Pleydisney pley box subscription


On 5/4/18 I was charged for my disney pley box, on may 21st I finally recieved it... And it only had a tshirt and a yo yo in it... No directions on how to make the box the cinderella castle... Nothing else... Totally not worth the $29.99... I immediately sent an email with a picture to pley because they have no phone number... And waited... Well I finally received a response on may 25th... 4 days later that once they confirmed that they had the missing pieces, it would take 2 weeks for delivery?!!! Are you kidding me... My kid has waited two months for this box and it was missing almost everything and you are gonna take 2 weeks longer to ship my missing items once it is confirmed... Well here it is june 1st... And I have received no communication whatsoever about confirmation or shipping information... Wth... Do they not realize how impatient children are? Why would it take so long to fix this mistake... The items that were missing should have been shipped the very next day! Anyway... I have sent 2 more emails in the past 7 days since I received their response requesting when I am to receive the missing items... And of course... I have heard nothing... I have cancelled my subscription and for resolution... I just want my money back... I dont want the missing items... I just want to go buy my daughter something because she got this pley box because she made honor roll... Well she made straight a's this report card and deserves the reward... Can someone please help me...

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