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PeoplePerHour review: the way of payment of their freelancers and freelance users!

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Message to all of the victims of PeoplePerHour SCAM!
My name is Didier Dutilleux and lately I have being victim of the PeoplePerHour Professional White Collar Criminals and I was SCAMMED!

All detail of mention PeoplePerHour SCAM you can read here:

SCAMMERS like PeoplePerHour must be stopped what is not so easy and cost money for each single victim!

There is a solution…”l’union fait la force” is a French very common sentence what means in English “Unity Makes Strength” so for all victims of PeoplePerHour SCAMS that is what me must do!

First I will try to reach-out to all past victims of whatever PeoplePerHour SCAM, that as Freelancer of PPH or as User of Freelancers of PPH!

To reaching all of the victims of whatever PeoplePerHour SCAM, I will contact and register all forums relates with “Online business” and inform them of my case!.

I will ask to all past victims wherever in the world and for whatever PeoplePerHour SCAM, that they confirm they SCAM experience with PeoplePerHour by leaving a short description as comment on the website

If in the next months say till end 2016 we can reach +100 different PeoplePerHour SCAM cases, I intent to go further and see to stop them legally!

So to all the victims, we will not make the internet from tomorrow better by letting Professionals Whit Collar Criminals like PeoplePerHour continue what they doing now!

So let’s put our heads together and following “Unity Makes Strength” and STOP PeoplePerHour SCAM!

Make Up on today, Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Didier Dutilleux

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