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Received a phone call explaining that I was being rewarded for being a "good customer" with my MasterCard with a voucher for two free airline tickets and 5 magazine subscriptions for 60 months at no cost. I simply need to subscribe to a "palm magazine" (Reader's Digest, Rachel Rae cookbook, Christian Guideposts, etc) for those 5 years at a cost of $4.95/week or $24.78/month. After I agreed I was given choices of magazines to subscribe to and was told my vouchers and magazines would come in a packet registered mail in the next week.

The first woman I spoke with was Kelly. I was transferred to April, who reviewed my subscriptions and then asked for my credit card information. I gave it to her, but refused to give her my SSN. She asked about whether I bought or rented, and how long I lived in my residence as well as how long I had worked for my employer. At the end of the time I was asked 9 questions to affirm my order. April gave me an 800# and the name "Publisher Service" as the company. I even got a confirmation number for my purchase.

I immediately called the 800# back and learned the 800# was a collections agency and that they didn't know of an April. I then looked online for Publisher Service and found that there were many people who were victims of the scam. I Called the phone number I got from my cell and it just rings, no one answers.

I am afraid that I have fallen victim of a scam, as my story lines up with many others. I will cancel my credit card tomorrow and see with my bank if I should change my account number as well. I will refuse shipment, assuming a package ever comes. I will continue to call the phone number and attempt to cancel.

Any advice on what else i can do to proceed is appreciated.


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    ricekrispy Feb 23, 2011

    This just happened to me too and after I hung up I felt very uneasy about what I just signed up for.

    I have also cancelled my credit card, and intend to send back anything I receive, if I do receive it. I'm a little bit concerned about the fact that they had us answer those questions at the end which I see other people say they use as a verbal contract, but I assume if we don't take anything from them, they don't have any legal way to take the money from us.

    I hope someone else has some advice on how to deal with this!

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    ElderlyPerson Aug 28, 2014

    I have been getting calls about wining a million dollars. The phone is a Verison service and is addressed near a CHP Communications building East Broadway and East Wilson Ave Anaheim, Los Angeles, Ca. The caller talks 'at' me like I'm a elderly person named Jerry.

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