Pure Energy Products / U Save on PillsComplete unauthorized use of credit card, and non existent terms and conditions

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Do NOT fall into the same trap I did. I purchased a $5 trial of these Phentrenzine tablets, and as soon as I did - I had a bad feeling. So when I received them I never opened them. Just Several weeks later I received 2 more bottles in the mail and thought, why did they send me more? I didn't order more... and I noticed an unauthorized $149.95 charge to my bank account!!! I was so upset! They are professionals at this, and it makes me sick. These people are husbands and wives - they can't even be trustworthy with their lives and what they do... it is very, very sad.

If this ever happens to you - CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND FILE FRAUD ON THEM... My credit card company couldn't even find the terms and conditions on their site - so it proves they are fraud, and they will be found out very soon. My prayer is that their sin of deception would come to the light - and it will, it always does.

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