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Phil cropper the scammer I brought from this # in person I am 100 % certain of this from on the gold coast and it has ruined our family he is tied up with all the other gold coast scammers and has learnt all the tricks of the trade scam scam scammer dont try to hide it you piece of crap


  • Ri
    Ripped off by Profit Runner to Dec 03, 2008
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    I agree. the software doesn't do as they stated. I boughted for trh auto-trade and it doesn't work.

    If they were an honest company they would have given me the refund I requested. I even asked for less than the purchase price.

    Do not by this software!


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  • Do
    dom Dec 03, 2008

    Hey, # thats the identical email from another guy I know, what a lemon! sucked in, losing to much business to us, thanks.
    We would like to draw anyones attention to this and point out that the person who wrote this has just cut and pasted from other companies having the same problem from the person who wrote this.

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  • On
    ontrackglobal Jan 26, 2009

    Unfortunately the complaint person has associated ontrackglobal with organisations run by cropper. ontrack global is an independent company having no ties nor associations with cropper or any of his companies. the person who made the complaint has not done their homework and assumed that we are all tarred with the same brush. ontrack global has a very successful track record with no complaints and no "scams". please access your internet address bar and type in au and see for yourself. meantime, could the person who lodged this complaint please kindly take immediate steps to dissassociate their comments about cropper from this company.

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  • I0
    I'll get you Fortune 100 Jan 28, 2009

    Could not agree more. I too was scammed by this mans so called company. I was coerced into buying the fortune-100 program after several months of harrassment and after them guaranteeing me 100% money back if it did not perform, I reluctlantly purchased. fortune-100 is the program they were selling prior to the profit performer. they have taken my $16, 000 and they never ever provided me with a contract and have denied telling me a refund is on offer.

    The program does not work as described all it does it continue to drain you of your money. unfortunately they also pre-arranged finance for me before I had even agreed to purchasing, so before I knew it I was signed up and now I carry an ongoing $18, 000 personal loan that I can't afford. they have refused on many occasions to give me a refund even after sending them a letter sent to them from the legal services commision highlighting their breaches from the fair trading act.

    I am pursueing legal action against them and also exposing them to the media so if there is anyone else who has been scammed by either nutech advantage, redback gaming, fortune 100, profit performer, bgt global and totemaster please make contact so we can all work on them together and try and get justice. please contact me by email at [protected] au

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  • Da
    Dale maguire Feb 24, 2009

    Your right I worked for these # and thought it worked and left when I found out it didn't, phillip cropper is the biggest piece of new zealand trash I have ever known.. i'd love to see the # belted out of this bloke

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  • Go
    gold coast May 20, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Good thing the # broke his neck recently in a car accident, karma... or he could be just trying to keep out of jail as he shot his girlfriend in the head recently.. stay away from these # there willing to put a bullet in your head...

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  • Go
    gold coast May 20, 2009
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    Verified customer

    And he is a gay ex new zealand rugby player shunned by his peers for his gay tendencies, this is the perfect scam to rip off straight people who he hates

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  • Ma
    mat jacobs Jun 27, 2009

    All these programs are just betting aides... computerised gambling hey say its not bu it is... tey are based at suite 22d 100 bundall road bundall in queensland. and phillp runs like 3 of his scamming businesses from there... track whispers, profit performer (aka nutech aka fortune 100) and his staunch energy drink which tastes like #. and to let people know they dropped the price from 20, 000 to 7, 000 I mean how much mark up is there? its just essentially a spreadsheet program after all which is downloaded of the website... they are currently under investigation by state and federal authorities buy program at own risk...

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  • Ma
    mat jacobs Jun 27, 2009

    some other interesting facts on profit performer and its owner phillip cropper

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  • Pa
    paul sweeney Jul 11, 2009

    How boring the same paste all over the place.

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  • Ct
    Ctm Aug 12, 2009

    When did he shoot his girlfriend in the head?

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  • Wa
    warren macdonald Aug 17, 2009

    a couple of years ago now, he is still going to court over it why

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  • Bu
    BurnedbyPDS Sep 26, 2009

    I agree with premiumdataservicesscammedourfamily

    I saw this company's ad whilst they traded under australian satellite data, when their ad was listed on au as a work-from-home opportunity. at the time, I was already freelancing in my own small home based business service, and needed a supplementary income. the potential earnings cited in their ad was $800-$1000 per week.

    I didn't expect to earn that much, but the idea that I could earn at least $300+ was enough for me to consider it further.
    I did what I thought was enough research into them - but this is 2yrs ago that I am referring to, so I don't recall directly all the "due diligence" I would have undertaken.
    Obviously not enough - after all, as premium data services as they are now known as have a listing with asic and abr, who am I to question proper legally noted entities?

    I am now $9, 990.00 out of pocket - and beware - these guys don't bother with the fact that you may be like I was - unemployed from a payg role, and on very low income from freelancing.
    They get around that by arranging finance through their own inhouse brokers.
    I was given a credit card without question to the value of $10, 000.00 by none other than aussie credit cards (shame, john symonds).
    I am now further out of pocket to the tune of $4, 000.00+ for the interest and repayments I have had to make on that card since... not to mention the extreme hardship it has caused me.

    And I had never bet in my life - never once ever placed a wager on a horse. not even the melbourne cup.
    I never approached this "business opportunity" as a way to satisfy a gambling habit as I never had one.
    I simply thought that because I was not a gambler and never would be, that I could simply run the opportunity as it was promoted for - as a work from home opportunity.

    I asked them for a refund - and this is where I may have played it safe... I conducted a lot of my communications via email and the contact - jamie gisby - was smart enough (?!) to respond, leaving me with a trail of in-writing communications where they told me things - in writing - they later reneged on during other email exchanges.
    That being, predominantly, when I asked to return the software for the company to onsell and refund my money.
    They totally changed their tune - despite what they told they would do in an email, ie, onsell and refund to me.

    So, now I am taking the case through the necessary legal channels.
    While it is most likely covered under a small claims tribunal jurisdiction, I won't be submitting an application for hearing through a sct without obtaining legal advice first and having all the legally required evidence, and all the t's crossed and i's dotted.
    Because I took a case to vcat and the magistrate ripped into me for not having sought legal advice.

    Premium data services act with "misleading and unconscionable conduct" as defined under fair trading.
    Be very careful.
    I got burned and it has cost me so dearly - they almost had my blood on their hands.

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  • Do
    Dontgetrippedoff Nov 10, 2009

    Australian Satellite Data + Premium Data Services + International Data Group + Australian Data Providers = The SAME company!!!

    Continuously pedaling the SAME useless software under different trading names once word gets out about each company, they change names and start all over hoping that people won't connect the dots...

    Consultant Jamie & CEO Jamie= The same person.

    Don't get burnt like so many of us did.

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  • Pe
    Peter Hall Dec 31, 2009

    I've also been ripped off but only just discovered that I'm not alone. Is there any news on legal proceedings and is there a register of victims?

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  • St
    stormey Jan 16, 2010

    hi i been rip off to is there a legal if there is put name it

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  • We
    Wendy Black Jan 21, 2010

    Ok all, this is what you do.

    Send a letter to Profit Performer by registered mail outlining your complaints and requesting your money back. Tell them you have been in touch with Queensland Dept of Fair Trading and if you don't receive an answer withing 10 working days you will be back to Fair Trading. Send letter by registered to PP.

    Contact the Dept of Fair Trading (Ph No: 131304) and they will help you.

    If we all do that then PP will have to take notice.


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  • Da
    daman singh Feb 04, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am going through same.


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  • Da
    daman singh Feb 04, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Bloody Dominic and Maja..t21 scammers...They rip you off and disappear..


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  • En
    ENALFJHANNOYED Feb 07, 2010

    phillip cropper is a complete ### and the biggest scammer around
    the bussiness is just fraud and laughs
    they need to be shut down!!
    they change there bussiness namme to avoid people finding them out!!
    it used to be called betfairly. google it, it has the worst reputation!!
    they are now calling them selves 'home bookmaker'
    i know this as i worked there for a while and wuit when i found out they were being dishonest to people
    they are located at suite 17, 100 bundall road, gold coast 4217
    they use mobile phones under fake names its unbelievable

    i know for a fact this software is [censored]
    they have people sucked into buying it and
    then there clients ring and ring constantly asking for help and they bar the calls, i see them laughing on the phone when the customer is needing help after putting 15000, 00 into this software!!!

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  • Sp
    spinner1117 Feb 24, 2010

    i was out of work and saw their add on seek. com while looking for a job, working at home appealed to me.
    Well nearly 10, 000 later owing on a credit card through aussie, i have no idea what i can do.If anyome has advice
    for my stupidity i would appreciate it.

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  • Ke
    Kevin R Mar 09, 2010

    I too have been taken to the cleaners by this ### for $11, 000.I've tried ringing them on the 1300 number and the number doesn't work anymoreBUT in a strange twist I get a phone call from a "Karl Andrews" information officer for a mob called, wait for it "Home Bookmaker" and his voice sounded suspiciously like Phil Cropper's.We got to talking for a while and I then asked him if he'd heard of "Profit Performer" to which he replied that there are that many horse betting system companies that it was hard to know them all.Any how I declined to join but I still have this blokes mobile no. and I'll post it here so that in the hope of maybe someday something may be done to recover my money.His number is: [protected] and the contact no. on the brochure is [protected] and the address is Level 18, 333 Anne Street, Brisbane 4000 so heres hoping, regards Kevin

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  • Th
    The good oil Mar 22, 2010

    I know this loser and he is as dumb as they come.
    This Daman is cutting and pasting the same rubbish all over the place and the more he does the more people know he is a loser.


    He will not follow the rules and is doing his own thing and is nothing but a lying piece of dog [censored]e.

    I also know for a fact that everything is done live.


    SKY TV


    They ask you to make sure that it is.

    We checked it out and anyone that says its not has other reasons for it.
    Check it out properly, believe nothing on the internet as anyone can say anything.

    There are even good comments on this company

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  • Da
    daman singh Mar 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I am dumb and looser ...who so ever is your victim is a looser..I won't let my hard earned money go Dominic.


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  • Da
    Damian Singh Mar 22, 2010

    Hi..Removal of complaint
    I am trying to remove the above complaint.But cant do it.The matter has been resolved.
    No problem at all.

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  • Da
    daman singh Mar 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So Dominic you have tried here too .My name is Daman Singh not Damian Singh. You tried to fool people.You You can't login with my name..everyone knows.I just need my money back.


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  • Vn
    vnair Apr 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Hello there

    Last year I brought The " Profit Runer software for Fifteen thousand dollars, and I didn't used it at all so far, as the company is no more there to assist, Can any one please show me how to use this software, how to conduct the LIve trade and all will be very much appreciated

    My E-Mail address is [protected]

    Thankig you
    Regards Suri

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  • Da
    dave101 Apr 14, 2010

    hello there vnair

    i to bought this software and are you sure you can get it to work cause i sure could not only lost me lots of papper trade money.

    I to like others hane said have been aproched by home bookmaker and now a prosperity group international or PGI DOSE ANY ONE KNOW FOR FACT IF THESE PROFITRUNNER SCAMERS AR BHINED THESE TO

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  • He
    HEMAt Jul 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    hi again can you please some one help out to get my money back from Dominic because he never comeson the phone and he closed his office at west auckland on Licoln road which you can see in his website
    hi Daman can you please provide some info so i can do something to get my money back

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  • He
    HEMAt Jul 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this lier dominic if you have moral values just answer my phone once i dont understand how you are able to run your bussiness like this, this matter i will take on the t.v you will see that ok
    i have all written e mailed that sent me as guarantee of that money

    why you do this to all people i dont have that much money now what should i do now i know you comes on this web site to see all comliants so u will get my message i will not give up for that mony .

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  • Se
    seeyouthen Aug 03, 2010

    complete f...head and does not stop calling, ring his fn head when we find out where he lives

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  • Hb
    hb ex employee Aug 04, 2010

    about kevin r's comment... karl Andrews isnt Phil Cropper, i know this for sure it is infact a man by the name of Mike, not sure of the last name, how do i know this???? i used to wotk for homebookmaker...dont buy the product they are scamming innocent people out of thousands of dollars. Anytime someone calls u that is trying to sell something to u HANG UP STARIGHT AWAY!!! these people are very cunning and smart sales people...Phil Cropper is the most shadiest person i have met, there was always different people coming in to see phil, lets just say they werent the most law obiding looking people ive seen...KEEP SAFE

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  • Ma
    Matt Jacobs Aug 24, 2010

    this is funny. HOME BOOKMAKER IS RUBBISH... And Phil Cropper the ex-union player is gay

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  • Ki
    Kiwistar57 Sep 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry to informyou all, but I believe T21 is now in liquidation hence the reason you have not been able to make contact. The director of the company is MAJA VRACO and is based in Queensland, Australia. Dominic De Silva was the front for the NZ operation.

    This guy (Dominic) is a known scammer and convicted criminal who is now no doubt living the life of reily at the expense of all the suckers like myself who trusted and invested (in our case most of our lifes saving!) with this guy.

    BEWARE!! I believe he is now developing another company that will no doubt continue in the same vien as T21 using similar scam technology. Please do your homework very carefully before getting involved with these kind of operations. REMEMBER the old saying - "If it is too good to be true then it probably is".

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  • Ch
    Chris Twiddlestone Sep 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why Do People Find Horse Racing Software So Appealing?

    In a word; laziness. These days we seemingly have so little time on our hands, and so the thought of making some extra money and quickly is an obvious attraction.

    Do you really believe that is how the successful and wealthy got to where they are today? I thought so.

    In my experience, most of these horse racing software products are pretty good, as they gather up all of the racing statistics, horses form and the details of the course, but what they're doing is just looking at statistics and trends. This may be ok when looking at the stock market, which does have an historical set of trends to go by, but this is horse racing.

    Horses are not machines, and despite the fact that horse racing software products will look at all the statistical evidence that you could throw a stick at, this simply isn't enough.

    Yes, it may show you that a particular horse favors Ascot, however other factors such as the type of race, the competition (other horses involved), the jockey on board and the going (racing conditions) all play a part.

    This is why you need to have this intangible, yet very important information at your fingertips before knowing which horse to back.

    I have personally looked at this software and its one of the best around so it may come down to other human factors.

    Does the system still run?

    How much time are you spending on it?

    Are you expecting to win all the time?

    Are you following the recommendations?

    Do you have the funds to be able to run it properly?

    Not having the funds mean no matter how good anything is you can’t run it and get frustrated.

    I am also aware of an internet smear campaign on all companies on the internet and its important to try and figure out your self who is real and who is just a made up false name designed to make someone look bad.

    Did you react to something you read on the internet which may not even be true and that is causing you to doubt what you are doing?

    This can have a huge negative impact while running any system as even the smallest lost causes a chain reaction towards it.

    As they say “horses for courses”

    More than happy to help.


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  • Su
    SusanNZ Jan 27, 2011

    Phil Cropper now runs a scam company called Australian Home Based Business based out of the Bundall office. Do not fall for it, they have fake testimonals from people working in the office!!

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  • Su
    SusanNZ Mar 22, 2011

    50 Cavill Avenue Gold Coast GLD
    16 TH FLOOR

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  • La
    Lance325 Jun 11, 2011

    Unfortunately I got ripped off by Australian Home Based Business, too.
    Then I did my homework trying to find out about this scam.

    If you want to know names of these two Gold Coast ###, Phil Cropper and Darren Jansen are the two pieces of trash there.

    Phil Cropper is in charge of the sales of Australian Home Based Business.

    Darren Jansen is the one behind making the scam ware. When you run Australian Home Based Business, his name is written all over in the scam ware.

    Watch out for Phil Cropper, Darren Jansen and their Australian Home Based Business scam!!

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  • Ge
    get lost bundall scammers Jun 23, 2011

    Phil Croppers latest scam,

    The Gold coast Bundall road scammers are back!
    Quick buy now only 2 left at $19999 before they go up to $24999
    How stupid do you think people are?
    They will still have 2 left in 6 months
    Run a mile.

    These guys are the worst fraudsters in Queensland. There is too much to list on even 10 pages on these guys.
    Nutech Advantage, Redback Gaming, Fortune 100, Profit Performer, BGT Global and Totemaster, Betfairly now AHBB or Australian Home Based Business
    Just a few of the lovely things their clients have to say about them,
    Profit Runner, Profit Performer, Nutechadvantage, Ontrack Global, Track Whispers, Poolcomps — profit runner, profit performer, nutechadvantage, ontrack global, track whispers, phil cropper aka croft scam scam scammer
    /link removed/

    Current Organisation Details
    Name Start 17-Jun-2010
    Disclosing Entity NO
    Current Registered Office
    Start Date 17-Jun-2010
    Current Principal Place of Business
    Address LEVEL 22, 127 CREEK STREET, BRISBANE, QLD, 4000 1E6590534
    Start Date 17-Jun-2010
    Current Director
    Officer Name BRUCE GRAHAM GORRIE 1E7380123
    ABN Not available
    Birth Details 26-May-1947 BRISBANE QLD
    Address 5 MARINA STREET, CAPALABA, QLD, 4157
    Appointment Date 06-May-2011
    Ceased/Former Director
    Officer Name KARL ZENO KEONG [protected]
    ABN Not available
    Birth Details 06-Dec-1975 TOOWOOMBA QLD
    Appointment Date 11-Jan-2011
    Cease Date 06-May-2011
    Officer Name MATTHEW JACOB KOPKE 1E6590534
    ABN Not available
    Birth Details 19-May-1978 PALMERSTON NORTH NEW ZEALAND
    Appointment Date 17-Jun-2010
    Cease Date 11-Jan-2011
    Domain Name...
    Creation Date... 2010-06-16
    Registration Date... 2010-06-16
    Expiry Date... 2021-06-16
    Organisation Name... Australian home based business
    Organisation Address. 100 Bundall Road
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Bundall
    Organisation Address. 4217
    Organisation Address. QLD
    Organisation Address. AUSTRALIA

    Admin Name... Matthew Kopke
    Admin Address... 100 Bundall Road
    Admin Address...
    Admin Address... Bundall
    Admin Address... 4217
    Admin Address... QLD
    Admin Address... AUSTRALIA
    Admin Email... [protected]
    Admin Phone... +61.[protected]
    Admin Fax...

    Busted Cropper you thief,
    This is the worst known active scammer in Queensland
    Do you really think they will answer the phone after you ask for your money back?
    Same old rubbish free trial high pressure all the pretty pictures of the beach cars and so on…………………
    Crawl back under your rock Phil Cropper you piece of crap.


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  • Sc
    scam watcher AU Jun 26, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They also own the scam site and delete anything you put up as.

    That way they are trying to control the complaints about them but it does not work.

    Try it and see for your self !!!

    Larry pickering
    Philip cropper

    Biggest Gold Coast scammers


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