Papa John'spizza

Pa Sep 30, 2019

Background: we stopped paying online because our card had been hacked from the Papa John's Website, but still enjoyed the pizza. Well, my wife, who had been sick all week, ordered a good amount of food and sent me, just out of work, over to pay and pick it up. I did so, but when I entered, the cashier asked: "will you be paying with card or cash." I responded with "card, " but she then informed me that card was impossible and that they could only accept cash. Our bank is USAA, in Texas, so grabbing cash was impractical. I asked if we could reverse the order and redo it, paying it online, but she informed me that "it could only be cash." Embarrassed, I had to cancel the order and walk out. Papa John's makes ok pizza, better than Dominos and Pizza Hut, but this embarrassed us enough to not come back. I am not angry at the store for the card readers dying; that happens, but would it have been so difficult to call the house at let her know cash was required, or to tell me immediately as I entered and not have my option offered and then canceled immediately after?

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