes up funny articles. If you took anything seriously out of that article, and failed to look up any additional sources or confirm that it was actually Julian Day who said those things, your and idiot.

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  • Ju
    justvisiting29 Aug 25, 2011

    First of all it us inappropriate for you as employees to even respond to this the way you did. Review the Social Media policy. 2nd, the issue should have been handled immediately, not a month later, and you wouldn't have to worry about shipping so soon to Christmas. 3rd, Radio Shack has plenty of options to get around changing prices, which CAN be done, seeing as we buy all of our phones up front, but they could have been issued an ATT bill credit for the difference, or even a customer service satisfaction check. And finally, this sounds exactly like something Hyatt would do, and not really know all the resources available to her. And you sound like someone who would work for her. I know, that we have some pretty demanding customers, but this customer was in no way out of line for expecting to get what she paid for. And one last thing, if this is how any of you great customers, Radio Shack is not the place for you. There are a thousand other people waiting to take your job. Perhaps you should look into another line of work.

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  • Ca
    carebear813 Dec 07, 2012

    I don't care what time of the year it is, customer is always right and comes first.
    Yes, Radio Shack has a policy to obtain to however, price changing does have to be okay'ed by her super or district manager. Even though she has authority in the store to an extent, her job is to keep business running eefficiently and making sure each customer is qualified. She did not search out her answers.

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