RaceTraccigarette coupon

S Oct 06, 2019

I purchase 3 pack of cigarettes every other day and I get 3 pack special with 3.00 off
And I use Marlboro coupon on my mobile device.
today I went in to purchase my cigarettes and she i got 3.00 off then she scanned my Marlboro coupon of my phone
And it change the your coupon to 2.00
I told the cashier and she said no it's 2.00 off with my coupon . She went to a manager a very young girl and she also said it was only 2.00
So i ask manager to ring up 2 pack got 2.00
She scanned my Marlboro phone coupon
And it didn't take anything off.

That is wrong I have been going to this racetrac for 10 years it has been 3.00 off and I have use my phone coupon with no trouble

If racetrack is going to be this way with my coupon I will go somewhere else .

I hope this is resolved so i can continue
To go to racetrack and have to go to QT

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