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Hi my names justin yarbrough I'm currently a employee for pizza hut part time to day I explained to my manager that I have an opportunity to work part time at another pizza store that would in no way interfere with my work schedule what so ever and I was told to work for another pizza store I would have to quit
working at pizza hut because it's the policy at pizza hut I'm not allowed to work with any competition I would like to ask it this true would I be fired for working at a mother pizza store if it in no way interferes with my work at pizza hut my phone email is [protected] phone numbers [protected] if phone contact please text and if this is the wrong place for this matter please give me instructions as to what to do thank you so much

  • Updated by Justin yarbrough · Jan 17, 2020

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post I'm pretty sure I never find anything stating I was not to work for any outher pizza stores but never really know what's all in the fine print I'll have to check after I told my manager about my outher job offer he said I'll have to pick one or the outher then gave me 4 days off I went from 35 to 60 hours a week to 12 this week being part time is there a min, hours they have to work me or is it what ever also if nothing was signed stating I cant work at a mother pizza store and I do get fired do I have any ground to stand on as to law wise?


  • Zachary2001 Jan 17, 2020

    It all depends. If you signed a contract that you cannot work for competition then they can fire you. Most places do not like you getting a second job in the same industry. Especially if it is direct competition.

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  • Zachary2001 Jan 20, 2020

    I think it all depends on where you live the laws. Do not think there is much they can do. Just tell them you decided not to take that other job. They cannot follow up.

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