Qingdao Bayless Import And Exportcopy paper a4 double a brand

R Jul 18, 2019

Be aware!!! - this company (is it???) and its manager ernest - is a con, fraud and a cheat!
Do not do business with him in any way!
He took our deposit above 10k and disappeared!! No stock, not answering his phone, skype and any other media
Before we made the deposit - the communication was great, fluent, even sent samples and agreed to our inspection at the loading site of his factory.
Once we paid the deposit - suddenly it is impossible to reach this ernest (mr. Xue, xiao wei) guy.
Also, when we called him from a china location, he picked up but refused to any inspection, did not want to tell us where the inspection address is... And hung up the phone
This is really frustrating... This guy always tells excuses, that he has troubles at home, that his colleague will contact me etc... But nothing happens!!

Of course we do not see the goods that we have ordered (2 containers of copy paper) and we dont get any update

I am not sure that this company is real at all...

Stay away!!! Shame yourself!!

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