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purchased 2000 sq. ft pergo max floating floor from lowes 9/2014. installed by our contractor and looks great in our new home. the first week we noticed squeaks and noises which are getting worse by the day. we complained to lowes who sent a pergo inspector out to our house. he spent about 4 minutes here and checked the moisture content and left. we later found out via the report from lowes that pergo claims to liability as they blame it on subfloor. our contractor laid floor on osb subfloor 3/4 t/g advantec georgia pacific and left expansion around perimeter 1/2" as proper procedure. I attach you tube video that shows just one room...this is throughout the entire house and must be replaced and is horrendous. (if it doesnt open past in browser)

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Mar 29, 2016 11:26 am EDT
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I have the same exact problem. Pergo XP in 5 rooms, hallway, and closet - spent $6500 - it creaks and pops and cracks everywhere. I just feel like crying! I have had 3 inspectors come from Home Depot - first representing HD, second from Pergo, third was independent. They all say different things. 7 months later and I still have no resolution. A lot of hard earned money on a product I am embarrassed to have guests walk on. Have you complained or gotten a resolution? Thx.


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