Park Nicollet Chanhassen Pharmacycharges for prescription

R Aug 02, 2019

I had to go to Urgent Care at Park Nicollet in Chanhassen on 07/15/19 and received 2 prescriptions. I asked to have them filled there due to my excruciating pain. I don't have insurance and have used the GoodRx coupons in the past. I asked the pharmacist if she could look that up to save me money and her response was, "Well, these are cheap." And then she asked if I had the coupon on my phone, which I didn't because Walgreens pharmacy is the one that told me about the coupons and they pull them up for me. With my pain and frustration I said forget it. I came home and pulled up the coupons and I could have saved $21.10, which is a lot when I am a single mother that had to leave my house with nothing when I filed for divorce from my narcissist sociopath ex-husband for safety reasons. Which now I have to try and deal with C-PTSD and the stupidity of the pharmacist telling me "they are cheap" was just another "trigger". She should be responsible for reimbursing me the difference. She should also learn some etiquette. It was the older woman with short hair and overweight.

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