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I rented a storage locker but did not move anything into it, on 23 Feb, 2022, at the Halsey St. location in Portland Oregon. I didn't really need a storage locker at all yet but thought it might be nice to maybe move some things into it to free up space. I thought that when I spoke with Jacob the agent, who was nice and polite, that I had pretty much made it clear I wasn't going to move in for awhile.

When I was leaving, one of the 'customers' shows up in a black lexus with no plates, carrying what looked like personal items not storage stuff. So I went home and did research and found that obviously people are living in that building in their storage lockers. I thought this explained Jacob's odd warning not to close the door below a certain point while in the locker (as if I would have a reason to do that anyway). While researching this online for this exact location found another client had seen people living in the building. Worse, my 56 dollar a month rate was, same day, available for 49 a month. So, I went into my account and immediately 'cancelled' it by doing the 'move out' gig in their system. I had no intent to move anything in there at this point in time now because even my least valued stuff going in there would probably be stolen or pilfered. When a company is so dishonest to offer such a variation in rates for the same space, it means they're just not reputable at all. This is not airline travel here, in other words.

I give Jacob a '10' on politeness but I don't think he really understands that my hesitation on moving in was from a gut feeling that said; "don't do this" and it turned out I was correct. Always follow your gut. Needless to say, I will NOT be moving anything into their storage facility at all but will avoid ever ever ever doing business with them no matter how clean the building appeared to be inside. I know the economy is in the toilet but hey, my things have value and I am not a fool. I don't have time to play games with a corporation that is dishonest and not reputable enough to be a BBB listed company. Not saying the other storage locations are any better, I've never ever used one before, but when suddenly they have a charge for THEIR LOCK to be on the door (you can buy your own as I now have) and additional insurance that they put on at 4 dollars a month, given this, when your time comes to be finally done after removing your things you can only imagine the shenanigans you'll endure especially if your stuff gets stolen or pilfered or vandalized by the 'tenants' living in their lockers there. I think property security is paramount here, and honesty on their part also and so far they failed on both counts. Don't use them. : (


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May 27, 2022 1:56 pm
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The facility in Occoquan VA on Old Bridge Rd charged us for 2 units for the month of May 2022. We asked to move to a smaller unit which they did on the 2nd of May, and the local salesperson told us they would transfer our payment on the larger unit to the smaller unit as a credit. This is called a unit transfer, however the salesperson made a mistake and opened a new account which apparently disallows any transfer of payment. So we are out $186 exactly opposite of what the sales person told us. The issues apparently is that the 2nd unit while it has the same family credit card on the unit, has my wife's name and not my name (same last name) and that alone stops them from crediting our account as promised. When we talked to the local manger, he said call the corporate office, who denied they could do anything and said talk to the local or district manager. That run around end with a rude manager who told us to go do whatever you wanted to do and basic SORRY you lose attitude.

So we will move shortly as there are many other facilities and companies in the area. I think I will also continue to post negative reviews (facts only) as my new hobby until someone in public storage makes this right. Maybe I will spend some time outside the facility on the public sidewalk with a complaint sign and see if I can get their attention? Seems a simple matter to at least credit us the extra payment as they said they would do in the first place. But its sad as we liked the place and it was nearby - well there are many other places and others should be adivsed to be careful with this manager.

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Apr 04, 2022 12:22 am


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