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Professional Marketing InternationalTerrible service!

After being called by this company, the first representative asked if I was going to work with this company. After stating that I was not interested due to the amounts of BBB discrepancies, the representative started their pressure selling tactics. Frustrated with this, I resulted in swearing at the person, and she hang up.

Shortly after this, I was contacted by Mac Hall from this company. During conversation with him, I mentioned that I like to take vacations in Asia. He stated to me, that if I take vacations in Asia, I obviously had to be a child molester. Since I have lives in Asia for over a 12, years, six of them in the military, I knew that child molestation was not the first interest if people who visit Asian countries. I also believe, that stating this type of thing from a company, is one of the worst cases of discrimination against them I have ever heard.

I do note that as I was very mad at this representative, I did use vulgar language while speaking with him. It would be easier if he had just hanged up. When I mentioned I was in the military, he stated that it must have been some kind of Peabody scout group. He was speaking to a veteran with 21 years in the Army, have been awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and other awards. To just automatically, talk bad about someone when it is stated they have been in the military, is just in bad taste.

Finally, yes I did use bad language, but when I miss pronounced a word, he jumped all over my, stating I must be drunk or on drugs. I have had a stroke in my life and have a speech impediment, which is why I end up using swearing, to get rid of someone, I cannot speak to face-to-face. But, as I tried to explain this to the representative, he would just go on about drinking, saying if you talk like that, you must be on 20-20 (A cheap wine I think), or some other type of drink. As a disabled, person, who has gone from not being able to speak or write, I hate being jumped on for mispronouncing a word or too, but along with hating Asians and veterans, this company has no use for disabled people.


  • Do
    Donnadoggie Apr 22, 2012

    I work at a property that once hosted a PMI weekend and they are NASTY people. They stole food from another group, mostly elderly women, bullied them, tried to take over a space that the group had paid for. A man shoved his open palm at a female employees face but did not hit her, just threatened her. A female went up to an elderly women guest and yelled at her and called her a thief because she was sitting in her chair. I could go on and on but my point is, please beware of PMI people because people who cannot behave themselves in public are usually much worse in private.

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  • FIAD Services Apr 07, 2012

    We have done a background report on Professional Marketing International and other known accomplices (see below link) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF WE NEED TO ADD OR UPDATE ANYTHING! Please note report consists of previous client feedback who had previously done business with Professional Marketing International.

    BACKGROUND REPORT – Professional Marketing International -

    Reported accomplices so far for Professional Marketing International;
    Professional Marketing International
    P M I
    PMI Coaching
    PMI Education
    Wasatch Summit LLC
    My E Biz
    National Marketing Resources
    Home Buyer’s Club
    Operation Dropship
    Interactive Training System
    Click Sell Go
    AFI Auction Max
    SKW Central
    Sean Keegan Walker’s Tax Liens & Deeds
    Electronic Marketing Services Inc
    EMS Coaching
    EMServe LLC
    PMI Education Center
    The Insiders Edge
    Think a Little Different
    uSight Home Inc
    Home Inc
    Home Office Marketing Enterprises
    Stores on Line
    Storesonline Inc
    Imergent Inc.
    H.O.M.E. Inc
    H O M E Inc.
    HOME Inc.
    Tafiti Consulting

    Please check out the other companies we have also been informed of listed on our site should you hear of them in the future.

    FIAD Card Services (please visit our website, ). We definitely can be of help if you have not yet received a full refund. We have no upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. We only need you to answer a few questions to confirm we can help. PLEASE NOTE- The original purchase date must be within the past 24 months.

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  • St
    Starbwoy Oct 26, 2011

    Similar encounter with a Mr. McGurk...very rude and obnoxious. I had called to cancel (which according to the contract I had the right to before a certain time ) after realizing I wasn't financially able to take on this venture at the moment but still had the intention of signing up when I had settled a few issues in my life...I did not get to convey this to Mr. McGurk because as soon as he heard the word cancel he immediately developed a nasty attitude and told me I was wasting his time and he hates wasting his time and arrogantly told me to call customer service so I told him to get lost and hung up on him.

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  • Bc
    BCA Recovery Jul 20, 2011

    Hello my name is Susan and I work with BCA Recovery, a private dispute analyst company and we are here to answer any questions you may have about the process. We do not need any personal information to get started. We have a 95% success rate and will also recover any interest you might have paid on the particular charge in question…. with NO UPFRONT FEES or SIGNED CONTRACTS. Please feel free to give us a call at [protected] Ext. 401 or Ext. 411 – Email [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Ea
    eahtwh Apr 25, 2011

    PMI is nothing but full time scammers and Ponzi schemers. They will suck every dime out of your credit card for empty promises. The government should step in and do something about this company with illegal and false sales tactics. The only thing you need when you speak to these people is a huge jar of Vaseline.

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  • Yo
    your_nurse_online Apr 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I also have a very bad experience with that scammer PMI or Professonal Marketing International who are far from being professionals. They have a very bad sales tactics. They called us even it is already 11:00 PM. Had us believe they are going to show us step by step and do most of the work for us to make sure we will be a success story in our area in online business or internet marketing. After they got our money, they seldom called. When we contact them, they have changed their number several times. We emailed them and no one answered our e mail. They have no chat person that you can asked. In their virtual classroom which is difficult to understand because it is too fast, there will be nobody to ask...and they muted us so we cannot ask questions. How can anyone learn with this system? When we finally got hold of them, they were saying we seldom call them. Then some of their many reason for bad service was internet crash..., secretary error, and we had 2 accounts, one showing we cancelled. We told them that is we were not their costumer why did they called us 2 times after we paid. And Our credit and debit cards states we they took out money from us. Then they said we have 2 accounts, 1 was we cancelled and 1 was we paid for the service. When their collecting agent called us because we intentionally left no money in the account so they cannot collect, We got the tel number because we complained to the collection agent. Then the above was their reason and I demanded they cancel us or I will report to consumer complaints panels. We were cancelled monthly payments but never got out downpayment back.

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  • Sc
    schmenge Apr 05, 2011

    I signed up with PMI through a separate home income website, who charged me $97 to get to PMI, then another $97 for the "VIP" package. Immediately I began working with a PMI rep, who quickly explained that I can get into their services with full-time coaching, easier internet access, & a website builder for approx. $3400. I said I don't have that kind of money; she agreed to put me on a payment plan of $200/month for 18 months, insisting that if I did what they told me, I'd have the payments easily just from my internet business. I agreed, took the online courses, etc. But, when I was ready to go onto the website builder, I was locked out. The service number always went to voicemail with no call backs. Finally, I got through to a 'tech', who said he'd email to me instructions on getting on the sight & navigating it. No email. I eventually figured out the site, & realized the web-building is so complicated, you NEED them to train you to use their site (and their templates are not pleasing to the eye). I quickly checked out &; they do all of the same w/ service, website optimizing, etc., all that I learned from PMI, except for about $20/month...and, you easily get a very nice-looking site. Godaddy's assistance is immediate; PMI's was non-existent until I started sending urgent emails, threatening to cancel. The upshot is that PMI did let me cancel & they canceled the loan, & the original $97 + $97 from the introduction was also refunded (but I had to go through the separate web site to get it), & do it all within 30 days. But, they wouldn't refund me the $400 deposit for the loan.

    Bottom line: you can get better service, immediate help, & a beautiful, custom website for much less on your own. The fee PMI charges is a risk, like any business expense, but a good businessperson knows how to start low & build their business via research. I recommend to anyone to start by Googling dropshipping, setting up a business in their state, products that sell - then check out godaddy & vistaprint (who also give you great deals on cards, t-shirts, etc.), & any other site-building/hosting service. Just do some research first & ask questions; you likely won't need PMI or their high fees.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- [protected] Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Hu
    hugelydisappointed Jan 12, 2011

    Thank you all for taking the time to write down your experiences with PMI. My husband and I also experienced the same thing. They are slick, slick, slick. We fell for it, too. I recently retired and was looking for something that I could do from home and I was intrigued by working on the Internet after reading Anthony Morrison's book and watching his infomercials. Now I spent hours and hours, weeks and months getting up to speed and doing the business online only to make $4.50 for my efforts. We were given the same guarantee of a payback if we didn't earn back our investment of $14, 445 after six months. In the meantime, we are paying for advertising and a huge interest bill with our credit card company without any results. Has anyone contacted their state's attorney general to see if we can get them stopped? Would appreciate your comments. This has become more than an issue of getting our money back. Thanks. Meg in Colorado.

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  • Sa
    SavvyB Jan 11, 2011

    I have been contacted recently by PMI because I purchased Anthony Morrison’s "Marketing Profits From Home" package. I like what I have read in his books, and feel that I made a sound purchase. (it was under $25.00) The program does include very good information and what is not included is easily found for free online.

    After reading all kinds of comments referring to PMI, I recognize so many of the catch phrases that they (Trevor) used on me, just as they did on other people who have purchased numerous other products over the last couple of years. I have successfully put them off so that I could do research on their company before I spent my money with them.

    I recognize a sales pitch right away. I recognize them creating a "sense of urgency" to buy their service. I recognize "the take-away", that if I don’t buy in today, I could lose my spot to someone else. I recognize transferring me to a “closer” after building me up with scenarios of success, if only I will follow exactly what they say.

    Then I am transferred to Matt R., the closer. Trevor has set up this phone appointment for me to speak with him, and I am told that not may people get to speak with Matt. So, at the appointed time Matt calls and goes over some of the same warm-ups that Trevor did. Then we get to the most interesting part. He wants to know how much money I am ready to put on my credit card TODAY. It goes around and around with me asking specific questions that are ignored in favor of more talk of how I am lucky to have this opportunity, how he gets paid whether or not I am ready to be a success and start today. He is preparing to start making a plan with me when I tell him my credit cards are in my safe deposit box in my bank. Everything screeches to a halt. I am asked when can I get to my cards, because we can go no further without my cards. I ask for a specific written accounting of what this $6, 965.00 is going to cover. I am told he is happy to do that AFTER I pay for the “course”. I am given nothing, absolutely nothing, to make me feel safe and secure about giving my credit card to a complete stranger. My questions don’t get answered and I am redirected each time I attempt to get any sort of information.

    I am supposed to speak with the people at PMI again once I have credit card in hand. I will call them and ask why I have found so many cases of people unhappy with their service from many products they have “courses” for. I will ask why all the testimonials have almost word for word quotes of what the PMI sales people say to get us to fork over a large sum of money.

    They wont be getting mine. I will work Anthony’s book without PMI and try to contact Anthony on my own to see if he knows what PMI is representing. I suggest that anyone who has found their way to this forum looking for info on PMI will keep their credit cards in their pockets and run for the hills.

    ***One more thing… regarding the occasional glowing testimonials about PMI on this site. Why would someone successful in business be looking at a forum for complaints? My guess is that it is PMI employees whose job it is to place doubt in the minds of consumers who have made their way here seeking confirmation of what they already know. PMI is bad news and don’t have our best interest in mind. If you have made it here, your gut is telling you something isn’t right with Professional Marketing International. Listen to your gut, and save yourself a lot of grief and a bad investment. (and to strengthen your decision, go to the BBB website and see how many times this company has changed its name.)

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  • Bu
    Business Recovery Services Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Equal Opportunity,

    First, Business Recovery Services (BRS) never called PMI crooked. All BRS asked for was proof positive that Peter McT actually made money with PMI and/or its services. Equal Opportunity, perhaps you have a guilty conscious and that's why you "assumed" that I stated that PMI is crooked. If you read my letter closely, it says no such thing.

    Now, let’s address the point which you have elected to ignore. Please have Peter McT provide positive proof that he's earned over $200, 000 with PMI, along with his Federal Taxes to confirm his earnings.

    Boy, I wonder "Why did you forget to discuss this point?" To date BRS has never received documented proof that anyone has earned money through PMI and/or its services. That doesn't mean that BRS isn't willing to provide any PMI client with the opportunity to prove that he/she made a net profit with PMI. Quite the contrary, BRS would love to talk to anybody who has made a net profit with PMI and can document this success in the aforementioned manner.

    Now that you brought up the BBB, let's compare PMI's BBB Reliability Report to that of BRS.

    Company # of complaints BBB Accreditation BBB Rating
    PMI 239 Yes A+
    BRS 45 No D-

    PMI's BBB Reliability Report is as shown at:

    BRS' BBB Reliability Report is as shown below:

    Now, after looking at this data, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the BBB does not provide a level playing field to compare businesses that are Accredited versus those who are Non-Accredited. Also, the BBB has some inherent conflicts of interest, as indicated at:

    Also, do any of you who have started with PMI believe that PMI is truly an A+ company? I don't need to decide for you, as you are grown men and women and can make your own determination.

    Now, what about BRS' accomplishments? These are very easy to document, and BRS has recovered over $100, 000 from PMI alone, over $400, 000 from Storesonline and/or its "few select providers", and over $1, 125, 000 overall. Just go to and Some portions of these websites are password protected because some home-based business and/or coaching and/or education sellers are calling people who have recovered their money and are harassing them. BRS challenges PMI to document over $1, 000, 000 in net profit that they have assisted their clients in earning.

    Let's see if PMI is up for the challenge.

    Brian Hessler

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  • Eq
    EqualOpportunity Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think it's funny that Brian from Business Recovery Services is posting comments about PMI being crooked. That's the pot calling the kettle black. Check out what the BBB has to say about his company:

    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of D- on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this D- rating include:

    Length of time business has been operating
    45 complaints filed against business
    1 complaint filed against business that were not resolved
    According to information in BBB files, this company has solicited past customers of The Greatest Vitamin in the World, a now-defunct business undergoing criminal investigation, and has offered to assist them in recovering lost funds. The company has informed BBB that they "market a series of "Do-It-Yourself" Business Recovery Kits to any person who feels they were misrepresented or "ripped-off" by any home based business."

    According to information in BBB files, the company has offered a "Business Recovery Kit" ranging in price from $89.95 - $499 which has included forms otherwise available to consumers from governement agencies and BBB.

    It has come to the BBB's attention that Business Recovery Services has used threats and scare tactics towards companies while attempting to obtain refunds for clients.

    Brian Hessler, the owner of Business Recovery Services, has indicated to BBB that he is a former employee of The Greatest Vitamin in the World which was owned by Don Lapre.

    BBB and government agencies provide most of their services free to the public. If you have an unresolved dispute or have lost money with The Greatest Vitamin in the World, please contact the US Postal Inspector Mail Fraud Unit who is handling this case at [protected].

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  • Bu
    Business Recovery Services Jul 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Peter McT,

    First, why are you afraid to disclose your entire name? Do you have something to hide?

    Second, if you have made this much money with PMI, then why don't you even attempt to provide any type of proof of your success? For that matter, why doesn't anyone who claims to make a lot of money with PMI ever provide proof positive to support their claims?

    So "Peter", please either fax or E-mail any invoices and/or receipts that demonstrate that you have made anywhere near $200, 000 with PMI. Also, please either E-mail me or fax your Federal Tax Return showing that you paid taxes on your extraordinary earnings. As a good citizen, I'm sure that you paid your taxes, right?

    My E-mail address is [email protected], and my fax number is [protected].

    "Peter", it's time to either "PUT-UP" or "SHUT-UP."


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  • Pe
    Peter McT. Jul 30, 2010

    I've worked with PMI for years and they have helped me generate over $200, 000 in my new online business. They really know their stuff and anyone that isn't seeing success is not putting consistent time into their business.

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  • Tr
    Triple R's Sales Jul 09, 2010

    I'm from Minnesota on June 3, 2010 I attended a work shop in Duluth and went with Stores on Line. I have my first web site at the builder as I'm writing this Comment. I had a phone chat with a representative from PMI yesterday he was very nice. My daughter and I had decided to buy into the marketing program to help us with marketing and ads we then made an appointment for an hour later to speak to another man who was supposed to inform us how the $18, 000 they wanted from us would be spent. How ever we got no such information from him; he just gave us the exact information we had just heard. I told him we had decided not to go with the program; he blamed the first man we had talked to; when I told him we were going to buy in before speaking to him he became agitated telling me that I was afraid to invest. Which I'm not but I would not do it without thinking it over. He said that it was a one time shot, but continued to push the envelope. I finally told him no and to have a great day good by. Today I thought I would go on line and see what was said about this company. Sure am glad I did. Thanks to all of you, hope you are all doing great; and have found your dreams.

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  • St
    Steven Davis Apr 27, 2010

    You must be nuts! Business Recovery Services has assisted me in recovering over $12, 000 just from Stores Online and PMI. What else would you like Business Recovery Servcies to do for you?

    I believe that this complaint was written by a member of either Bankcard Empire, Stores Online, OR PMI.

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  • Jo
    Joe the Toe Apr 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had personal dealings with Ms. Hessler and his company of ex-cons. He is as dishonest as they come and is only interested in his own wallet!!! Run Run Run!!! He is a FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!! Brian Hessler is a Fraud!

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  • Fo
    FooledNoLonger Apr 09, 2010

    I'm weary of any company asking about my credit lines on my cards before telling the cost of their services.

    If the conversation starts off with..."If you wanted to wipe out all of your CC debt, how much money would it take to accomplish this?". That's sign that they are sizing you up for a certain program cost.

    If the next line of questions goes like this: How many CC do you have and what are the balances on them? What are the credit lines on each CC? Be ready for a big investment pitch.

    See, they don't care about you paying off your CC's. They just want to know how many CC's you have and they credit limits.

    I've talked to several salesmen from different programs and they all use this same tactic. After they discuss with you about paying off your debts, they move on to making money with their program and then they hit you with the fee (they vary based on the amount you gave them regarding your credit limits). They'll say that you can charge it on your CC since you have the available credit, thus using the banks money to invest in RE (wink, wink), and we can even split the fee on multiple CC's if you like.

    When they tell you this you should run for the hills! Because signing up is easy, but canceling is a nightmare. All material must be in good sellable condition and they will only credit you a portion of your initial investment unless you dispute it with your CC company.

    I actually tried one of these programs for about $4, 000 (not PMI) and the person coaching me was actually reading the info right from the damn book! So I recommend reading the books and learn from RE investment groups, internet and Realtors you work with and save your money. In this day and age, people can't afford to be throwing away money on pipe dreams.

    Regarding PMI, the salesman tried the CC debt tactic on me and I quickly interrupted him to see that I've talked to several companies with similar coaching programs and they all use the same sales pitch, so since you are asking me about me CC balances and limits, what does this program cost from least to most. He told me that it ranges from 5, 000 to 25, 000. When I said that I couldn't afford to throw away 5, 000, he said that there's student loan program for 3, 600 with a 1, 000 down. I told him that I would like to research the company (through blogs like this) before I make my discision. He's suppose to be calling this evening and my answer will be no.

    I tired of companies like this making profit on false hopes and dreams. The only people that can greatly benefit from these programs are people that have access to 10, 000 -30, 000 to invest. Not for 9-5ers living pay check to pay check, who's looking for a way out. So if they claim that anyone can do the business with no money, they are lying through their teeth!

    I was at one seminar where the speaker was telling people to call their CC companies and demand a raise on their CC's and show the CC companies who's boss. Everyone thought the speaker mentioned this to help them have more money available for RE purchases. Towards the end of the seminar the speaker said..."Now that you got those increases you can use that extra available credit to buy our books and workshop training!" The fees ranged from 8, 000 to 30, 000!!!

    After wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on these books and programs, I've come to the realization that these RE Gurus don't care about you making money, they only care about making money off of you through books, coaching sessions and websites!

    I've learned that by the time this info gets into your hands, the market is already saturated and most of the realtors and banking people attend the same seminars, so they are prepared for the tactics that you learned in the books.

    My overall opinion is, if you don't have the money put away that you can afford to lose, do not invest in these coaching sessions. They're primary goal is take your money, not help you make money. If their program was soooo great, why do they need the money upfront? Why can't they help you on one deal since you bought the book, with an agreement that their coaching session would be deducted from that deal? Is that too much to ask?

    Any feedback on my comments would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Bu
    Business Recovery Services Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SUITE 101-147
    MESA, AZ 85204
    [protected] PHONE
    [protected] (FAX)
    [email protected]

    Are you interested in trying to get your money back from Stores Online? Business Recovery Services (BRS) has assisted former Stores Online clients recover over $140, 000 of their money from Stores Online alone, and we have recovered even more money from their affiliated companies. For more information, visit us at our website,

    For those who have already gotten started with BRS, congratulations. For those who have not, please either (1) E-mail us at [email protected], or (2) call us at [protected]. We would love to assist you in your efforts to attempt to recover your money from Stores Online, as well as Stores Online’s affiliated companies.

    Brian H.
    Business Recovery Services

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  • Th
    theeng Feb 26, 2010

    I bought the "Advertising profits from home" and was contacted by a sales person. The guy I talked to on the phone was the most arrogant condescending sales person I have ever talked to. Because of my experience on the phone, I'm going to try to get my money back, and will leave negative feedback where I can.

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  • St
    Sticks1952 Feb 12, 2010

    I started with PMI in the Fall of 2 009. I paid a little over $14000, for the PMI service, Stores online service, the Tax Club service, plus another service for financial planning. The latter I have not taken advandtage of as of yet.
    The PMI educational center was/is outstanding. I did find some materail missing from the courses, however Stores Online was able to give me immediate assistance. Ihelp through PMI is a little slow on their turnaround time, however I have found them to be extremely helpful to me.
    PMI is designed from my perspective, to give your a 98% of all the training material you need to get your online business started, as I stated before some training material would have been advantageous. This is not a quick rich scheme that many are looking for, nor is it an over night success story. You have to be willing to work for your business and learn and use the tools provided by PMI. I have been using their tools, putting in close to 40 hours a week, looking for my niche, wholesalers and dropshippers. Their are many rip-off wholesalers and shippers out their, but you need to do your research and find those that are legit.

    Any job, whether it be a factory job, tradesman job, financial planner, and many other type of jobs out their will require you to be devoted and to learn your skills of the trade. This is not different.

    I do admit that there were materials needed that would have been nice and that the success of my business is soley my responsibility and not theirs. Their was no pressure received from any affiliate of PMI, no extra charges and I experienced complete and courteous help at all times. As the old saying goes you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

    I have not made a profit as yet from my online business, however I am extremely positive that I will as long as I continue with my hard work, training material provided and the continued support from PMI and affiliates.

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  • Pl
    plfuller6 Nov 21, 2009

    My story is similar to J & E from New Jersey. I paid just less than $2 for a Home Biz Kit fro which I received nothing. The same week I received a call from the PMI team. We agreed to it and paid $399 down with the balance bring drafted from my account over the next two years with 18% interest. Lucky for me I lost my debit card and had to cancel it. They were never able to withdraw the first monthly payment. Now a company called 'Universal' is calling me wanting their money and even sending bills in the mail. I am wanting out of this. I tell them they are not getting any money from me but I also don't want them to report this to my credit report. What do I do?

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  • Je
    Jeff Harkins Oct 21, 2009

    look what they sell works. it just going to cost you big time. most of the info you can find cheaper by hundreds or for free. they sell some software and a coaching on real estate. you can just buy /name removed/ book do as he says and you could make the money you want for 20$.
    just don't waste your money with pmi! if you want to do real estate, you need to work with a Realtor. have him or her teach you all that you need to know for free!!! then work with each other to make money for each other. Deans book will teach you what you need to know at the beginning then have the Realtor teach you the rest. im not working for dean but he is the only one willing to help people out, that i know of.

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  • Ha
    Haroldh Oct 15, 2009

    About PMI

    I have talked with them several times but have not signed anything, so far I don’t like the pressure sales, too many red flags, like the urgency they present, for instance; I ordered the two books on Real State from an infomercial, in the box in bold letters it reads “EXTREMLY URGENT” that made me uncomfortable.

    A day later I got the first phone call with offers to a program, a very intense sell pitch with all sorts of personal questions on my finances, I did not like that either.

    He called again that same day and asked me to receive a call from one of the trainers, I agree just to see what the call was about.

    The next day I got the call, this one took two hours ending with a request to charge my credit card over 5000.00 dollars on nothing but the salesman word.

    I do not know about you but I will not give my credit card number over the phone to someone I do not know. If it is a good deal or not I do not know I just don’t like their selling tactics, I am not comfortable with them therefore I pass.


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  • We
    westside Oct 05, 2009

    PMI is misleading, they make you feel like you can't make it in life if you don't do their program, and at the same time they make you feel special with all the best wishes, until you sign up.. Then after that, they never returned my phone calls, and I would leave messages, but no return. So much for wanting me to get a head in life, they were happy they got their money, and that's where the relationship stopped. I canceled, and put blocks on my credit cards, and talked with the better business bureau, and I'm still holding my breath to get my money back.. though the credit card company is fighting it. Please people, don't fall for this SCAM. It may be a business, but the people are Scam oriented. And will not help you as they say. Peace people.

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  • Ts
    tsmitty Sep 30, 2009

    Oh one more comment, The kits that people are purchasing have absolutely nothing to do with PMI. They don't get any of that money at all. So the 79.90 or whatever it was was from a totally different comp. I also wanted to touch on the comment stating that pmi runs under other names, which it never has, it has been the same old name for the last 13 years so that comment is not accurate. I know that there are other company's that are called those names because i have seen them and have known people that have worked at them. Like Prosper for instance. PMI is still the best!

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  • Ts
    tsmitty Sep 30, 2009

    look here is the deal. I have worked at PMI for 5 months now. I would actually talk crap on these places for ever while my buddy worked there. I got layed off from my job and had nowhere else to turn. I checked out everything I could on PMI and decided it was the best coaching company in the business. So to support my family I decided to go work there. It is crazy to sit and read all this stuff. I believe some of it, but for the most part I know exactly how they operate. I know that they have awesome warranty's that protect anyone who invests with them. It basicly comes down to the fact that people are just lazy. I know it is human nature to expect fast results and you will lose interest if you don't get them, but this is a business for hell sakes. You have to put in the work and the money to make it work. Do you know how many people fail trying to build an online biz their selves? It is crazy. I know for a fact that Pmi has the best coaching there is. They have awesome owners and management. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain there good record. If you only know what I know from the inside looking out. If you people only knew how much of the money that you invest actually goes to pmi you would probably think different. The coaching cost about 300 bucks of it and the rest goes into your business for the marketing and software and things like that. I felt so bad at first for the people spending their money. I was worried that they wouldn't get the service they deserved, but now I am confident that they will be taken care of as long as they don't quit on themselves. At first I found myself actually talking people out of doing it, but when I had a single mother of 3 call me back and tell me she made 11, 245.00 in her 3 month with the coach's help I knew that I was helping people to achieve something that they never would have other wise. So think what you want, but I know that PMI is a good company and they will take care of you like no other coaching company in the biz. Thanks for letting me share

    -2 Votes
  • Wa
    waterworks Sep 25, 2009

    When we signed up with Professional Marketing International (PMI) in December of 2007, we paid $6, 970. We wanted to create a e-commerce web site. We went through the interactive training sessions. The sessions were informative. Then we were given access to a web site builder called uBuilder through a company named My e Biz which is based at American Fork, Utah. This web site builder was included in the breakdown of our investment with PMI (Auctions For Income) Being novices, it took a long time to build the web site. Finally the site was ready except for the shipping. We were unable to put a shipping calculator on the site because that part of the builder had been canceled. We called My e Biz and asked them to put the shipping calculator from UPS on the site. They informed us that it was not possible to put the shipping calculator from UPS on our site with this builder "uBuilder" but for $700. they could give us a more modern builder that would be able to put the shipping calculator on our site. We were also told that we would have to rebuild the web site all over again if we bought this builder. This problem is on-going.

    3 Votes
  • Dw
    dwilke33 Aug 15, 2009

    I paid the $2.95 to JUST talk to these people, and what a rip off!

    Listen to what they had to say and then said no thank you.

    Today I see their charged my debit card with an additional $79.90. Really, I couldn't believe my eyes!

    Called my bank, and of course I can do a chargeback, but they were very familiar with PMI and told me the only way I could stop them from removing funds from my checking account was to stop my current debit card and open up a new one. Apparently, they just keep charging one's debit card!

    What a rip off! What scammers! Too bad these people can't find real job for their livelyhood.

    Yep, I'll close out my account on Monday and wait the 10 days for a new debit card, because as my bank told me, if I don't, they will just keep charging away at my checking account. Just a little bit at a time!

    Truly, there must be a way to stop these people? Sure wish we could find all of their employees a real job, instead of a job that scams people out of their money.

    The people I spoke to are located in Lehi, Utah - good Mormons I suspect!

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  • Ja
    J & E, Jersey City, NJ Jul 19, 2009

    Hello Coward Scam Artist, your whole entire story is identical to my husband's and mine. This happened to us two years ago...thank God I was watching out for PMI, but they are now using sister companies "DRI, Profit Studio Learning, and Pacific Web Works" to get our money. On 6/28/09 my husband paid $1.95 for a Home Business Kit to start a business online (being offered by Google Home Biz/Profit Studio Learing). He never received anything to date. But on 7/8/09 the other sister company Pacific Web Works tooks out $79.90 without any authorization. That same week we received a phone call from PMI regarding my hubbie's interest in opening an online business. When my husband told the PMI rep Steve that he needed to speak to me about entering the agreement with them, I immediately got on the phone and was very abrupt with Steve...when I questioned, how much this will cost me, he became a monster on the phone; that's when I realized it was a scam. Thank you so much for taking the time to warn others. God bless you!

    Jessie Hernandez, Jersey City, NJ

    1 Votes
  • i didnt get past the 2nd interview without feeling a little skeptical, the thought of someone i have never met, seen, or talked to before is asking me for $8, 860.00 for something i have never even heard of. I told Matt i would have to think about it and I did, i thought hard... i looked at my three kids at night and wanted the best for them. I realized that $8k wasnt much of an investment if the software really worked, after all they offer a 100% money back guarantee when your complete the 5 deals that they guarantee you will sucessfully complete. They also guarantee your first deal to close within 60 days. My second interview and second time experiencing skeptisism was with Max Hall, he started off sounding like a true salesman, intro, then right into his product pitch after pitch with nothing but a pot of gold at the nd of the rainbow... he knew all of the details in which i spoke with Matt about except he seemed to forget how much "Dean's acountability, 100% refundable, one time fee" was, he stumbled then gathered his notes and read it off to me like Obama with his telepromters. This struck a cord with me, if Dean charges a fully refundable fee for his software, the fee would most likely be one flat fee for everyone, non-discriminatory to the buyer. After reading this blog i see that similar promises cost less or more than mine would have. The third awkward moment was also in this interview, Max told me that he only helps X amount of student at time well Matt and Max's X's didn't work together Matt told me a considerable amount less then Max did.

    As you can imagine i am starting to become more and more curious as the interview goes on... I stopped listening to Max for about 10 to 15 sec. and reflected on all the negative things (negative comments were always suttle never too aggressive) Matt said i had going against me i.e. im young, i already make good money, and some other stuff, basically saying i wasnt the type of client they were typically looking to help (i wasnt the get rich quick or desperate type) but he would make a recommendation to Mr. Hall and Mr. King.

    Ultimatley (but not successfully) trying to lower my confidence. By providing a hint of doubt in the end, expressing that all the good things he just told me about, the program, the people, the guarantees may not be a reality for me (yet). He says to me "wait you're not in yet, you still have to talk to Mr. King" (i never talked to Mr. King, just Max Hall and Matt). The combonation of doubt, lowered confidence, anxiety of making an investment decision, excitement of wealth, and the extremely short period of time you have to make your decision leaves you incredably vulnerable to hasty regretable decisions.

    Matt is the set up guy, King and Hall im sure are the closers. Matt will leave you with (as mentioned above) a sense of doubt in your capability and/or even your willingness to succeed. He incorporate phrases in his pitch that to most seem cautious like "John Doe if you dont think you can handle this, dont do it" - "if you dont think you have it in you dont do this". These are not ment to be discouraging phrases they are ment and used as challenges. Challenging people with critisizm is a great tool if used correctly. They use it correctly, they make you feel like this whole deal is not important to them its for you about you, your securities are more important, all the while they are sucking you deeper and deeper into their trap. He is setting the hook for the closers (HAll and King).

    All the doubt is washed away by the confidence and reassurance you'll get in the Max Hall interview. He dances around all of the negative (but suttle) things Matt has told you, in fact, Max doesnt even mention them. All the things that were riding against me in the first interview, that Matt said i was up against seemingly were non existant to Max. At the end of this interview most of us im sure hurry up and pay!pay!pay! right away before they reconsider and take back all those nice things they said about us. After all, we should feel specail, we are told by Matt from the begining that there are only a select few who are going to be accepted into the PMI class and by golly if they chose me they must see something special, not only did i beat the odds of 50, 000 other people, i didnt even fit their criteria. WOW! what a wonderful experience it must be for someone to eat this stuff up and feel this good for an instant... until they end up like us.

    My story ends in a crash and burn for PMI; with my curiosity building, i plan my own actions. As i continue sitting in my office on the phone listening to Max Hall writing notes down i interup him as he gets to the money part. Since this was what i figured he was really after. I said sir heres my issue, although i am dedicated, loyal, goal oriented, and responsible, however, in a personal effort to control my debts i cannot pay for this just yet. i went on to explain that i would much rather wait until the 28th of July when i will be able to write you a check for total amount of $8, 860.00 as requested thus keeping my credit cards at a zero balance. He was so aggetated, angered, and confused, i believe he thought he had a sure sale in me, he says in a crass tone gosh, you know, i wish you would have said something in the begining, had i known you were'nt ready now "i would have never wasted my time with you" (he seriously turned on me like this) from absolute salesman to complete jerk. I wanted to explain to him further what he should have already known from my first interview. But instead i was hung up on. He literally told me i was wasting his time and he hung up on me. Folks, I have 3 kids and i am a REAL single father 24/7, i have a 40 - 50 hr a week career i am tending to and other activities like kids dance, football, martial arts etc...In total shock i call him back (thinking this cant be real) i get voicemail (twice) so i say forget it, what a scam! 5 to 10 min. later i get a call back, Max says you called me twice what can i do for you...? I asked "why did you hang up on me?" He said again, "you are wastingmy time" and went on to call me " a dishonest person" and "a liar", he basically was telling me that my family obligations to him were Excuses "all you are going to do is give me excuses why you cant give me the money today" . Then, (the nerve of this guy) he asks "Mr. P... are you willing to put the $8, 860.00 on your credit card today or not", i said " there is no way in hell im doing business with a company that employees a rep like you" he then tells me " dont call me again, and dont call here again" then hung up.

    Once he found out there was no sale for him here he became a rude inconsiderate person with very little boundries and instantly very little interest in me. I must confess, i did buy into this until i fell back on my work experience and recognized the tactics of a good salesman, a salesman that will sleep better at night knowing he has your money. Someone that will gently guide you to a (mental) place were you begin to feel that you need them, you need to spend the money with them to succeed, and you cant possibly succeed without them.

    Despite what some of you other bloggers say, this place is a Scam. Three blogs had the same identical experience with Max Hall, Explain that... They were only interested in my money not cash but credit, once i hinted that there may be no money they turned on me as if i had stolen from them. Coward scam artists like Matt and Max with PMI are no better than freakn terrorist, I would love to meet these people one day and look them in the eye...

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  • El
    Elizabeth Jun 05, 2009

    I have been contacted by both PMI and iePlexus in order to market my website from StoresOnline. I was really intrigued by the person representing PMI, and I am excited to work towards a goal of learning the ins and outs of internet/website marketing. But I REALLY don't want to be scammed, which is why I'm reading this forum. It sounds to me like the people who were unsuccessful with PMI weren't actually able or willing to do the work to market their websites in the first place, which is why they failed. Is that PMI's fault??
    The iePlexus representative says that PMI uses really outdated marketing strategies - that they know nothing of the newest strategies involving blogs, social networking sites, and press releases. I just don't know what to believe. I'm speaking with reps from both companies tomorrow. This will be an important set of calls, as PMI wants upwards of $15000 to help me get 6 websites up and running successfully...


    1 Votes
  • Co
    cougarblue May 25, 2009

    PMI has been fantastic!!! They truly are a lifesaver in my personal experience. They helped my pay off all my credit card debt and build a business through stores online. A+++

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  • Je
    Jeff May 21, 2009

    I joined them and found the program misleading and hard to follow. I wanted my money back ($6, 795). They finally agreed to $3800 and I didn't sign the paper. I complained to the better business Bureau and put in a claim with the dispute center of my credit card company. They (PMI)said only $3800 and said that I should take it. A few days later my credit card company called and They returned my whole amount, $6, 795

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  • Ma
    makemoneygro May 21, 2009

    I have been contacted by PMI. I have not started with them yet. I have been searching forums like this to see what real people have to say. It looks like a back and forth between PMI and PMI victims. I actually called the rep and gave him a date in which I would be ready to began. Now I am having 2nd thoughts as I am hearing more and more negativity. I will continue to research...The say that they can help you make so much money. Wow...they will definitely get you interested. I will keep researching.

    2 Votes
  • Do
    don May 13, 2009

    In buisness it takes money to make money, no matter what it is. So many people try to get around this. There are so many successful buisness people that have put money into something and then have failed, but they dont give up. Thats why they are successful. IF YOU CAN HANDLE INVESTING OR THE RISKS INVOLVED IN BUISNESS, WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND STOP TRYING TO GET INVOLVED IN SOMETHING YOU CANT HANDLE.

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  • Do
    don May 13, 2009

    Paula, Your complaining about something you were never a part of. you need to get alife. Maybe if you took action insted of complaining you would be in a better place in life.

    -1 Votes
  • Pa
    Paula May 02, 2009

    I just received a call from this company, the representative was very rude and unprofessional. I explained that I am a senior citizen and having problems making my monthly payments, but he did not care; pushing me to put $599.00 on my credit card, for a down payment and finance the remaining amount at $152.25 per month for two years at 18%. Once he found out that I was not going to do this, he said that he did not have the time to waste on me. LOTS OF PRESSURE TACTICS PLUS A VERY CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE.

    I am wondering why this company is associated with Process Affiliate Rebates with Diana Deangelo, I am wondering if she is award of this company terrible condescending attitude????

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  • Pm
    PMI Apr 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are giving me part of my money back, but not all. They claim that they are such a good coompany, so why are they associated with process affiliate rebates with Diana Deangelo, which sounds like a scam. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH PROFESSIONAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL OR PMI

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  • Je
    jeff Apr 21, 2009

    I am trying to get my $6700 back. I foound the program confusing and they didn't tell me all of the facts. Nobody will return my call. I also have a lot of financial problems at this time and can not work on the program because I am in Florida with sick parents with no computer. They are suppose to be a caring company and care about your success, but not when it comes to personal problems


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