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Pyesanos Catering Inc review: Stole $1500 from us

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Fred, from Pyesano's Catering, quoted me a price of $4, 000-$5, 000 to cater my wedding. I gave him a deposit of $1, 500 on March 3, 2014, in good faith, for his potential catering services. On March 5, 2 weeks before my wedding, he told my fiance that the cost would be $8, 600, almost double what he originally quoted us. He refused to work within our budget and was very uncooperative.

We then proceeded to ask him for our $1, 300 back (told him to keep $200.00 for his time) and his response was "I can't even wipe my a** with $200.00." Very rude and unprofessional. After that, he would not answer or return our phone calls.

Needless to say, he never gave us any of our money back. He never even provided us with a written estimate or contract after we requested one from him several times.

Fred caused us so much extra stress, 2 weeks before our wedding, we had to not only find a new caterer, but he stole $1, 500 from us. He never provided ANY services to us except a small food tasting. He is a dishonest, rude man that screwed me over 2 weeks before my wedding and stole $1, 500.00 from me. Horrible company. Scammers!

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