Pinch A Pennywarranty

A Feb 15, 2020

It's rather interesting that I had a new filter, pump and basket installed by this company in September, four months later a hose that wasn't installed properly blew off of the chlorinator so I called them. The young gent that I talked to informed me that the package was still under warranty and he would have someone out the next day to take care of this.

Well he was correct on one part. He did have somebody out the next day however he neglected to properly inform his technician of the issue, and to boot the technician came out, never knock on the door, replaced the hose that should have been properly installed in the first place, same hose I was told not to touch so as not to void the installation warranty, then he left. Left without consulting if I would even agree and instead sneakingly and downright weasley left a bill for $174 in my mailbox.

If this is the way this company is going to operate, similarly to hospitals when you have insurance and then turn around and bill you for things that you did not even agree to then that goes to show how shady and underhanded their operations are..

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