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We placed an order for a lamp on 11/18/2008 with UPS 2 Day Air. We hadn't received the item as of today 12/03/2008. I tried emailing a "sales rep" named Julie Newman who claimed she could help me with future orders. She however could not give me any info regarding where my lamp was. She suggested contacting the 800# for customer service. Everytime you call you get a recording that lasts for infinity, contantly given the option to leave a message. I left several. I finally tried their "Live Chat" online service. After connecting with an agent named Amber, I informed her of the situation and asked if she could help. She said "Ok, give me just a moment" and then never responded again for over an hour. I took the log of that converation and emailed it to Julie Newman asking for any assistance in resolving or canceling the order. I told her that we were considering disputing the charge with Visa to get a refund if necessary. She apparently forwarded that email to CarlyL who stated that the order was cancelled, but that "We will not set you up with a refund in our system because you state your boss will be filing a dispute on the charge. We will await said dispute. " I then received an email from "[protected]" including an invoice looking document that was labeled "Cash Refund", and the payment method as "Check". At the bottom it states "We have received your cancellation request and your order has been processed for cancellation. We will await the dispute from your card company that you stated will be filed by your company. Thank you." At this point we have contacted our bank and legal council. Will advise if any resolution.


  • Na
    Nate Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having pretty much the same problem with the same site. Every week I get the same response. They say its because Dell is slow about sending them my lamp. They tell me it will ship on Wednesday, and if I dont get an e-mail by Friday to give them a call. I call, sit on hold for over a half hour, then they tell me the same thing again. Its been the same story for the last 3 weeks. I ordered the lamp on October 30th and here it is, December 4th and I haven't gotten my lamp yet. I would really like to here if you got your lamp yet. I'm seriously considering canceling my order. I really needed it for Thanksgiving, considering my projector is my TV, and we had my girlfriends entire family at my house.

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  • Ro
    Robin Dec 10, 2008

    I ordered a lamp via their website in early September for 2 day shipment. I found out the next day that the lamp was back ordered so I called and canceled the order before it was shipped. As of December 9, I am still waiting for the refund. When I call I am told that they can't do anything about getting me a check and that I will be notified when the check is cut. I am told I can't speak to anyone who has control over the accounting area and no one there will answer questions about the company or who is in charge. The don't credit back to your credit card, they issue a company check (or so they say). Strongly recommend against doing business with Projector Lamp Center or any Sageryder affiliate.

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  • Ap
    aprylc Dec 15, 2008

    I have been trying to get my refund from this company since Oct 15 - after I ordered my bulb the start of August 2 day air and kept being told it would ship in 3-5 days. I tried to be patient but finally cancelled my order oct 15th and got a refund # but as of today havent gotten an actual refund nor have I gotten a response from anyone at the company! I also noticed when I called today you can no longer speak to a live person you can only chat via internet! I have started the dispute with my CC company but it may be to late for them to help me at this point. I am really SO upset! I would love to hear if anyone has ever gotten a refund from them!

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  • Jo
    JohnH Dec 15, 2008

    I called the 800 number from the web site and talked to Brooks. He took my order and said I'd have the bulb in two days. Today is a week later. The 800 number is no longer on the website. I found the number I called last week but only get a recording to use the chat on the website. The following is the chat:
    info: Hello! In just a moment you will be routed to a live operator who can assist you if you have any questions.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Brooks'
    info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
    info: You are now chatting with 'JohnL'
    John: Where is my lamp?
    JohnL: Ok, I see your requested information, Please stand by
    JohnL: I'm sorry this has taken so long, as it stand now the order has not shipped, the ETA you were given was the correct information, However, the ETA was extended by the maker> My vendor has advised me this will be drop shipped from the manufactures location to you. Once this ships you will receive an email with you tracking information. We will also be checking with a number of other vendors that carry this item. If they have it in stock we will get it shipped ASAP
    John: No. I want a refund now.
    JohnL: Ok I can get that order canceled, I must advise you of the company policy on refunds... refunds are submitted to the customer only in the form of a check, refunds for cancellation usually take 30 business days to be processed and them mailed to the customer
    John: No. I will stop the payment on the credit card or you can reverse it. Which will it be?
    JohnL: unfortuatnely i can not reverse the charge sir. I can only advise you of the company policy
    John: I'm in Atlanta. You're on Peachtree Rd, right?
    JohnL: Yes sir our offices is in atlanta.
    John: I'll come by and talk about your policy.
    John: Why is your 800 phone number no longer on your website and why are you no longer answering your phones?
    JohnL: To better help the customer we are no longer a call center we are now totally all web based
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.
    John: I think your company is a scam. I will be forwarding this chat to the Better Business Bureau and numerous other places to let people know about your broken promises and you so-called company policy.
    JohnL: I understand sir again i apologize we could not get the product to you faster. Is there anything else i can help you with today?
    John: Yes, you would be well advised to issue a credit to my credit card today. If not, I'll fax this chat to my credit card company.
    JohnL: Again sorry I apologize, but i must only advise you of the company policy.
    John: Why didn't you send me an email advising me of the delay in this shipment? Is that against your company policy?
    JohnL: No sir that is not our company policy, Unfortunately you were not advised of the delay, that may have been a error on our part and we do apologize for that.
    John: I'd like you to send me an email now stating that you have not shipped the product, you do not have the product (after you told me you had it in stock), you do not know when you'll get the product, and you do not know when I'll get the product.
    JohnL: That ETA has not been relayed to use from the maker as of yet.
    John: Just send me an email stating all of the above.
    JohnL: Yes sir, i need you to confirm weather or not you are keeping the order.
    John: You don't need to confirm anything. If you are a legitimate business, you will be decent enough to let your customer know that there is a problem with this order. An email does not cost you anything.
    JohnL: Sir i"m sorry i thought i made myself clear, At one point during this chat you stated you wanted a refund and stated you would dipute the charges. I need to know that you still want to keep the order.
    John: What difference does that make?
    JohnL: Because of statement made earlier in this chat, i need to have it confirmed, if that is something you are now willing to do sir, i have no choose per upper management to cancel the order and let the charge back threat stand.
    John: The more I hear from you, the less I like it. This is not the way a legitimate business operates. Are you going to send me an email or not?
    JohnL: yes wsir i will send a email wth a status.
    John: Have you sent the email yet?
    JohnL: My credit be partment will be sending all of that information to you. is there anything else i can help you with Sir?
    John: I won't hold my breath waiting for anything from your company. Have a nice day.
    JohnL: You have a Great day too Sir, Goodbye.

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  • St
    Steve W. Dec 18, 2008

    I ordered a lamp from this place back in July, have been fighting with them ever since cancelling my order in August. They say my refund is coming, but haven't seen it yet.

    I was given the name of the "Billing Dept."

    Tiffany Beale Phone#[protected] extension 185.

    I would suggest everyone who has been dealing with these idiots call her incessantly, maybe we can get somewhere, but I doubt it. I have been bugging Tiffany since Oct, I'm sure she doesn't like me much at this point, all I want is my money!!

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  • Sa
    Sara M Feb 09, 2009

    They also go by the name VergePoint. I had the same problem. They charged my credit card for my lamp that I ordered but no lamp. Called customer service and got the same run around. Vergepoint is a scam. Vergepoint does not sell what they have on their site, I think they advertise more products than vergepoint can sell. I would advise people not to buy from them, I lost over $600. Since my dealing with vergepoint they now seem to have a different business???? It seems like vergepoint is trying to scam people in another way, with a new site. Vergepoint should not be able to deal with customers money. Spread the word on Vergepoint. VergePoint provides Web Strategy, Web 2.0 Design, Marketing, Conversion, SEO, PPC, Web 2.0 Marketing and Social Marketing using an Infusion360 approach. VergePoint provides Web Strategy, Web 2.0 Design, Marketing, Conversion, SEO, PPC, Web 2.0 Marketing and Social Marketing using an Infusion360 approach.

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  • Zo
    Zoltanvlad Feb 17, 2009

    An attenuated summary and a strategy that works.
    1) Order large screen from Big Screen Center. Credit card charged that day.
    2) Wait past shipping date. Wait, wait. Call (When you could still get through). "Order was delayed." "But I needed it by the date you promised as I was leaving town so cancel my order and send me an email confirmation." Received a confirmation and a 30 day wait period for the refund check. (Of course no credit card refunds allowed).
    3) 60 days no check. Cannot get through by phone. No responses to several emails to the specific person that sent confimation email. (Tiffany Beale).
    4) Live chat at their web site. "I cannot help with any financial matters, use the help section on the web site."
    5) Help section. You cannot get there from there. No financial route in the circular menu.
    6) Write a letter to their SageRyder Georgia headquarters addressed to the president. (Let's just say it was stern).
    This will get their attention.
    Three days after I posted it I got an email from a new person who had clearly been told to make me go away by refunding my $372 to my credit card!

    I have been buying over the web for years and SageRyder is the most heinous business I have ever dealt with. Warn you children!

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  • Ro
    Robertoxx2 Mar 03, 2009

    I had the same experience as everyone else above - to the T.

    This so called company is horrible.

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  • Ra
    randy Mar 09, 2009

    i have just found out that i am getting screwed real hard by this company. thanks for info randy

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  • Ri
    richschmidt Mar 19, 2009

    Our church ordered a Da-Lite screen and frame from them in May 2008. It was delayed (by the manufacturer, I was told), but it did arrive eventually. Unfortunately, it was missing a snap on one corner of the frame, so we planned to send it back, but before we could a joint broke! So we contacted them, faxed in the form to receive the RMA. Wait, wait, wait. I contacted them through their online helpdesk, and by phone, and they said they were waiting on the manufacturer (again). Finally, we get the instructions on shipping it back, the RMA, etc, in late January! We ship it to them. They acknowledge receipt Feb. 2 and on Feb. 3 say that the replacement order has been placed and should be shipping to me by the end of the week.

    Wait. Wait. Wait. I contact them through the online helpdesk (my primary way of interacting with them). No response. I contact them again. No response.
    Finally today, March 19, I try calling them. No response. I find someone on the "live customer support chat" on their website ( who tells me that they bought the website from the company and can't access the old orders! They suggest I contact my credit card or bank to reverse the charges! And that's it!
    The non-toll-free number I had for SageRyder, Inc. on an old email is no longer in service. So I'll be contacting our bank (since it was purchased with a VISA check card / debit card) this afternoon... to see if they'll reverse charges on a 10 month old charge!

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  • Ri
    richschmidt Mar 19, 2009

    Good news! I contacted Da-Lite directly, and they're shipping our replacement to us by next week! I had the RMA number, and even though something got mixed up along the way, they're making it right. It's nice to work with a company that cares! Yay Da-Lite!

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  • Me
    mechelle putman Mar 20, 2009

    I have had the same experience. I oredered a bulb in early November 2008. I needed the bulb for Thanksgiving. I still had not received the bulb in early December and decided to cancell my order. I have went back and forth with the sageryder via internet. All that repeatedly is stated is that it is taking a bit longer than our 30 days to process your refund. When the check comes across my desk I will email you. After that first 30 days I knew that I probably had just lost my $236.00. It is not a comforting feeling to loose what is so hard to earn. I wish I had known about this company earlier. The only time I found out about it is when I used the word Sagerider as a keyword for a search. Maybe there should be some other warnings out there for the consumer.

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  • Ed
    Eddie Mathews Mar 23, 2009

    I ordered two projector lamps on 9/19/08 for $714.37. After four months of being told they were on their way or on backorder, I finally gave up and requested a refund on January 15, 2009 . I was told via LiveChat that it would take 30 days. That was 68 days ago and still no refund check. Very frustrating! -- Eddie Mathews, Kerrville Church of Christ

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  • Ma
    Mark Apr 27, 2009

    My name is Mark, I am President of Lamps and Screens Online LLC. My company purchased the assets of Sage Ryder in a public auction in accordance with the bankruptcy laws in the State of Georgia. The assets included the websites, and Sage Ryder went from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 recently. I will not go into the details why, however the Governor of Georgia's office, the bankruptcy trustee for the state of Georgia and the BBB are now fully aware of circumstances.

    Sage Ryder went bust owing my company in excess of $650k, we bought the assets in the hope of recouping some of those losses by turning the company around and making it profitable again. The NEW Company has new management, a solid line of credit and a new mission to offer world class service. We managed to save and re-employ some of the innocent employees that were uncomfortable with the old management practices and re launch the company last week at a new location.

    I am very happy to talk or communicate with any old customers that feel they didn’t receive satisfaction and direct them to the relevant authorities. My email address is [email protected], please feel free to email me with a phone number and I will gladly speak with you.

    As the new owners, we will try and point you in the right direction to get some of your money back, as a returning customer we also will be offering a promotion that will be hopefully soften the blow. I ask you to please refrain from posting new comments until you have contacted us.

    It is our belief that the old owners of Sage Ryder have set up shop again as their address is 211 Center Parkway, Suite 900, Atlanta GA 30346.

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  • Ml
    mlgough517 Jul 27, 2009

    I did contact the new company that has acquired SageRyder and they basically said they are not responsible for the previous debt (which is where mine is). I'm not real impressed with the new company. They basically give you a standard response that they obviously are giving everyone (sounds somewhat like what is written in the comments) except they told me they can't help me with my financial loss and they told me to cut my losses and move on. They didn't provide me any help.

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