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I am a 64 year old woman. A couple of months ago I decided I needed a face lift. So I made my research online and I found a company called placidway ( featured a cosmetic surgery doctor in Costa Rica. All my trip was arranged by placidway, including flight tickets and hotel. Later I found that that they charged me almost 45% more of what normal tickets cost! That was unethical! I am sad to tell that the performance was so mistakenly done that I am passing through a depression and I have to take pills now. The face lift they did to me was is so "tight" that I can not even smile! I can not drink water because it streams down my mouth edges! Its not even at all! One side is tighter than the other! Terrible! I contacted Placidway since when they called me at first they told me they would hold responsible for the doctor, they said they were the official representatives of this clinic and what was my surprise, I had no reply from Placidway at all! Not by email, phone, nothing! So they are responsible of absolutely nothing! They are greedy and just want your money! This company is full of lies. They will be super nice at the beginning but in the same minute you board your flight they are history. I am willing to proceed legally against this company called Placidway and Doctor martinez in Costa Rica for literally ruining my life!


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Nov 02, 2011 2:54 am EDT

Olet i am so sorry for that terrible experience! I know that company (Placidway), it’s a website that puts together many doctors, clinics and hospitals all over the world but I didn’t know they could arrange your trip.
On 2010 I contacted them because I wanted to have a surgery done in South America and Placidway recommended me a clinic in Bolivia (MakeoverTravel).
I received a mail from MakeoverTravel and I arranged my entire trip with makeovertravel clinic (not with placidway). Placidway is just an advertising website for clinics and doctors; they don’t have any relation with the organizations they promote.

I don’t know if a doctor can repair what that “surgeon” did in Costa Rica, , I really hope there is a solution.
I suppose you don’t want to heard about having a plastic surgery overseas anymore, but believe me there are doctors overseas who do an incredible work.
I went with my mother to MakeoverTravel center and the dr we met there are the best! My mother had a facelift done along with a Tummy tuck and breast lift and I had a liposuction and breast augmentation done.
The results of both are fantastic, My mother said the surgeon “I only wish I had done it years ago”. After spending so much time trying to hide these areas of her body, she now feels as though she haves a new, youthful and more energetic body --The attention of our surgeon to detail is unsurpassed. He truly cares about his patients, is honest, impeccable in his work, and a gem of a human being.