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Tr Sep 12, 2019 Review updated:

I bring in literally brand new clothes everytime I come here and clothes I just blut and couldn't fit but I take the tag off just to see if they will lie and say it's old or stuff like that and they do everytime they say my things are old and worn down and things like that and I'm just tired of it and also they said they couldn't take them because of their inventory needs but they took a summer shirt

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  • Ev
      Sep 12, 2019

    You make no sense. You state you deliberately take the tags off, knowing they will then give excuses not to buy. If you really had name brand clothing, new with tags, you would sell on ebay, craiglsist, etc.

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  •   Sep 12, 2019

    Why don’t you save your receipt and return items that don’t fit? “clothes I just blut and couldn'” means you just “blut” them but mr spell checker doesn’t see that as a word. Did you mean BOUGHT?

    And I agree with Everywhere that you could resell the clothes. But you could return them and that’s not a novel concept.

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