The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Peak Potentials TrainingDoes not honor promises

Before you shell out money for ANY courses, especially the advanced courses at Peak Potentials, you may want to confirm, in writing, that Peak Potentials will honor THEIR commitments.

We've paid thousands of dollars for Peak Potential courses including the Enlightened Warrior and Wizard Training. The trainings were awesome, we made some great friends, and we thought we could trust Peak Potentials. My husband and I attended our courses and camps here in California, about an hour from our home, and were assured that the more advanced courses would be held in locations other than Canada.

In anticipation of Peak Potential's premiere training, Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold, we paid a down payment for two people and made payments toward the upcoming Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold (MOSHOG) camp. That was in 2005.

For the past THREE years, however, we have been told that the course was "sold out" and that, if we chose to, we could go on a waiting list (which we did.) Peaks never bothered to follow up and ignored all of our e-mails. When I would call, I was told we were "still on the list." The only camp for MOSHOG, however, has been in Canada each year. The camp is offered one time each year, and located a full day of plane travel and transfers from our home. While Canada is easy enough to get to when one can make advanced travel arrangements, being on a waiting list without benefit of any notice is problematic under the best of circumstances. Work scheduling, in particular, was a challenge especially since my husband was in a senior management position and I was running two companies. I made this travel/work/scheduling issue abundantly clear when I registered and started paying for MOSHOG.

I was told, repeatedly, that if they could not get us in the third time that we could get our money back or transfer the course to someone else. And we still wanted to attend--until today, that is.

After numerous e-mails and faxes and waiting many, many times on hold, I finally got through to a customer service rep. An incredibly rude "customer service" rep at that. She informed me that she was the final decision maker and that there was no one above her that could or would give me a different answer.

We've not only paid many thousands of dollars--nearly $10, 000 for just the other courses not including travel, etc.--we have referred friends and family who have likewise spent thousands.

If anything, one would think that that much alone would warrant a bit nicer treatment.


At the moment, Peak Potentials has $3, 992.45 of our money. I was told on no uncertain terms that there was no way, whatsoever, that the money would be refunded and that further, more money would now be expected of us in order to attend. The rep had the audacity to tell me to "keep [my] emotions out of it" when I calmly questioned why or even began to defend my copious notes on this particular file. She left me with "you can try to sell the seats" and then hung up.

In other words, there was no way we can get the money back. And to add insult to injury, we are expected to pony up an additional $1, 797.00 IF there is space at the next camp, which, it would seem, is already full with a waiting list.

Wow. How professional.

So, just a word of caution. We certainly won't be referring anyone else to Peak Potentials and we are definitely letting others know about this injustice.


  • Ja
    Jacque2 May 18, 2017

    I liked the Millionaire Mind Seminar a lot. In fact it is one of my all time favorite courses. Their method of presenting is the best. It is the only course I know of that is dedicated to your financial freedom. I've taken a ton of college courses and have two Masters degrees, one being an MBA. College courses do not focus on making you financially free. They are only focused on memorizing and doing a lot of research and writing, not about taking steps to become free financially. Where else can you get training on getting financially free? If anyone knows, let me know. These courses are intended to help people and make profit for PP. It's a win - win situation. Yes, it cost money. Compared to other professional courses and college, it is very low priced. People spend $50k a year for college in order to get a corporate job that keeps them slaves forever. If you can do a better course for less money then why aren't you doing it?

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  • An
    Anna So Aug 05, 2016

    Beware of Peak Potential and all their courses. They make all kind of promise to make you buy but their courses but their courses don't fit everybody and you may spend your hard earned money to trash. Beware also of their warranty. You won't get any refund.

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  • Il
    Ilona Hassan Jun 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    New Peaks is a scam, simply. They owe me money for the course I cancelled the next day I registered and never got any response to multiple emails and no luck reaching them by phone. I wanted to transfer to another course, but now that I see what kind of integrity this organization and its leadership have - I will be warning anybody to stay away.

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  • Ri
    RichieR Jul 20, 2015

    Did anyone ever think that it's full because it works? This if google, I can write negative or positive experiences. (Without having them). If the classes are full, you can cry about it or you can pat yourself on the back because you made a right choice. It they didn't work, the classes would be empty & they would be out of business. You flip your own coin. The universe will only give you what you give it.

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  • Ky
    Ky Trang Ho Jul 14, 2014

    I attended MMI this past weekend in Anaheim, California, USA after hearing rave reviews. Several attendees I met had been to multiple MMIs. My sister is an event volunteer and has been trying to get me to go for three years. She believes in Peak Potentials and has been to other seminars.

    It was phenomenal and I learned so much. I was so enthralled, I signed up for the "Quantum Leap" program, which includes access to six seminars: "Real Estate Workshop, " "Enlightened Warrior, " "Never Work Again, " etc.

    My husband was very upset and we argued about my purchase for a long time. As a psychiatrist, he thought many of the tactics they used at MMI were outdated, ex. snapping your wrist with a rubber band to end negative beliefs. He said research conducted 30 years ago proved this was ineffective. Telling people that the course normally costs $49, 846 but if you sign up on the spot, it costs only $6995, preys on people's impulses. It doesn't let people ponder and do their research.

    After reading all of the complaints on various websites and this review, I cancelled my purchase. You get three days to cancel. The passive income strategies touted in "Never Work Again" are hardly passive. Investing in stocks, forex, real estate, etc. is hard work, very risky and not for the weak hearted. I know because I covered the stock market for a national business newspaper for eight years and own rental properties. Tenants fail to pay. They destroy things, which you have to fix. Writing a best seller is even harder. As is attracting eyeballs online to sell ads or creating a smartphone app. I am really disappointed because I was very excited to attend all of the seminars.

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  • In
    Integrity Searcher Nov 09, 2013

    I attended the MMI seminar with my business partner and daughter. We loved it though it took awhile to get past the cheerleading. I said going into it that I was definitely NOT going to buy a course no matter what, but then eventually purchased the Stock Market course as it appeared tailor-made for me. I began trading in February and eventually realized a gain of $3000 by first of October, but in a day lost $1500. So now I'm not breaking even yet after nearly a year of doing what I was trained to do. But I'm not complaining about that. I had signed up to be an Ambassador (someone who promotes PP seminars for a commission). In the summer, I was offered my choice from 4 seminars to attend free with a friend, so I chose the Never Work Again seminar to be held this December in Palm Springs. I was very excited to go and looking forward to it. But life took a turn any my business partner was diagnosed with Stage IV colon and liver cancer, plus had a colostomy. As I am his 24/7 caregiver I cannot go to the seminar. When I wrote PP today to explain my circumstances and request being able to attend the seminar in December, 2014, I was turned down flatly. I could have produced proof that I indeed have to take care of a cancer patient if asked, but they didn't consider this legitimate to extend a small courtesy to a client whom they have already profited from. Really? You can't allow me to come the next year instead? For a company whose email address is clientcare @ I thought there certainly wasn't any "care" involved. Now I won't get to attend, nor my daughter, so I shall no longer recommend them to others. The woman who wrote me the denial had the gall to say her "heart went out to me and mine" and wished me "best wishes". How disingenuous! It was a small favor to ask and so easy for them to accommodate. I've run my own very successful business for over 10 years, so I know all about company policies - but policies are ALWAYS negotiable and should be and there should be a way to honor special circumstances to keep students happy and receive good reviews instead of the one I'm placing here. It wasn't as if I was wanting to go on a vacation instead or some lame excuse. I'm dealing with life and death issues here, and doing what's right for my business partner, but PP didn't care to extend the smallest courtesy. Oh well. What goes round, comes round.

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  • Ki
    Kirk Jensen Oct 21, 2013

    Yes, I can agree with some of you, although T. Harv Ecker isn't involved with the company anymore. I usually go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive, which usually is held in Dallas, TX, or Austin, TX, I live in san Antonio, TX. I like to plan ahead, see when they would be coming back to TX, Hopefully the company will still have the core values, if not, I will ask them if they can adapt to using 212* Service, which brings customer service to a newer, and better level. Its been march of 2011 since I last attended the MMI, I hope I can go to it next yr, the one in December in Dallas, is too far, not sure when, and where they will have it in TX.

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  • Mi
    Mike Griffin I Sep 22, 2013

    I am writing this note to give an assessment of Peak Potentials. My wife attended the MMI introductory weekend two years ago. I explained to her she would be dazzled and amazed but she would be asked to sign up for courses to further her education. Not only did she sign herself up but me as well for their Quantium Leap Package.
    Expect to learn something new at ever course. If you have not attended college, this high pressure learning experience will be fun and exiting. If you have a degree and know what it takes to go through an educational discipline, you will still find it informative and stimulating but not a substitute.
    Here is the deal! Their business model is designed to get you in at a low or no cost, have you purchase their packages at a discount and attend their courses at various locations through out the country and Canada within a specific time period. Each course is designed around a business or personal growth theme and has Peak Potential people administer it. During a course you will be exposed to various speakers/trainers/authors who are there to heighten your awareness of what their program will do by pitching their products/services. The presenters are everything from legitimate business professionals to less than adequate snake oil sales people. Fortunately the staff at PP does a good job vetting most speakers, it is rarely a waste of time. Of the 6 courses my wife and I attended and the 6 courses we subsequently signed-up for from other vendors, I would give them collectively an A- for effort and a C+ thru B+ for content.
    I can only speak for myself. Do your research and ask the Peak People what course(s) you should be attending based on your assessed needs. The leadership team, headed by Adam Markel, is authentic and sincere about what they are delivering, ultimately it is up to you to do the work with the information you were given. Our results are: The business has a new website with a shopping cart at a fraction of the cost associated with that endeavor. We test and market what works in our Brick and Mortar store and website. We are working on systems which did not exist or needed upgrading. Our three business are now accounted for in a way where we can make monthly changes which are measurable. We now know to the penny where our money comes from and goes. Our sales were up 11% last year. These courses are not a get rich quick scam but a means to get massive amounts of legitimate business information in a short period of time.
    Oh, and you will meet some strangers who will become life long friends!

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  • Ph
    Phoenix Mentality May 24, 2013

    I never write on message boards but this time I am compelled to speak up in Peak Potentials defence.

    You guys complaining should be ashamed of yourselves, clearly you are people who don't understand business terms or know how to make long term commitments. I would be ashamed to be complaining on this board, lumping myself into the millions of people looking for a magic bullet to change your life or a magical seminar that fix all of your problems. Ghandi got it right, knowledge is NOT power, it is POTENTIAL power only when you APPLY it.

    Yes, life happens and something pops up that wasn't scheduled before you bought the course, then you make a CHOICE, if you are going to let that get in the way of your success then that's on you, however if it's something you absolutely positively can't get out of or hold as a priority above the course you believed could improve your life, fine just take the course the next time it's happening.

    Why the hell would they refund your money beyond the refund period???? Don't businesses have a 10 or 30 day return policy, don't other business even have a non-refund policy?? Peaks is a business! Is that a dirty word? Would you be in business for refunding peoples money after they have breached the terms clearly written on the back of the form that they FAILED to take their own dutiful responsibility to read? Heck no! Welcome to the world people, this is a business not a damn charity and any business that operated the way many of you are crying that Peaks should operate like would be a failed venture many times over. Is a hotel a SCAM because they have a cancellation policy or an Airline a SCAM because they have a cancellation policy? Should they just give that money back leave an empty seat/room there while their expenses continue to accrue? Give me a break!!

    I just had to get that off my chest because the audicity of some of the people on this board is preposterous and indicative to people that will never breakthrough to the levels of success they are capable of.

    My story? It began when I was gifted the MMI book in May, read it and it changed my whole outlook on life and myself. I signed up for MMI, Warrior Camp then went Quantum Leap to take on 5 more courses and here is how it impacted my life:

    1) Initially quit a dead-pulse "comfortable" job, applied and was accepted for an "out-of-my-league" job that increased my income by 40%, I now earn at least $120, 000 per year more than I did before taking MMI with only a high school education (University and industry designations are a requirement for my occupation)
    2) Re-engineered my whole relationship with women (relationship is only 1 of the elements in Warrior Camp) which influenced several healthy wonderful relationships until meeting my soulmate who I will be moving in with next month and plan to marry
    3) Surfaced my life's vision and mission, became a Certified Coaching Practitioner, Certified Adult-Learning Educator, was elected and Director of Training and Development for a Men's Leadership Organization (all influenced by Train the Trainer and Life Directions courses)
    4) Began 2 successful business ventures that still generate passive income for me to this day even though I have no worked on them actively since 2011
    5) Bought my first home before age 30 and later my 1st rental property in 2012
    6) Established many wonderful life-long personal, organizational and business relationships through the incredible people I met attending Peaks' courses which you cannot put a price on.

    All of this was made possible directly or influenced through my experience with Peak Potentials and I know so many other success stories that blow mine out of the water. Did I use EVERYTHING that I learned in those courses? Heck no, but that's what personal development is all about, take what you need and take action on that. You cannot get mad at what you failed to do or get mad that Peaks is a business and they sell courses as their business to keep the lights on. They provide excellent actionable content and earn the right to sell courses which by the way may be exactly what you need to achieve your goals. No one has a gun to your head, not everyone will have success with everything, but everyone must take responsibility for what they do or don't do and where they are in life. Peak Potentials is a wonderful company with great people behind it, so many of you need to stop looking for excuses and calling things scams because you're looking for a magic bullet or lack the drive to put in an effort. If you are willing to, it might change your life as it did mine.

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  • Di
    Di H. Mar 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Peak Potentials Training works for some, and that's fantastic. But for some of us, it's not so great and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I agree 100% that they do not honor their refund policy.

    See my review:

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  • An
    another sucker in socal Mar 01, 2012

    I signed up for a $3995 course last November and due to health concerns (and financial issues, since attending their "free training" course, I asked for a refund on a course that I have never taken or intend to take now... Unfortunately, they are based in Canada, so the BBB can't really take any action against them. AMEX sought to secure a refund and seemed to be powerless to refund the charges, even though I have received NO BENEFIT for my $4k "investment". I am writing it off my taxes as a "theft of funds" and will continue to spread the word about their sad business practices... it is all about the money to them! Sign me "another sucker"

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  • Jo
    joetaken Jan 06, 2012

    Anyone who had ANY problem with "Peak Performance" should really search out a man with the name of "Robert James Alexander Baker" who is/did work on/off for them for a couple of years. I WAS his layer and he still owes our firm over 360 000 US dollars in legal fees. Now Im drunk and im going to tell you the truth about this ### because I cant stand it anymore!!! (and because he KNOWS he wont take legal action against me - because he WILL loose:-) Robert JAmes Alexander Baker without ANY doubt has YOUR MONEY!!! He worked in Vancouver - and still lives in Vancouver Canada - I believe in Coquitlam, Canada.
    His wifes father lives on Native Canadian land, his wife is 1/16th Native Canadian wife. This guy has been the SCAPE GOAT for ALL of the lost clientele money claims coming in from not only Peak PErformance, but as well from 7 other Canadian, German and Australian firm…I should know because I helped this man "bury the money" if you will. Funny thing is, is that 90% of all of his
    co-workers DIDNT EVEN KNOW about Roberts role in the company, they just all assumed he was some regular guy…

    Basically theres a loop hole in Canadian law which allows people of Native Canadian descent (Roberts American FACT) to NOT pay back monies to there employer for very, VERY specific reasons (which I will not discuss here). What Robert did, is contrive a scheme...the companies - "claimed" (a lie they worked with one another) that he stole company (literally YOUR MONEY) without ever having taking legal action Robert. Thats why they will not and CAN NOT pay your monies back to you!
    This guy is LITERALLY sitting on close to 6 and one quarters of a millions dollars (stowed in his wifes bank account in a native Canadian reserve). Last time I counted it was 34 clients from 12 countries. 7 years from now he (with his wifes permission) will LEGALY be able to open this account and withdraw your cash - dispense it amongst his partners in crime, and NO ONE - NOT YOU, NOT ANYONE can do ANYTHING about this!!! So there you go folks - probably one of the strangest yet absolutely TRUE things youve ever read!!! Now you all know how the real world works.

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  • An
    anthonym50000 Oct 27, 2011

    People: try filing complaints with the better business bureau...people tend to take their reviews much more seriously. A legitimate company usually cares what their BBB rating is...

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  • Se
    Seminar Junkie Jun 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hmm...very interesting and diverse opinions...

    I am a current Qantum Leap member and so far have attended 3 courses...I do agree that their customer service is disappointing and the administration is shocking...they change the times, venues, location on very short notice, if any and expect people to do what ever it takes to get there...

    When i signed up I was promised that I was able to postpone some courses if I had a legitimate reason so when I did I was asked to pay $500 AUD as a penalty fee...I don't think it was fair, because they changed the camp venue to another country and changed the date too so it clashed with my bestfriends wedding but at the time when I promised my bestfriend the dates did not clash...And at the last seminar they changed the start time and only emailed people about the changes but some people didn't get the email so missed the first half of a day...They should have called to inform people to ensure people were aware of the changes...So I totally agree that you need to be careful and get things in writing before signing up and handing over your hard earned money...They run the business on skeleton staffing and honestly when it comes to customer service they do not walk their talk or eat their own cooking...They teach you to be big on integrity but are they????hmmm???? I am not so sure!!!

    The courses have been great and the strategies, systems and skills they teach you work...The things I have learned and applied to my life has accelerated not only my business but my relationships with myself, husband, family, others and the world..It has taken me to the next level in every area of my life...I have meet beautiful people and had amazing experiences...All this is priceless!!! So yes they are hopeless with their customer service and management but the teaching you learn makes up for it ten folds...

    If I had a choice to get my money back and not have gone to the courses OR paid and did the courses. I would definitely choose the later than to have what I have learned and experienced be taken back...

    These courses aren't for everybody but if it resonates with you then it will work wonders...

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  • Ns
    nsgould May 26, 2011

    I took my first MMI in May of 2009 and signed up for Quantum leap which was a package of all the current courses Peak Potentials offered. Nearly all the courses I took were game changers in terms of the incredible tools I gained and the intensive work shop environment in which to practice, review, and implement the techniques we studied. On a practical financial level, two years after starting my Peak Potentials journey, I am running two successful businesses and making more money than I ever have. My entire attitude about money and finance has become more healthy and organized, and I'm more in control of my life now than ever.

    Internally, I've come much more into my authentic power, and discovered more about my mission on the planet, to inspire people to enhance their natural creativity, to make sure children have access to quality arts education, and to work to build bridges between people in order to help us see our similarities rather than our differences.

    Peaks uses fun accelerated learning techniques that keep you involved and energized, and yes, you do feel euphoric during and after taking a peak potentials course. A great deal of that euphoria comes from the fact that so many people are working together in an extremely positive environment with other like minded individuals to change their lives and make a difference in the lives of others. Of course Peaks offers other courses and camps! I'll tell you from personal experience that they're all amazing! It's up to the people who take the courses to use what they learn and keep the momentum moving forward by being accountable with friends who are also willing to change non supportive habits.
    This isn't for everyone, and not everyone is ready to make those kinds of changes in their lives. That's ok, because it's just the way it is. I do find on these forums, however, that most of the negative posting comes from people who
    have little or no experience with Peak potentials training.

    Try taking fifteen courses, studying, applying, and utilizing the tools, and then make an assessment as to what works and what doesn't.

    The people I've met at Peak Potential's events have been some of the most genuine, positive, and productive people I've ever encountered, and they are by and large dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. I'm happy
    to count myself among them. I'm also a member of the Karma Krew, who are a group of dedicated volunteers who play an integral role in Peak Potentials courses and camps. Working as a volunteer provides a wonderful opportunity to give back and to share in the transformation of other people wanting to change their lives for the better. It's an amazing experience, and I recommend it whole heartedly!

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  • Ic
    icdfrosch May 18, 2011

    I am a german clinical psychologist, 3 weeks ago I had the "chance" to visit a “Millionaire-Mind-Seminar” in Barcelona with an old schoolfriend. A to me unknown Mr. T. Harv Eker peak-potential trainer, first of all salesman, tried to sell his absurd expensive trainings throughout the free seminar to all participants (about 1200 people) . He ran this seminar in Berlin just about 6 weeks ago, and I wondered about the hype on it, as friends of my former schoolfriend bought a lot of the high-priced courses. The things told and practiced were partly effective in changing inner states of mind and Mr. T. Harv Eker in parts appeared to be authentic when claiming for sympathy, but highly manipulative and aggressive. As I did a lot of psychological self-experiences I enjoyed a weekend in Barcelona combined with an insight on professional manipulation techniques with low ethical standards: In my opinion a lot of psychological elements (mental programming, suggestions from hypnotherapy, NLP and highly emotional experiencing) were misused to make the partcipants buy his courses. Misused, because elements of psychotherapy were associated in unrelated terms: “..only the people with the right mind and out of their comfort-zone….., will achieve success and what else….. “. This LGAT created a state of mindless, subconsciuos euphoria”. Highly dangerous for people with emotional and/or financial problems, interesting for people, that want to surf on the wave of self-experience, but overall highly manipulative and with a high risk of emotional addicction. Effective Interventions (such as restructuring of dysfunctional thoughts… creating an athmosphere of pretence caring for each other during high emotional experiencing) were connected to wrong conclusions, amidst circular reasoning (”People who avoid fear, will never achieve wealthfare … so I want you all to buy this course for 8800 Euros” a few steps later the sale of the courses becomes triggered by elements of fear: “People, that do not buy these courses now, will always fail to see the right options in their life..and so on….” the whole thing in perfect timing and cleverly arranged for instant selling. As this guy is trying to spread on the european market and as he is up to now unknown to critical opinions, he had good chances, to sell his courses in Berlin and Barcelona: In Berlin and Barcelona about 150-200 people (150 x 8800 Euro = 1, 32 million Euros) bought these courses, of wich mostly had not been aware, that they just payed the entrance fee to some sort of cult under the guise of a motivational training. After my experience I informed the german organisation for cult watch about courses from PP.

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  • An
    anon40 Apr 02, 2011

    For those out there who are able to think somewhat neutrally, you do not need to be part of the 'rah rah' crowd that PP counts on for its bread and butter.
    Yes, the MMI is absolutely great content and of course they have to sell courses at the end to make up for the MMI being tuition free. However I found it just plain unhealthy, having attended 3 of their courses now including MMI, that they pack sooo many people in. Really. Really uncomfortable and unhealthy.
    If you have the money to spend on this as entertainment, then it's perfectly fine. But I have truly observed the presenters to be very highly trained salesmen, and I've seen enough slick salespeople to know.
    They post high feedback on their site - but that feedback is taken at the key point of a 'rah rah session' at the very end of a tiring several hours. And it is meant to create 'glowing' feedback. They feedback is absolutely not neutral and coming from a place when people are thinking normally.
    I have also seen how they treat volunteers- the volunteers make a measly $100 credit or so for a lot of volunteering, which they can use towards courses. Considering how much the courses are, you know that's a ripoff. But hey, these folks want to be treated like that and not hold a higher standard for themselves. It's just a shame a company will take advantage of the volunteers low standards.
    I met one volunteer who seemed pretty exceptional and I asked him why doesn't he work for PP. He honestly told me that PP was considering hiring him but because the economy was going down they were holding off on hiring! (Although he didn't seemed to mind) but it bothered me that such a company, with all it preaches would not have such a problem with its mindset "Its the economy" !!!

    I've attended a few courses like I said, and that means I met several people who also had taken a few courses or several. Honest to God, none of them were able to tell me how they actually used it to improve their business or financial situation. Their responses were, 'it will help someday'. Not anywhere near what PP claims about it's instant results.
    What was more surprising to me, is those who seemed more invested (like having bought a lot of courses etc.) were more defensive (and yet that should not surprise me) about how people who made critical comments about the courses were just 'negative people'. Mind you, when I got some of these same folks in confidence (at some level) it was clear they hadn't been making much progress despite their investment.

    Bottom line- PP courses are great for entertrainment. You can even some some useful tips. But sales pressure which has fear/scare tactics and a 'great' undermining psychology is their way of getting more money. Their courses are NOT worth the tuition, unless completely taken for fun if you want to spend that money.
    They know there are a lot of hopeful people in the world, and coupled with their own journeys of knowing desperate people will do most things, they've successfullly combined it with their courses. They definitely have a cult approach and while many will still take their courses after reading this, it is understandable as you 'have hope'. But just keep your expectations of true results low, and the best advice is to leave your ccard at home. These folks can border on true 'snake oil' salesmen. But they know what's the legal line they can cross and what they cannot - they are professionals. The people who say they have made their money back - some of the admitted in person to me at the courses 'they are on a pathway to making their money back and more' - that is VERY different statement. Funny it is those people who keep 'insulting' others who make the critical comments on these boards.

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  • Mi
    Mia Roni Nov 11, 2010

    I am looking to connect with anyone who would like to create a group's complaint or contact the Federal Trade Commission as a group.
    Please let me know if you are interested. It is time to STOP PPT's disrespectful attitude!
    It is one thing to teach someone to make money and expect commitment, and it is another thing entirely to have the curtsy to provide customers with appropriate customer service and integrity. I feel PPT does not have integrity, it is mostly about excellent marketing and manipulation!
    My email is: [email protected]

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  • Se
    Senior20000 Oct 06, 2010

    All new Millionaire Mind Intensive SPECIAL EDITION
    being launched next week!
    Watch for this major announcement and be ready for a big surprise
    that will affect both new attendees and especially past graduates.
    For your freedom,
    T. Harv Eker
    Founder, Peak Potentials Training

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  • Fr
    FreeWilly Aug 17, 2010

    Research, Research, Research people, these guys prey on the fact that everyone wants to become rich and would squeeze whatever you have for their camps and courses which creates mass hysteria and euphoria, I was at the MMI and cannot believe how in 3 days people have become zombies and are throwing their hard earned money away, don't let greed get the better of you!

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  • Th
    The Harv is a Fraud Aug 12, 2010

    T. Harv Eker and company are not interested in you actually attending the courses. If they can string you along, if they can sweet talk you, if they can make promises that they know they will never deliver...that is their game. The goal is to take your money. The goal is to let you think there is value. The goal is sell you smoke and mirrors. The truth is that nothing is real. The truth is you will be ripped off. The truth is you will be sorry that you signed up. That's the truth.

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  • Fo
    Former Peaks Ambassador Aug 03, 2010

    To anyone who is not familiar with Peak Potentials, just remember Buyer Beware! I have been involved for several years, and basically everything that everyone has said here is absolutely true. Be very careful...and be very sure your eyes are wide open! T. Harv wants one thing, and one thing only...your money. T. stands for "The", not too arrogant, eh? No, I'm not Canadian. In T. Harv's millionaire mind your money is far better off in his pocket then it is in yours. What you will get is just enough that it can not be ruled a Ponzi Scheme!

    You can forget about refunds. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are. Better still, as others have said...Stay Away From The Paek Potentials Scam Training!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Lathagee Jul 29, 2010

    We too have had a bad experience. Peak Potentials sold us a couple of bad courses. Success Academy, a real estate course which they recommended, ripped off people with poor information to the point that Peak Potentials pulled the plug on referring people to them, but we lost a lot of money in the process. Then along came FIC (Freedom Investment Club) who are now in receivership (I believe) where we also lost a lot of money.
    We have never heard from T Harv Eker, offering an apology at the least. The guy makes a couple of million on one weekend MMI course. You think they might be ok with refunding a few people who got stung on taking advice from them, and those who have paid for courses in good faith, and for whatever reason, cannot attend now.
    You got the money up front, earned interest on it, and now won't give it back. Shame on you Peak Potentials. Doesn't sound right to me.

    2 Votes
  • Je
    Jeffrey Hecker Jul 14, 2010

    Peak Potentials needs to clean up their act. Tidy up the customer service loose ends and provide customer service with INTEGRITY. Make it a goal and go for it.

    Just a spoonful of advice: JUST DO IT!

    Then they will be bullet proof and that sounds profitable and has staying power.

    Good luck PP!

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  • Li
    limelizard Jun 11, 2010

    lol your making me laugh!

    0 Votes
  • Li
    limelizard Jun 11, 2010

    Dear All.
    I have just singned up for Train the trainer here in the UK! The dates have somehow now changed and I cant make it with such short notice. Ive paid towards my ticket and still have to pay 950 pounds! I then asked for a refund based on the fact that they didnt inform me of the dates and I have family ommitments on these days.

    I was told that i would have to refue 38 perent of any refund for cancelling my place! I asked why as a company they didnt call me with the date changes and send me a hard copy of the date changes as a standard document, they told me they sent an email and that would be enough.

    To make things worse, they have no reord of my payment and am being asked to send doumentation of payment proof to them!

    I learn alot on the MMI course and was very interested in the growth of personal Finance, but understood from an early stage that you dont bring money to these courses!!! I think its best for me to say that if one goes to these ourses and get brainwashed into buying courses for 3-25.000 thousand pounds! You need to get grounded and ask yourself whats real!! The UK is now getting a taste of this company and others speakers who can magic cash out of thin air, its amazing... its just makes me laugh... im never going again!!! lol

    1 Votes
  • Lo
    LouisDB Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    STOP WHINING PEOPLE!!! I'm a Quantum Leap member. I joined in 2006. I've always been treated exceptionally well. I've learned a lot and have grown immensely. I've also made more than my money back from the lessons I've APPLIED!!!

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  • Ti
    Tilman Apr 16, 2010

    At first I was miffed when Peak Potentials moved the majority of their courses and camps across the border into the states.

    The inconvienience and the extra cost of travel was an issue. However I decided to not let my negativity get in the way and started shelling out for travel to attend the courses and camps I wanted to attend and all have been worth it for me.

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  • Ti
    Tilman Apr 16, 2010

    After peak potentials moved the majority of their courses and camps from Canada south of the border I was a bit miffed at having to pay for fights and accomodations to the US. Just like the people in California complaining that they would have to travel up to Canada to attend a camp. Boo Hoo. I have attended that camp and holy crap, you don't know what you are missing!

    Anyways I decided not to let my negativity towards traveling great distances to attend courses in the states get the better of me. I have gone to a few and got so much value out of those events and camps I attended.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    MagnetOfMoney Apr 15, 2010

    i disagree with everyone who complains... you are the people who will be coperate slaves for the rest of your life!! not only myself but others in my family who took just some of the courses and seminars doubled our networth in just 2 years and even changed our lifes 360 degrees. you need to take action, not sit back and expect things to fall in your lap!!! I would recommend these courses to everyone who has the oportunity to take them!! Great Job Peak, and epecially T. Harv Eker!! you are my idol and mentor. you completely changed my life!! thanks everyone at peak!

    -2 Votes
  • Th
    Thirst Apr 14, 2010

    I attended four Peak Potentials Seminars and fell victim to the same scams as posted above. I did not get my money back but I got a stack of CD's instead - shame on me for being a fool.

    The one thing that I noticed while in a session with Harv was that he was teaching the audience how to lie in order to scam people into giving you what you want. I was stunned. The audience sat laughing and clapping at how clever he was. He said he lies to salespeople, waiters, anyone who he can get something from. He has zero integrity and brags about it in his seminars. How could I possibly expect honesty and a refund from on obvious scam artist? I was surprised to be sitting next to his masseuse during the seminar. She told me that she gives him free massages because one day he was going to show her the ropes and make her part of his organization. She'd been working for him for free for an entire year!!! Is he good at scamming? You bet.

    3 Votes
  • Sc
    scaminator Mar 29, 2010

    I agree Peak Potential is a complete scam. People have loss tons of money at Millionaire School, Never Work Again and through the FIC investment club Harv endorses. Stay away. Harv is arrogant and you fools who sing his praises - GET A LIFE. Better yet go get some help from professionals who know how to deal with people brainwashed by cults - because that's what Peak Potentials is, a "cult" disquised as self-improvement workshops.

    2 Votes
  • Ih
    ihaveamillionairemind Nov 05, 2009

    haha the people who are complaing here are BROKE

    help yourself guys, thats what harv does, helps you to help yourself. Take responsibility dudes. Get with Harv and you'll have the elixir of life. Dont get with harv and YOU'LL STAY BROKE..

    go harv, youre the best, thank you for helping me to help myself.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chipino Oct 23, 2009

    All I have to say is wow. I mean wow. Harv and his group of bandits are making the rounds and helping people to think outside the norm.. You whining crying folks need to get up and take action. If you have a leg to stand on, call the media. They love stuff like this and that is why I, for one, do not give them the time of day. Hey, why don't all of you look around the web and see how many of the thousands who have attended these seminars are changing their financial futures. I didn't say that Harv was changing their financial futures. Only you can change you. Stop whining and take what you have learned and use it. You will find that the value is in the way you live and the way you do every thing. Thanks Harv for creating Peak Potentials. I look forward to my next class, I just can't get enough.

    A Changed Soul. I made three times the cost of my first seminar in the first week just by conquering my fear of following up. The extreme energy I now exude helps too.

    Looking ahead to a bright S.F.

    2 Votes
  • Re
    REALbusinessguy Oct 18, 2009

    I have just attended a Peak Potentials training course and for those of you who will listen I have some advice. The first thing that is said at the course is "Don't believe a word I say!" in fact it is written in the very handout that everyone receives. If you actually do that there is value to be gained from the courses. If not, you are going to spend money to be advertised to. I thought there were moments of value tied into the courses including the jars and some of the exercises. However, I kept a log of the number of times the presenter plugged things that were designed to make Peak Performance or associated Multi-Level Marketing businesses money and it averaged close to 20/hr. As a REAL businessperson I soon learned that any admission of earnings or success meant that multiple people would hand me a business card and say they wanted to take me for coffee offering an "excellent opportunity" to own a business (aka Multilevel marketing business). I have already decided that this strategy will make passive income for those who started the MLM, everybody else sweats to earn them money. Those who are in REAL businesses will tell you that it is hard work to learn how to do the smart work FOR YOURSELF. This company is nothing more than a Multi-level marketing company that serves as a partner of other multi-level marketing companies. Little side note: the reason Million Dollar Mind and Rich Dad Poor Dad rocketed to the top of the New York Bestseller list and stayed there is that they are aggressively marketed to and endorsed by every Multi-Level marketing program in the world.
    The only lesson to take from Multi-level marketing is to learn how to sell. Once you are confident in that seek mentors and people with REAL business experience who will tell you about SWEAT EQUITY where you don't worry about a downline or keeping a following of people emotionally and monetarily attached rather you work on creativity and a means of learning for YOURSELF the ways of business. Then and only then will you truly have a MILLIONAIRE MIND!!!

    Good Luck

    3 Votes
  • Fl
    FlowingRock Oct 18, 2009

    People often get triggered into areas of their minds that cause the kind of reactions reported here. These people are all complaining about the types of issues that people create for themselves, and stand between them and their own success. These complaints are so petty compared to what can be gained by just being open and doing the programs at 100%. I have gone from a low self-esteemed employee in a dead end job to a successful investor with my own investment company putting together multi-million dollar deals in just 4 years. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you are looking for a fly in the ointment you will find it, no matter where you look. There are people that travel from overseas every time for these seminars, if you cannot leave California that is your problem, not Peaks. They have never had enough sign-ups for MOSHOG to justify another location, this is business ladies. Why were some of you asking for your money back anyway, were you so scared you bought into a scam that you turned something wonderful into a scam for yourself. I will agree that the customer service is not always the best but Peaks puts their heart and soul into delivering a fantastic seminar experience. Peaks seems to have some issues in management that show up in the ongoing stuff like customer service and Success Tracs (great coaches, but program management issues). Harv is a fantastic program creator and business builder, he does not seem to focus at all on the mundane tasks of administration, except regarding the delivery of programs. If you see an area that needs help why don't you offer some, are any of you perfect?

    1 Votes
  • St
    Starfire Dancing Wolf Aug 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been to the Millionaire Mind Intensive, Warrior Camp, and Wizard camp. Had a great time and learned a little. I will never go back because of BAD treatment by the customer "service". I wish they would practice what they preach! I think a good approach would be to show up at the seminar you want and give them cash "take it or leave it". They will probably go for it. If you send them any money you won't see it again. Don't expect any follow up after the workshop.

    1 Votes
  • Wo
    woodward Aug 17, 2009

    People in the Vancouver area who have problems with refunds may want to contact David Baines at the Vancouver Sun

    [email protected]

    He has written many stories about Eker.

    1 Votes
  • Tp
    TPatton Aug 14, 2009

    I have attended 12 seminars through Peak Potentials. I just read this at a certain Web site: "During his many years of struggle, T. Harv Eker vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He is now one of the leading recognized experts in wealth creation and specializes in developing your Millionaire Mindset." That is absolute BS! Harv Eker will not help you become rich. I have contacted him nine times via U.S. mail and spoke to him once through Twitter. He doesn't even make time for people that attend his courses. I have spent over $13K.

    1 Votes
  • Ja
    JaredS Aug 07, 2009

    You can submit a complaint to Federal Trade Comm at

    1 Votes

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