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Wm Oct 02, 2019

I just left the QT on liberty highway in Anderson SC and the so called lady that works in the kitchen was so rude. Honestly every time I go in there shes rude but this is the first time it's ever been directed towards me. I've had strep throat and for the last few days all I could eat was ice cream, so every night since Sunday I've stopped and gotten ice cream. My first night I stopped I ask the lady working if I ordered 3 cups if she could just put it all in a milk shake cup. I wanted enough to last through out the next day. She had no problem doing it in fact she said just pay for 2 and I'll do it. Ok great, no problem. The next night (Monday) I went in and had the same conversation with another lady. No issues I paid for 2 cups of ice cream and she put it in 1 cup for me. Then tonight I go in and I ordered the 2 cups of ice cream. When she walks up to fix it I ask can you please combine those into 1 cup. You would have thought I had ask her to churn the ice cream herself she starts slamming cups around so I go up to pay. When I go to pick up my ice cream the cup is maybe half full. I ask if I pay for another ice cream could you please fill the cup up and her response was what do you mean fill it up. What part of fill the cup up is confusing? I explain to her that I've been in the last 2 nights and I paid for 2 and they filled the cup up. I told her that I've been sick and that's pretty much all I can swallow. She tells me that's not what the cups are for and the ice cream cups are 9oz and the other cups are 20oz. I told her I understand that and I don't have any problem paying for it. She then tells me no that she won't do it. So I ask if I could just buy a other ice cream cup and add it myself and her response was yes I don't care what you do. So instead of her adding the ice cream she would rather waste a cup. She fixes the ice cream and the slams it down on the counter. I was so shocked. I could understand if I was trying to get something for free but I said I'm going to pay for another 1 can you please just add it to this cup and she refused to do it. I made it perfectly clear I was planning on paying for another 1. I just can't believe that QT allows their employees to treat customers that way. I honestly can't believe that this is the first complaint this "lady" has had. She needs a job that doesn't require her to work with the public. She seems very unhappy there a few weeks ago I went in and I was waiting on my order she was on her phone (very unprofessional) complaining and cussing about how QT treats there employees. She was wearing earbuds so her being on the phone wasn't very noticeable but I could hear her fussing and cussing about how the people on the shift before hers wasn't washing the dishes before she came in and she was having to do it. If you are that unhappy working there do all the loyal customers a favor and quit.

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