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D Nov 01, 2019

I ordered my food around 10 am Oct 31, 2019, to be ready to carry out at 5:30 pm.

I got there at 5:28. I paid for my order as it needed a few minutes. 15 mins went by. Nate, the shift manager, was looking for someone's request from a 4:45 pick up. He offered her an apology and a discount. He asked me my name and said he could not find my order in the system. I showed him my receipt. He went to look for it. A worker in the back started arguing with Nate. Soon F-bombs were flying; We now have nine people, including two kids. The altercation went on for at least a minute.

Nate comes back and tells me my pizzas are nowhere to be found, and it will take a long while because others are in the system, and he can't do anything until all the orders are prepared. I ask if my order can up be move to the front of the line, he says no! Nate gets the 4:45 order ready an hour late.

Meanwhile, a 6:00 order is completed. Nate goes to grab the pizza and sees it is burnt to a crisp, Nate throws it away, the food-preparer starts yelling what are you doing, Nate takes it back out of the trash. It is now 6:15, another person with a 5:30 order inquires about his request, Nate offers him four pizzas he has no clue whom they belong. The customer says I want my order. Nate says, what do you want me to do? I can't do it all, goes back, more F-bombs, Nate I am going to call the police. The customer walks out and says forget this.

Nate has problems returning another 5:30 customers money. She has company at her home waiting for pizza and is now going to Little Caesars across the street. Another customer follows.

I have paid for my pizzas and continue to remain. He offers me a discount. Finally, I get my pizzas. A delivery guy finds them and brings that to Nate. Nate makes an unkind comment to the delivery guy, who was trying to ease the situation. Nate forgets about my discount. I go home and find my order burnt as well! We each tried a piece and would not get a second!

We buy pizza every Friday but saw your Halloween promotion, so we ordered. A very dissatisfied experience. I spent an hour listening to Nate. We owned five businesses, and I am a 35-year teacher. Your manager, Nate, can not handle problems and should not be put in that position. Customer service last night was unacceptable. I probably should have videoed that ordeal. You would be embarrassed to have Pizza Hut's name associated with that ordeal!

Diane Ortiz-Parsons

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