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Anand Kadam of parimiti Buildcon (Thane, Maharashtra) advertises in the Times of india for his bungalow projects. You will end up paying full advance and the bungalow will never be delivered to you.



  • Ar
    Arun Saxena May 25, 2007

    The builder has promised dream bungalows that remain a dream for the consumers.

    Fake promises, white lies, and unprofessional attitude of Mr. Anand Kadam of Parimiti Developers (Prestige Group, Thane) and his associate Mr. Santosh naik (Disha Direct, Thane).

    These builders continue to cheat by placing attractive advertisements in newspaper, specially Mumbai Mirror and Times of India.

    Actual photos of the three unfinished projects are available at

    Consumer court order against the builders can be requested from Mr. Rane (Tel. no. 022-25363405). There are many cases pending in other courts, including the Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Mumbai.

    Viewers are welcome to write their comments here.

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  • Lu
    Lucky Shah Aug 29, 2019


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  • De
    Deepak Bondre Jun 04, 2007

    I do agree with is mentioned in the text. The project was dramatized by Deesha Direct and very fast it was fully sold.

    As a selling agents they must have got their selling commission but what we got? Every member in this project joined with a dream to become a proud property owner near mumbai. The dream is broken n shattered into pieces.

    What was broadly promised was:

    Excellent construction
    Proper internal roads
    Proper fence
    Swimming pool
    Health club
    Joggers track
    Excellent security system

    Today nothing is in place. May be 35 bungalow owners have taken the possession, just to stay away from him, however what is delivered is just a big question. When the owner do visit they are not sure whether they will have light ? Whether they will have water? Whether the belongings will be safe?

    I personally feel that when you enter into a contract to deliver something for a cost one should deliver that.

    If someone has not paid to the builder, how that can be an excuse for not delivering to those members who have paid in full? On what basis they can be deprived of natural infrastructure which was promised ?
    If anyone sees the brochure which was published and the basis on which we all became members and what is delivered, one can safely conclude that it is case of breach of trust.

    Only sweet communication if of no use, Mr Kadam has done a act of "Breach of Trust"

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  • Ra
    Raghubir Yadav Jun 05, 2007

    Beware of frauds anand kadam , a.k. Group of companies, his personal secretary, authorised signatory & customer care- minal umrania, parmiti buildcon, pigeons, property mall, prestige group, green hills, disha direct, santosh naik, vision architects- ropesh and mayuresh biggest cheaters on earth! Swindlers of the first order!

    They shatter people's dreams by making them pay for dream homes- bungalows in nature which turn into hideous nightmares. He has cheated thousands of people by taking all the money & would you believe it he does not give possession, or no electricity, no water no home no dream nothing!

    At the initial stages they are very friendly when taking lakhs of rupees and later when the poor construction work, inferior materials stuff starts, he hides, vanishes. You are looted- plundered and want your money back but a miss minal is his personal hider hides him. You want to cry, complain but no one is there. No anand kadam, no santosh naik, no disha direct. You can only bang your head against the wall.

    Now no money left and no dream.

    Thank god we found the international consumer rights protection council.

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  • Gs
    g shankar Jun 20, 2007

    The builder is now trying to run away from the project. Every one who has booked a bunglow should join the Welfare Association formed and file court case against him with the help of international consumer rights protection council.

    Let us nail the Cheater.

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Dec 28, 2008

    Consumer issues are rising and some company are not taking any action against it, a company which i know is ICICI, a top shop financial institute but when we are talking about their services is nearly in minus, the sales team is very good they just told you many fake things and if you called them for the services they switch off their mobile phone, I had a marin insurance from ICICI, poor and pathetic service the only word for them, finally i knocked the online consumer court door and submit my complaint over their, they replied me within no time with the proper solution. If someone is facing any problem with ICICI just drag them to the consumer court. They want this only

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  • Vi
    VIRAJ MATHAI Aug 27, 2009

    looking at above statement of verious people about anand kadam, i personelly enquired about him and i found it buyes, fact file is that everyone is trying to show the mistakes but they did not check themself.and being marketing company his job is to promise behalf of builder if the builder doesnt fulfill the promises then anand kadam is blamed, i suggest him to choose the right builders who belives in fulfilling promises to avoid such comments against him, anyway we got the best and timely services by him in the shirdi projects, thanks and best of luck...

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  • La
    Lakhi Nov 08, 2009

    I have won case against "Fraud Anand Kadam" in consumer court. But nobody knows where his office is located. He changes his office very offenly. If somebody comes to know his office just post the address on this Site.

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  • Ne
    Neil Fernandes Jun 20, 2017

    @Lakhi Harware nano bldg
    Vashi plaza bldg
    F 37 1st floor
    Realliance construction limited (RCL)
    Vashi sector 17 near centre one.
    AAnand u Kadam (owner)
    Vaishali is the worker there

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  • Sh
    shashi54 Dec 21, 2011

    I was given possession of my row house in Kasara in Dec. 2006. However, no lights, water nothing. I got double cylinder gas connections which was robbed.All fittings, furniture and more stolen. Mr.Kadam has vanished and so has his cronies.
    Minal Urmania the biggest culprit. One Mr. Khot also member of the project has now made money by collecting varying sums of money promising registration and eventually filing case against the builder and completing the project.Shameless people rubbing salt on wound. God will punish such unscrupulous people.

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  • An
    Anonymous00234 Mar 04, 2013

    Address of Anand Kadam: (as Realliance Construction Ltd)
    10th floor, Realtech Park, Plot No.39/2, Sec-30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
    Alongwith this he has another office at 1st floor of the same building under the name Liberty Horizon.

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  • Ag
    Against Builder Jan 22, 2014

    I am also facing same issue { Project Name is : Ten Squear, kothimbe, Karjat ). really they are cheater and fraud builder .. I am still fighting with them .. I will posted my updated on this side .. pls keep writing on this post as well as I will give you another link where also you have to post regarding this builder specially ANAND KADAM (as Realliance Construction Ltd)

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  • Sa
    Sahaayak Oct 10, 2014

    Anand Kadam and his team of Minal and Vaishali and the now absconding Rupesh have been cheating for Ten Square and other projects as well. As mentioned my various people in this thread since 2007 they have been changing names and offices. For anyone who wants to track them their recent office is now by the name of RBIL constructions at 2nd floor, Haware Fantasia behind Shoppers Stop opp Vashi Railway station.
    Others who have been cheated on Ten Square - please email me at [email protected] - let us all get together and file a case and get our money back from these fraudsters before they run away into another office.

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  • Pr
    Pravin K Dec 15, 2014

    Hello !
    My name is Pravin Kachhawah and I have a similar nature of compliant against Ananad Kadam, Realliance constructions, Vashi for Coral lake Project, Bendse Villege, Karjat-Murbad Road, Karjat. The builder is neither commencing the construction work nor giving the refund of my booking amount.
    I have lodged the complaint against Realliance constructions, Vashi in consumer dispute Redressal forum, CBD Belapur. I would like to be in touch with the people who are associated with Coral lake project and facing the similar issues.
    I can be reached on my email : [email protected]

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  • Ha
    Haresh Mankame Jan 23, 2020

    @Pravin K I Haresh Mankame
    I Also Book in Coral lake Project, Bendse Villege, Karjat-Murbad Road, Karjat.
    Sir Please Contact I have not get your number.
    My number is 9869844672

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  • An
    Anonyms1 Jan 29, 2015

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Shetty Apr 04, 2015

    My name is Sandeep. Shetty. Even I do have similar compliants regarding Recon Builders. I didn't knew the background about the builder. I invested on his new project called as "Liberty Horizons" at Kothimbe gaon, Karjat. The salesman of the project had assured that they will handover possession of property by November 2014 (Around Diwali time). Now its been more then five months that I still don't have any update on the project nor my loan has started. Whenever I call them I get some silly reasons for delayed work. I can be reached on my email id [email protected]

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  • Ha
    Haasu Oct 22, 2015

    We are now a team of 10 people coming together with a mission to punish the entire team of RCL. Join us by sending email to [email protected]

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  • My
    Mycle fernandes Feb 01, 2016

    My name is Mycle fernandes & i also invested in his new project & im working in abroad thought i will mke my own house & invested on his new project called as "Liberty Horizons" at Kothimbe gaon, Karjat. We our trying to call but no body answer. My wife his keeping suffering & cz of me my brother & sister too invested, Please give me suggestions even i did flat registration . hi guys please do let me know [email protected]

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  • Sh
    shikha agrawal Feb 21, 2016

    hello sir
    i m architect can do all the work of exterior and interior for any of your resedential or commercial project kindly give us chance
    thanks & regards
    ar. shikha agrawal

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  • Ne
    Neenadevi May 16, 2017


    I too have paid 2.5 Lakhs in Liberty Horizon project by RBIL thinking it as a good investment but now I don't see any progress or contact with the builder or his team after May 2016. They have removed all contact details from their website. Salesperson phone is switched off.
    I am sure this builder is a fraud and many people are his victims. I urge people to come forward and form a group and take action against such errant builders specially after RERA bill pass. My email addr is [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Acharya Jun 01, 2017

    @Neenadevi hi neena i have invested at the same project but no update/ answering the call. this builder us fake pls provide any office address of RBIL.

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  • Pa
    Pandhari Dec 24, 2017

    @Neenadevi We have started taking action against fraud builder anand Kadam and team. Please join us mail me at [email protected] we are more than 60+ people taking action against him

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  • Aa
    aanupam4u Jul 07, 2017

    Hi, I am a sufferer too, but registration for the property has been done, can any body help me with any suggestion what should we do now? I propose a what's group to discuss our grievance and make a collective decision and lodge a complain my number is 9699314448, please keep posted your number so that I can make a what's app group and we can discuss.

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  • Pa
    Pandhari Dec 24, 2017

    @aanupam4u We are taking action against anand Kadam and team. Please contact [email protected]

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  • Ay
    Ayaan_009 Jul 09, 2017

    I also booked Duplex through RCL Homes in their project MOHILI MEADOWS, KARJAT, after getting full payment they are not picking phone.Anand Uttam Kadam, Minal Ramji Umrania, Vaishali Vasudeo Savalkar are so called directors of many fraud companies. They told us possession in three months but no construction is going one on the site, only pillers are structured and work stopped from many Years, it is just to fool peple and looks they will never complete this project.
    few name of their Fraud companies are

    Disha Direct & Parimiti Builder
    RCL Homes
    Realliance Constructions Pvt Ltd

    If You got some info or any way to get our hard money back from these frauds then please let me know also. my mail id is [email protected]
    Few links that told their fraud stories of Anand Kadam.

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Gorakhanath Shinde Jul 11, 2017

    Hello Guys,
    My self Sandeep Shinde recently I was visit in Karjat Horizon Project and I reliazied this builder cheated to us so we are create one whats app group so we will meet and take strict action against this builder .Kindly share your whtsapp mobile no so that we added the SAME.

    My contact number 8767263931

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  • Ar
    Arun Sarnobat Nov 15, 2017

    Myself Arun Sarnobat, i had given my Gala on leave and licence to Anand Uttamrao Kadam,
    who is proprieter of Tamrind Food (Pan No ) The above said tenant has defaulted on paying the rent as well as MSEDCL bill of Rs. 4.38 Lakhs and water bill of Rs.52000/- Cheque given by him RS. 14 lack (cheque no 234807 ) and 2, 01, 250/ (cheque no: 234809 )has been bounced. also he had given wrong residential address to chitalsar police station.( Ashar Residency, Pokhran Rd.2 thane). He had cheated many people who had visited this wrong address.

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  • Ar
    Arun Sarnobat Nov 15, 2017

    Anand Uttamrao Kadam PAN NO : BSPPK1310A

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  • Pr
    Pravin K Feb 20, 2018

    The article on fraud done by the Builder Anand Kadam & his associates of Realliance constructions, Coral lake project, at Bendse village, Karjat has been published in the blog on 19-Feb-2018 I would request Please see the following link to see the details.

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  • De
    Deenandre May 15, 2018

    Purchased 102 acacia in 2011 at10 square rcl neral paid all dues from our retirement funds to date no news sms 80972483 santamarias help

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