Powerski jetboardcompletely a ripp off

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Robert Montgomery Obtained investment monies by his personal deception, changed agreements on his whim without notification, lied, deceived denied all liability and warranties, supplied defective product knowingly.
It is my very sad duty to write this damning report on Robert ( Bob ) Montgomery professed CEO of Powerski International Corp formerly of 1000 Calle Amanecer, San Clemente, California. NO longer know at that address.

Unfortunately I have had the personal experience of Bob proving beyond doubt, many times over that he is a charismatic two faced lying con merchant.

Yes he sells his product up as being a hot new jet powered water sports product that will take the world by storm. He promotes his company and affiliated companies as being on the cutting edge of new technologies and that both he and them together can supply high quality product in any quantity that you want it.

The reality is he only cons you with delivery of secondhand, yes, used product, and defective product as well. In 12 boards that we eventually received after many months of delay and lies and deceptive business practices such as changing deals at his whim and without notification. He finally delivered 12 boards to us with at least 55 serious manufacturing defects, and then he stepped back from any warranty replacement and accepted NO liability as to the DANGEROUS condition of the boards that he sent us or were sent thru his affiliate companies, all of which are controlled by Bob in a fashion that can only be described as deceptive, control freak and designed to give him maximum amount of cash.

Yes I would love to jump on a plane and come settle the score with this lying two faced deceptive ###, but I know it is not how God would have me resolve this situation.

I am only putting this report in as an attempt to advise other unwitting innocent people as to how this con man works so as to give them half a chance to be informed-

Yes I could go on but I do believe I have made my point as to Bob Montgomery being a full on confidence trickster to relieve you of as much of your investment funds as he possibly can and then deliver little or nothing at all, and what is delivered is seriously defective and he will fail to repair or replace the same.


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    brad maier Feb 14, 2011

    I'm a long-time shareholder in PSI Corp. I’ve never met Juan Mateu, and I guess he’s entitled to his opinion, but as a first-hand participant in the day-to-day business and operations of PSI Corp, . I can truthfully state that there’s no basis in fact for his accusations. The people like Juan Mateu have yet to provide one shred of documented evidence that proves their accusations are valid. They simply continue to spout lies and innuendos to misdirect potential investors away from Bob and PSI’s real investors in order to steal PSI’s patented technology.

    There’s always two sides to every story, and the side I’m familiar with is of a man, Bob Montgomery, the jetboard he invented and developed, and the company he founded. The Bob I know has always tried to do his best for his company, its employees, and its shareholders. On several occasions over the years, different groups, including former PSI employees, investors, dealers, distributors and others, have so far unsuccessfully tried to steal his invention, its technology, and its patents by illegal means. These groups have defamed his name and honor as part of their illegitimate attempts to ruin both him and PSI Corp. in order to personally benefit financially from his creation.

    Currently, there’s a group that purchased jetboards from PSI Corp. then took one to China where they had it reverse engineered and illegally manufactured so that they could sell it themselves worldwide for their own personal gain. They are so arrogant they even claim that they were the original inventors of the jetboard! They’ve gone so far as to misappropriate videos and other marketing materials created by Bob and PSI Corp. and used them for their own marketing. These stolen videos are so blatant they show Bob, himself, and his son, Chad, performing on the jetboard while supposedly being filmed by the group that illegally stole them from Bob and PSI Corp.!

    These ongoing assaults are what led to PSI Corp.’s financial difficulties and eventual insolvency, but Bob and several others, such as myself, have stood by him and continue to try save the day for all of the good people who placed their faith and investment in Bob and PSI Corp. It hasn’t been easy, by any means, but we have amassed a large volume of evidence that proves who’s been honest and who hasn’t.

    If you want to get the facts of these illegal activities, go to www.powerskiknockoffs.com where there is documented evidence of all of these subversive attacks available for your review. If you’re willing to take the time, there’s over 350 pages of evidence in the form of emails, witness accounts, videos, etc. that were accumulated by PSI Corp. that reveals the truth.

    Brad Maier

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  • Ru
    Russ Thompson Dec 02, 2011

    Where is the money from my Founder stock. Been whating for 9 year's. I would like to get my money back Thank you

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  • Er
    Eric Whisenant Jun 25, 2013

    I have also not heard from Bob Montgomery. I invested with PSI in 1999 . Totally took my money and run. I invested 27.000 anybody interested in buying my stock?

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  • Er
    Eric Whisenant Jun 25, 2013

    I am a long time shareholder also, and never turned on PSI. Why have I been treated this way. Haven't heard from PSI in years. Invested my life savings in PSI because I believed in power ski and Bob.

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  • Ed
    EddyOfDespair Jul 06, 2020
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    Back in 2002 I came very close to "investing" about $60k in a PowerSki International "dealership" which included multiple demo boards. However, as things progressed everything about the operation (and the contract) got my spidey-sense tingling more and more: first, I'd made clear I wasn't an established powersports dealer, I had no showroom, but they didn't care, they were just so encouraging it felt like I was being schmoozed for the cash. Second, even a simple reading of the contract showed that I wasn't technically buying boards, I was investing in R&D, and the language was explicit there was zero guarantee I would receive any board, ever. There was also something iffy about street address and/or phone if I remember correctly. It just felt wrong so I didn't go ahead.

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