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Premiere Career College

Premiere Career College review: Misrepresentation of policy and protocol

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This whole school is disorganized. Once I "graduated" and did my volunteer work they didn't offer nor help me find a job. They told me when I applied that they help with job placement. After doing my internship work and had asked for my paper regarding that they told me they simply didn't have it. They lost it so now I have no proof to show that I actually did that and I stayed longer than most because I wanted to have that in my background. So I had called the hospital and they told me that the school should have all the information and the school was telling me the hospital should. They never helped me with job placent. And I had to bug them to help me with a resume. A resume that was simply put and I could have done myself. It's been years and I have navient bills that I have to pay for a school that gave me false promises and lost documents that they should have kept. So I have nothing to show at all. I never landed a job and had to beg them for help I would call, email them. This school is the worst I suggest everyone that thinks about attending really does an extensive research on them. No one that I went to school with landed a job in the field. My internship documents are lost. I have nothing to show at all. Nor did they care to even look they always gave me the run around and had me do all the work.

Desired outcome: I want them to pay for my loans. Every loan that they made me get.

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