Pollo Tropical / Pollo Operationscustomer service

M Dec 23, 2019

Around 9:20pm I entered at pollo tropical to order 3 whole chicken with rice and beans and I saw that the restaurant was busy I order and I started to wait in the line of services at the front their was this lady with glasses and a young man hurrying up to do orders and then a group of people arrive to order food it was a lot of food they order and I heard the manager said they had to wait for an hour for their food their was a lot of customers waiting for their order their was no chicken ready and when they started to serve the food they serve the first two orders and at the 10 minutes the serve the last one and the last order their was an error and these people started to argue that they were missing a chicken and they started to scream at the lady with glasses and then came the Manager called Miguel to see what happen and the lady was telling him that she gave them the give chickens the people were all angry and the lady saw that she didn't give them the last chicken and then came the Manager Miguel he started to yell at the lady with glasses and the lady was trying to tell the manager that she didn't say anything to the customer the lady didn't even turn to see the customers because they were all hype and mad and the manager started to scream at the lady with glasses that she was in trouble and that she was gonna lose her job this manager is disrespectful and that's not a way to treat and employee in front of the customers as like we the customers deserve respect the employees deserve respect to sometimes I go to the store this manager doesn't have respect and argues with the customers I like pollo tropical because the food is delicious and I come late for work and I always go to pollo because the place is clean and their is good service and it's not like other pollos I hope you guys resolve this situation and that the lady with glasses doesn't lose her job very thankful for the service

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