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This is a terrible company to work for, they are the BIGGEST Phoney's! They put you threw many weeks of training, by people who hardly know- what is going on themselves. They start you at $12.o0 an hours, which is a pittence compared to the responsibility they put on you/ accountability! then after training they put you on the floor, and you have to then deal with there TOTALLY INCOMPETENT auditing department, which is made up of about 6-7 people, who have to audit all the claims you process, which holds up claims of weeks/ months, they knit pick everything!They offer you there insurance plan, which is the worst plan i have ever had in my lifetime, they make you pay for it, and the owner- makes you think you are getting this wonderful plan, when it's not! there dental SUCKS! PEOPLE DONT put any money into there 401 k, plan either- they ARE KNOWN for putting the screws to people with there vesting schedule, they will make it soo in the end- you walk away with none of the money this HORRIBLE company matches for you! I feel so badly for the member's of the Oneida Indian Nation employees/ and the Utica National Group, as well as the City of Syracuse active/ retirees!THese people have been put threw the mill by this HORRIBLE COMPANY- they have old outdated computer systems, V ERY OUTDATED claims processing system, and THEY SELL INSURANCE PRODUCTS that they cant fulfill, and keep there contractual obligations to! they dont have manager's who are experienced enough, the company is run on the click system- they are all a bunch of hypocrites and backstabbers! STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY! the owner goes on stage every year for his "state of the pomco" address, sells a bucket of garbage to all the employees, and then HE COLLECTS alot of $$$$$ for himself, has all kinds of toys, and gives his employees a meager 2% raise per year, and that's if your manager likes you! otherwise you get nothing! WHAT A HYPOCRIT BOB POMFREY IS! SHAME ON HIM! his poor father Maurice is probably rolling over in his grave- if he could see the way he allows people who represent him to mismanage this company! SHAME ON YOU BOB POMFREY!

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What u c, is not what u get
Mattydale, US
Sep 30, 2011 2:27 pm EDT

I couldn't agree more with what you have to say! Bob Pomfrey is a big phoney and does not care about his employees at all. He makes it look like he is this do-gooder in the community and yet behind closed doors he was found in VIOLATION of the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITYS ACT by the EEOC. I know that there are more people who have been fired by this man for having a disability and have used the excuse that I "wasn't up to company standards". I worked there for over four years, never been written up, NEVER had a problem with management. Yet after I became disabled, I was no longer a GOOD employee. I turned into a disruptive, combatitive, incompedent bad employee. I turned him in to the EEOC and won. No one should have to go through what I did and still am to this day. I was making very good money, had medical insurance and planned to retire there. I have been unable to find a job in almost two years, I have even applied to jobs I was over qualfied for, after having a good interview the employer would say to me...well, all that's left is to verify your employment. Funny how I never heard back from any of the interviews I went on. They wouldnt be bad-mouthing me at POMCO now would they? I have not been able to get the medical attention I am in need of since they fired me. But no skin off there teeth-doesn't concern them.
I really wonder how many other people have been treated this way, I know of two and one was told if they didn't return to work (they had surgery) they would stop there medical insurance and GO BACK to the surgery date so they would be responsibile for all the surgery bills. Who does this man think he is? My life has been turned upside down by this company, it is time to fight back for the common folk such as myself, I took a risk by turning him in, but I had so much evidence that proved they lied right to the EEOC. When I started being accused of things by my manager Tracey Koskowski, I started to forward any and all emails to my home computer. I had the feeling something was going on. They told the EEOC one thing and I had the e-mail to back up what I said was the truth. They did not know I had all this information. Cover your butt if this is going on with you. It will help you-nothing says it like BLACK n WHITE!
Bob Pomfrey is not all he's cracked up to be, I plan on talking to anyone who will listen on this matter-The media, government officals, The ADA and any other person who has had this done to them by POMCO. Looks like if something isn't done to put a end to this, it won't stop and they are just getting away with it. Leave a comment on this site if they did it to you...PLEASE! Thanks