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Panache One World Travel review: Unsatisfactory compensation for rental apartment

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Our family of 4 rented a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in Paris for 6 nights,7 days through Panache One World Travel based out of Cohasset, Mass. We didn't have hot water the entire length of our stay. The company made arrangements for us to use a hotel room across the street and down one block for showering.

This inconvenience cost us time each day for each one of us to shower, and it cost us extra money to eat out every day as I wasn't going to wash dishes in cold water (especially while on a vacation of a life-time.) At night we had to wash up using cold water and in the morning we had to wash up using cold water. Not ideal.

In addition, one of the main reasons we rented an apartment was to have access to a washing machine as we were going to be away from our home for almost 3 weeks. The clothes that were washed in cold water were not clean to our satisfaction. We had to be careful of the clean clothes we had and sometimes had to wear dirty clothes more than once. They offered to send our clothes out for cleaning but we didn't want to take the chance that the clothes would not be returned before we left.

We paid more than $800.00/night for this apartment. Panache's owner, Connie Afshar, apparently thinks a 3 bedroom, 2 bath COLD-WATER ONLY apartment is worth approximately $700.00/night because she offered us a $100.00 discount/night for this "inconvenience. We consider this an insult.
We thought that using a US based company to rent an apartment overseas would be helpful in case problems arose. We were wrong.

We will never use Panache again and will research more carefully the company that we do use and find out their policies should problems arise.