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B Jul 17, 2019

Mortgage Disputes;
The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681
As a senior citizen I purchased my property and received a loan through Quicken Loans in May 2017. During the September/October, 2018 timeframe I checked on other sites to get my house refinanced to reduce my interest//payments. Each time, I was always immediately contacted by Quicken Loans but they always failed to provide better rates even though better rates were advertised by othe lenders.
During Oct. 2018 Quicken Loans placed an Excrow Balance against my home. I contacted Quicken Loans Lending Officer Katrina Commints and she stated "All debts/liens against the property are to be collected or Quicken Loans will be responsible for those debts" and that Quicken Loans should have been responsible for the 2017 Escrow balance. I paid off this balance even though Quicken Loans should have been responsible. During Oct., 2018, a Quicken Loans Manager made a false statement that the 2018 Escrow paments were paid 5 months in advance to make it look as if I was behind on payments.

From October through January, 2018, I received many, many harassing calls/emails from Quicken Loans that they were going to foreclose on my home! They would only provide their first name, a generic number and were members of the "Client Relations Team" . When I called back the Quiken Loans spokesperson stated; " There was no one there with that first name that worked at Quicken Loans."

During Oct./November/December, 2018 and Jan., 2019 timeframe Quicken Loans reported me 30, 60, 90, and 120 days late, " Even though all payments had been made and were made on time." This false reporting drove down my credit score from "EXCELLENT" to the mid "500". Now I am unable to process a loan because of the false reporting to the credit agencies by Quicken Loans.. Quicken Loans is trying to extort additional monies though late charges, taxes applied to the loan and are even threatening a foreclosure on my property. I made mthe July, 2019 s payment everal weeks past but Quickden Loans stated; " they were refusing payment."
Would like to have suggestions!

Bob Claborn

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