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AVOID PRECISION DOOR OF ARIZONA - and the Franchisee, Charan.

My garage Door opener quit working, and we all know how inconvenient that is in the summer-time in Arizona. So I called Precision Door because their website stressed honesty and integrity (they possess neither trait). Their website is ### - they did not give me a written quote before beginning the work; when I questioned the amount of the opener, I was told he would knock $100 off. It was still priced $200 over retail. Both the Tech and the woman answering the phone at Precision Door said "Oh our price sheets must be old" - what a [censored] excuse. They charged me $549 for a $349 Liftmaster Belt Drive Opener. Did not write any price for the install so I assumed it was included in the $549, and then once the work was completed wrote $125 on the invoice for installation. Prior to work commencing, I asked about the model without "MyQ Technology", I was told Liftmaster doesn't make it anymore and that all Liftmaster openers now have MyQ Technology. I checked the LIftmaster site - they DO sell belt drive openers without MyQ Technology, and since I don't plan to program it to a cell phone, I didn't need this. I could have gotten what I wanted priced from $249 to $359 - not $549 that I was charged. I was lied to.

Also quoted me $160 for the T- grove rubber bottom seal on the door (which did need replacing). He said the material was better than Lowe's or Home Depot, and was $20 per foot. Same material I find out is only $2.50 - $3.00 per foot quoted from other installers. He never mentioned any additional charge for the 5-7 minutes of labor it took to install the rubber seal and then tried to charge me $75 to install it, and would only come down to $50 when I told him that was absolutely ridiculous.

These people will not quote a price for openers over the phone (now I know why). I was really screwed and charged nearly twice what it would have cost me to have any other garage door service company in Phoenix do exactly the same work and install exactly the same opener. This should have cost $550 "high end" price; Precision Door charged $958.

The only price I was given in writing prior to work commencing was $549. and I was asked to initial the paperwork with only the $549 reflected at that time.
I assumed that the $549 included the install. It did not. My bad for not getting the full charges in writing and doing my due-diligence homework BEFORE calling them. However, Charan should be ashamed of the way he is price-gouging consumers, and the Precision Door corporate office should have 'price controls' in place to prevent their franchisees from doing this to people. Can't figure out for the life of me how Charan stays in business. Must be all NEW customers, because I can't imagine anyone calling them a 2nd time.

I called the company before the Tech began the install (he was just unpacking); no, there was no manager available. I have left two more messages, and nobody has called me back. I should have kicked him to the curb the minute my gut told me "this can't be right". I should never have let him proceed without a call back from the area manager.

In addition, when he was wiring the opener, he cut all the wiring back so far that future techs will have trouble accessing it. Another scame? If I have trouble with the connections, I won't call them back - I will call someone else and if they find the problem is with Precision Doors wiring maneuvers I will go after them for the repairs in court.

I work in the new home industry, and I can guarantee if I do not get a price adjustment, I will open my mouth so wide and spread the word Valley wide to avoid Charan's company at all costs - this is price-gouging at it's worst ... nearly 100% mark-ups on openers and charging 10 times the price on the rubber seal; taking advantage of people; tech who tried to tell me my roller-bearings were bad (nothing wrong with them); tried to tell me the spring was bad (nothing wrong with it) ... scammers all the way through! I also plan to file a complaint with the AZ Registrar of Contractors. What he is charging people is highway robbery - plain and simple, he is a crook.

I should have called around first; a couple calls (yep, two calls) and I would have realized that Precision Doors charges twice what their competitors charge. Wish I would have checked Yelp! It would have saved me a lot of money and regret.

P.S. On Yellow Pages, the owner of the franchise actually had the nerve to rate his own business and give himself 5 stars. Even used his own first name. Unbelievable!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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