Peter Jacksoncigarettes

I would like to know why you people keep making and selling these disgusting things? To say they stink is an understatement, to say they stink would befit an awful smell that is tolerable in some way. These things smell like they've been sent from hell itself somehow. Perhaps you are in league with satan himself? My neighbors smoke, I cant believe anyone still does it. Perhaps because you dogs make the garbage so overwhelmingly addictive, a mere human being is no match for them. I can close all of my doors and windows and the disgusting stink still gets in somehow. I know it gets in because it gives me an instant headache, thats the sign. I can smell it, ever so subtle, like a faint whiff of bleach. Why dont you design the things so the smoke stays with the smoker, like a big cloud around their head, so it kills them very quickly. Instead of making them suffer for years with cancer and dying horribly. Or better yet, you cigerette manufacturers should be made to foot the bill for all of the cancer treatment in the world...

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