p5 systems web development companythey running the company in two different name's at one place


My name is karthick. I am working past 8 month in campusoft innovation pvt ltd. this company is running since 2011. and more then 28 employees are working now. but the thing is they run the company in two different name's "campusoft innovation pvt ltd" & "p5systems" but they didn;t give proper salary's and PF also. and "no proper bathroom felicities also". they getting more profit's (monthly 5, 00, 000 rs) from p5systems they won't pay income tax for that. ( the projects are they getting from only. and they giving fake address in US. and it's not MNC also. as a employee of this company can't accept level 1 also.

Against to Indian rules they should not keep any original certificate from employee of the company and they should keep proper way.but they thrown the certificates in corner(they is no securities to our original certificates) but they took original certificates from freshers and while they return the certificates 10, 000 they deduct from salary. as well as first 45 days without salary need to serve in "campusoft innovation pvt ltd and p5systems" as a freshers both have same MD (suresh ganapathy) such a unqualified MD in software management.

My complaint is they deduct 3.500 rs from my salary and no PF as well as they implement some different rules (against to employee) and deduct from 1000rs to 1500rs extra. if get 25, 000 rs per month but i am getting in hand 19, 780 rs.. i kindly notice you about "campusoft innovation pvt ltd" and "P5systems"company. please take further action about this.

this is company website ID : And

they getting project from " "

My self is aswij. i was working in p5systems as a fresher but i got offer letter from campusoft innovation pvt ltd. and i gave my 10th original mark sheet also.i have informed them many times tat the management was treating me badly

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225 W 34th Street,
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New York, NY - 10001
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209, Regent Prime,
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    rakeshrr Feb 14, 2013


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    Bhth Apr 06, 2013

    I agree to your thoughts karthick. that ### Suresh ganapathy is a fraud and thirst to money so bringing his wife and 7month old kid also to business.

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    lintonlin Nov 11, 2013

    I met p5sytems on website to develop a website I wanted created--I know nothing about websites---they told me to do business with the host website so they wouldn't have to pay commissions--they told me they could do all that I asked and it would be finished in 3 months -- when they presented the finished product it was missing 80 percent of what I asked for and did not work---in total I paid them 6600 dollars ----after 1 year and many consultations with them they told me the product was finished--I looked and saw it still did not work---they said it will work when they put it onto a server for me and I must pay first --- I paid and they put it onto a server and it did not work-- that was 6 weeks ago -- they haven't even given me the source codes or files for the half completed project---they say I asked for too many changes and that I swore at them--- I did -- because they did not give me what I agreed to and they didn't want to put the time into the project--I investigated them online and found out the are a very fraudulent and illegal company using 2 names and presenting their employees as subcontractors --- they are also using campusoft as a business name---they have American phone numbers and addresses, but they are in india -- they are violating indias work place laws and not paying taxes----by allowing this company to advertise on your website, you are condoning and participant in their actions--- I am sending you an url with a review of them by 2 of their employees - ---- please look at this website and decide if you want to do business with lawbreakers and frauds ---- my name is Seymour and you can reach me @ 416-833-4520 -- by allowing this company and its many entities to do business on your website, leaves you liable to criminal investigation and civil liabilities-- today is nov.11, 2013

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    Chinna123 Mar 09, 2014

    My name is Chinna. I worked 1 year 10 months in campusoft innovation pvt ltd. This company is running since 2011. And more then 28 employees are working now. But the thing is they run the company in two different name’s “campusoft innovation pvt ltd” & “p5systems” but they din’t give proper salary’s, PF and Loyalty Bonus deduction, Terminations without proper reason against to IT company rules also..

    When I was there in office means in Jul 2013, He asked me to leave without any reasons, for that he will pay my cumulative loyalty bonus, because I am holding one year agreement bond means until Nov 2013) with sweet words, He has mentioned clearly in mail too. From 6 months I am keep on asking, but no reply from them. But suddenly one week back he replied me that we no need pay, because you are not in office until Oct 2013, He was mentioned that, according to company rule we will pay whoever staying in company until Oct 2013.

    Now my question is
    1. Why he was given written mail that he will pay my cumulative loyalty bonus in Oct 2013.
    2. He was closed my Contract Agreement bond prior to four months before he was mentioned date that also given in written mail.

    Based on Above he should pay either my cumulative bonus or my 4 months salary.
    I have all written proofs given by the company So I am ready to show any proofs at any point of time

    For any reference check below my mails what he send to me.

    The company is running with two names Campusoft Innovations Pvt Ltd and P5Systems. All employees emailids are created in p5systems to show for clients and offer letters with campusoft innovations pvt ltd. The company registered with campusoft innovations but they are running illegally with p5systems and they didn't pay any tax to income tax department.

    Mainly the company running Business with USA address and also it ' s escaping the tax to government. The every monthly income goes to USA accounts so he was cheating the income tax department.

    Actually reason is the company paying the tax only for campusoft innovation pvt ltd but illegally they are doing business with the company name of p5systems and every profit is moving to the USA bank account.
    So please block this company by considering this illegal activities.
    I have full list of activities are done by this company, Cheating employees and main thing is playing with employee career future.
    They are firing the employees by giving unnessary reasons to escape from the salary and loyalty bonus deductions.

    HR - P5Systems
    <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
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    Hi Chinna,

    your loyalty bonus will be processed all for once for both ex employees and employees working it should be done to every one.we will confirm the date when it is done and we will call you back regarding this.

    Human Resources.

    <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
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    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Re: Resignation
    Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 18:35:29 +0530
    From: Aisha- CampuSoft <[email protected]>

    To: Chinna <[email protected]>

    CC: Suresh - P5Systems <[email protected]>

    Hi Chinna,

    Further to your resignation dated 19-06-2013, We would like to acknowledge the receipt and acceptance of your resignation from the position of Software Engineer at CampuSoft Innovations Pvt.Ltd effective 19-06-2013. You have been expected to work on the pending works, other associated tasks if any, along with the product documentation. The employment bond you holds with CampuSoft Innovations is a void effective from 19-06-2013.

    Your relieving date will be on 19-07-2013, and You will be receiving the accrued Loyalty Bonus along with the FNF settlement, which is usually after 30 days of your relieving date.

    Human Resources,
    CampuSoft Innovations Pvt.Ltd

    " Holding a grudge is letting some one live rent free in your head..."
    On 19-06-2013 19:06, Chinna wrote:

    Dear Aisha,

    Please accept this letter as resignation of my position as Sr. Software Engineer, Effective from 19-06-2013, with one month notice.
    My decision to resign was finalized after discussion with management because of unavailability of projects.
    I feel the change will be beneficial to my long term career goals and objectives. I assure you that I will complete my work before my departure-the transaction will be handled professionally to ensure no internal and external problems.
    Again, it has been a pleasurable learning experience as part of your team I wish nothing but success for Campusoft Innovations Pvt.Ltd.

    As per the mutual discussions, I am free from the bond I hold with CampuSoft Innovations and I will be provided with all the loyalty bonus hold amount till my last working day and I would like HR to acknowledge the same for better understandings

    Thanks & Regards,

    <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
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    Hi Chinna,

    Thanks for your patience during the review process. We hereby confirm the findings as below.

    1. Pay for Performance (PFP) formerly known as loyalty pay, is purely based on performance and is paid on meeting your employment terms which are as below
    1.1) Effective April 2013, PFP cycle has been changed to October to October as communicated on 8th May 2013 during your employment with CampuSoft.
    1.2) Employee must be actively employed at the time of disbursement (which is on or after October of each year), to be eligible for Pay for Performance bonus. (For details refer to your employment terms)
    1.3) You received a disbursement on April 2013, for the cycle of October 2011 to October 2012.
    1.4) You were relieved from services of CampuSoft Innovations Pvt. Ltd on 19-july-2013.

    Based on the findings above, the disbursement made on April 2013 is full and final with no pending payments.

    2. We found some arrears in PF, payable of four months i.e, April, May, June and July which will be processed on or before April 1st of 2014.
    Please note, while we appreciate your patience through the review process, the decision on PFP and PF are final and arrvied after careful review of your records and employment terms and will not be able to entertain any more requests in this regard.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Please stay tuned for an update from HR which will be sent out when the PF arrears disbursement is processed.

    Please provide us with your current mailing address for communication.


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