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Paul S. Nassif review: Paul Nassif: poor outcome (with pictures). Worse than before. 2

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4:37 pm EST
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Paul Nassif insists that I return back to him for a revision after he performed a surgery on me with poor results (although he does not admit his poor results, but photos speak for themselves and I started to carry a nasal dilator after his surgery) ...and I keep my mouth shut!

I do not want Paul Nassif for a corrective surgery (after he did the surgery on me): 1-who does not admit of doing certain things in his standards of care practices I received, 2-threatens to sue me, 3-violates my rights by disclosing my information/findings to his lawyer, 4-lied to me for his own benefit, 5-makes me sign multiple legal documents (including ‘‘Gag Contracts’’ and Physician-patient arbitration agreements), 6-Tries to stifle my rights of expression on the internet using ''Gag Contracts'', 7-put me in a trap for his own benefit, 8-deceived me for his own benefit, 9-gave me poor results (and he denies that), 10-and who made me feel like a bank account rather than a patient.

Click on the following small pictures to see full detailed pictures. The fat nose is: 16 months after surgery with Paul Nassif. The cute nose: was my nose before surgery with Paul Nassif. I fell victim of a tactful $trategic Trap for excessive $$$.

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Update by Rhinospecialistaa
Feb 12, 2011 4:41 pm EST

See uploaded ‘’Gag Contract’’ Paul Nassif gave me. Unfortunately, for Paul Nassif I live outside the USA and I am not bound by this contract because I do not live in the US. Paul Nassif and his lawyer can only harass me (as already did), or fight against my legal rights in my country. I think there are more victims like me in the US who are bound by this contract and we do not know about them.

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, MT
Jul 15, 2011 12:19 pm EDT

I am the author of this post with the name Rhinospecialistaaaaa.

Please note that my concern with Dr. Nassif has been positively rewolved. I wish to remove this post but this site is not allowing to do so.

Reason why I cannot sign in with the same username is because I registered with an Aol account and complaintsboard does not send a confirmation code to Aol accounts in Europe.

, US
Apr 13, 2011 11:12 pm EDT

You are the one deceiving many message boards by using many multiple IDs . For the record, your screen names on the 'Stoopid Housewives' site are: "Greedy Man" and "Rhino Spec" in which you listed a link to this complaint from:

I agree though, his lawyers should stop writing you letters. Instead, they should write directly to the University of MALTA of whom's computer network you are abusing in SPAMMING all the websites with this complaint under multiple IDs.