Panda Expresshorrible customer service, etc

A Jul 11, 2019

I went to the palarine, il location. Stated online and on the door it says their drive thru close time is 9:20 PM. I arrived at 9:00 and waited in the drive thru for almost 20min. When I got to the speaker to place my order, the girl taking orders was very rude. Told me that they were very close to closing time and what did I want. I asked for double orange chicken plate and she said that they didn't have any orange chicken. And again was extremely rude about it. Then I tried calling to talk to a manager when I left the drive thru and there was no answer at the phone number. If you have store open until certain time, there should be a full menu, nd if you aren't going to provide a full me u there should be a sign stating that, as I would not have waited that long to not get anything.

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