Pizza Hutservice and lack of respect

Mi Sep 16, 2019 Review updated:

I went in Pizza Hut at 6:55pm and ordered two medium pizzas to go, along with order of garlic knots and Sierra Mist two litter bottle to go. I ordered a salad while I waited. After half an hour, I asked how my to go order was coming. I was the only one in restaurant but a lot of phones were ringing for deliveries. After 8:05pm, I went up to the counter to check on the order. It was then the manager asked who order was sitting there. She said his, pointing to me. When I checked it was not hot or even really warm. It apparently had been sitting there for quite some time. The girl was new and having a hard time on the registers and even my order was messed up. I told her to keep everything and I was leaving. She said she did not blame me.
This is only the second time in six months I have visited this Pizza Hut and the last time was also a disaster. I have now given up on Pizza Hut and could give the manager a strong course on how to teach new employees and even if busy, make sure customers in restaurant are satisfied with their food and service. This manager would never and should never be in charge of a business like Pizza Hut that caters to ensuring the "customer, all the customers come first"
Mike Oertel

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