oxi-berryNever Received Product and taking money out of account


I ordered free (that is free) trial of Acai-Berry and never received the product. Oxi-Berry then charged my credit card .99 for shipping & Handling. I then called them on 8-18-09 and found out they could not do anything about it. Plus, they claim I was past the 14 day free trial time and I was going to be charged every month $87.13 even though I never received the product to try... I then cancelled anything they had with Operator 035 Kim and told her I was reporting Oxi-Berry to my credit card company and refusing to pay the $.99.

On 8-20-09 I noticed a charge on my credit card for $87.13 and called Oxi-Berry again and spoke with a customer service rep. Ann #273. Told her I never received the product and requested they refund the $87.13 and all she could say was sorry our records show it was shipped on 8-11-09 and they could not refund money until I returned the product. I told her this is a scam that you do not ship the product for the trail period and then automatically charge accounts. She also claimed I could track the product with #9102924186001023580195 which they claim is UPS and I cannot do that without a internet site to do so, plus UPS does not take over 9 days to deliver items.

I spoke with supervisor and Nathon Reed and he claimed he could not do anything because of the wording on their Satisfaction Guaranteed and he would contact their shipping dept for information. I told him I am submitting a complaint to my credit card to not pay them for either charge and I did not received anything. He finally said he was submitting a notice to the refund dept for only the $87.13 and he could not request a refund for the $.99 because it as already shipped, EVEN THROUGH I NEVER RECEIVED IT. I told him that is not my problem, it is his company and they should never take an order on 8/2/09 and not ship until 8/11/09 then expect people to run out of the free trial time frame (14 days from order date) when they had not received it in time to even try it. This is a SCAM.


  • Mi
    michael patterson Aug 08, 2009

    want my money back after talk with wife.

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  • zoloftn151 Aug 08, 2009

    What do you think this site is going to get your money back for you? lol?

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  • Bu
    BUFFY2 Aug 10, 2009

    oxi berry is a rip off/ charged my account twice and I never received a product from them. No phone number or address to talk to anyone// what a scam... But I will get my money back/// law will get ahold of them

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  • Sh
    Sharon Lesley Aug 12, 2009

    Help!!! Ordered Acai berry detox and cannot find a way to cancel...any ideas????

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  • Ya
    Yamnik Aug 12, 2009

    I will try sending an email to [email protected]

    Subjet: Cancel My Free Trial

    To costumer service representative,
    I want to cancel the following orders inmediately
    Order # xxxxxxxS Completed on 8/11/2009 10:12:11 PM RLC Lifecleanse $39.95 Monthly
    Order # xxxxxxxS Completed on 8/9/2009 11:52:00 AM MWL Max acai weightloss

    Scheduled Shipments (for each product)

    My Name
    My Address
    New York, NY 10029 US
    T: 212-xxx-xxxx
    E: [email protected] (Same I used to request it)

    Also I signed in @
    https://www.myordersupport.com (their customer support web page)You can get all the information about the product you requested and the shipment info, numbers, address, etc.
    Phone Number 1-866-949-0138

    I hope this information can help you and myself. :)

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  • Up
    UpsetConsumer08 Aug 14, 2009

    I have been trying to get a hold of a live person for 2 weeks now. I placed an order with them for a free trial if I paid shipping and handling on 7/19 and have yet to receive my package. Which, by the way I do NOT want anymore. The number that is on my billing statement 866-906-6551 just keeps looping me back to the automated system which eventually hangs up on me. I can honestly say that I will never order from this place again. I just want my money back at this point. I don't even mind them keeping the shipping and handling charges for something I never received and probably will never get. I just don't understand how companies can stay in business this way. I hate Oxi-Berry!

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  • ray1938 Aug 15, 2009

    To cancel an Acai Berry Detox order call 866.906.6551 and follow the prompts (Press 1 to hear the status of an order, press 2 to cancel your order and press 3 to talk with a customer service rep). You will have to key in the credit card used for the order.

    I cancelled mine today (8/15) then called back to check the status. The voice recording indicated the order had been cancelled.

    Hope this helps.

    Monmouth, Oregon

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  • Db
    Dboy Aug 15, 2009

    so did they give your money back for the order, that you did not recive?

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  • Va
    vann Aug 17, 2009

    This company has a poor way of doing business. I have yet to get the product but my account has been charged. I am unable to try the 15 or 30 day offer because the product is not in my hand. As it stands I have paid for a ghost of a product. I will not be doing any business with this company ever!!! I feel that it should not be allowed to operate.
    I have cancelled my order and suggest to anyone who might think about placing an order DON'T.

    Vann in V A

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  • Ia
    i.arroyo Aug 17, 2009

    same situacion i order on8/04/09 the free trial paid only for shiping i have not recived the free trail and on the8/16/09 theay charge my account 87.13 twice i call no answers i am going to report these company to the attorny general to investigated .we work har for or money for some people to take avantage of us these way i notified my bank and theay are working to get my money back.for a product that i have not recived.DONT BE A VICTIM IF YOU ARE GOING TO ORDER THESE PRODUCT DO NOT ORDER THEAY ARE GOING TO STEEL YOUR MONEY.

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  • Re
    RebeccaE Aug 17, 2009

    I am in the same boat! Unfortunately I was stupid enough to not only do the diet supplement but also some stupid body cleanse. So I got hit 2 times one for 87.13 and another for 78.53. I first noticed the foreign fee's and thought something wasn't right. Then I checked my statement again the next day and noticed a charge for 39.95 and another foreign fee. I called the number under the charge immediately and talked to a customer service rep that barely spoke a word of english! She instructed me to send the product back once received and the 39.95 and shipping would be refunded and also gave me a return number. Now it's been well past the arrival date and I have still yet to receive the product. She also stated that everything was canceled and I would no longer be charged. She even gave me a cancellation number.

    Then I noticed the other BIGGER fee's. At this point I tried calling the company again and was placed on hold for over 20 minutes by an automated system only to be hung up on. I have done this 2 times. I've called my bank and canceled my card. I even filed a dispute since I was told one thing and obviously they didn't follow through with their word. I am DISGUSTED! i cannot believe a company like this has been able to stay afloat after all these scams! there has to be something we can do!!!

    maybe we can sue them? or contact better business burrow? any thoughts?

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  • He
    heyugly6 Aug 18, 2009

    Same situation here. My husband was supposed to get these trial products. Never arrived. Then two charges for $87.13 each appeared on our bank statement. I am not worried that they will continue to deduct more money from our account. Can somebody tell me with whom I can file an official complaint? Thanks.

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  • He
    heyugly6 Aug 18, 2009

    Correction to the above. I am NOW worried...

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  • Li
    linohau09 Aug 18, 2009

    wtf, i placed free trial order on aug3 and got charge fo shipping and handling, den 2 weeks later aug17, i didnt get anything either!!! and the second charge was $82.31...will they fckn refund money??? bcuz this is effin ###!!! someone plzzz help me!!!

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  • Li
    linohau09 Aug 18, 2009

    soo i tried finding a better number or addess to contact them at and i found this

    Eliteantiox Berry



    Offer Details: Start your RISK-FREE Trial now to receive a full one-month supply of Eliteantiox Berry and enrollment in autoship program. You'll have 15 days from the date your order ships to evaluate the product and see the results for yourself. If you enjoy our product, simply do nothing. The charge will appear on your statement as: oxi-berry8669066551. If, for ANY reason, you decide that Eliteantiox Berryis not for you, simply call 866 906 6551 866 906 6551 before the end of the 15 day trial period and return the unused portion. You will not be billed further.

    3 Athinodorou Street,
    2025 Dasoupoli, Strovolos,
    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Customer Service: 866 906 6551 866 906 6551

    © 2009 Eliteantiox Berry. All Rights Reserved.

    soooo, hopefully we'd be abl to write letters since their FCKN PHONES DONT WORK!!!

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  • ray1938 Aug 18, 2009

    I was charged $49.95 plus 40 cents by Oxi-Berry AFTER I cancelled my order using their phone system.

    Next step was to put a block on my debit card (then get a new debit card); and file a complaint against Oxi with my credit union.

    My next step is to file a consumer complaint with the State of Oregon attorney general's office using my story and those found on this website.

    I urge others file complaints with their state's attorney general. Be sure to block that debit or credit card. You won't be charged again. RG

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  • Ro
    ronk523 Aug 19, 2009

    hello all

    here is what I did this morning hope this helps everyone

    FYI to everyone

    Here is what I did today and the steps I took.

    I was charged by 2 different companies one for $92.31 on the 17th of August and one for $82.31 the 18th of August I actually placed the orders August 1st 2009 and never received the products. This was supposed to be a special trial offer for the cost of shipping ONLY $3.95 for each item from companies called on the CC account bill, OXI-Berry Acacia berry supplement and Nutrition Basics a colon cleans / detoxifier. Each company billed me for the charges below that were (here is the key and stick to this tact as they will fold). As long as you have not received the products ordered and they NEVER VERIFIED at the time of the order via any sort of invoice or online confirmation meaning they never showed a total for the transaction except the shipping cost. The fact that somewhere in the fine print they were actually signing you up for a reoccurring service fee that you had to cancel before 12 days was not clearly shown in any sort of invoice or order confirmation is not really legal. So threaten to file a complaint with your state attorney general’s office and the AG office for their state (Washington State is what I have) plus sicking your credit card company on them will give you your best shot at an immediate refund which I did manage to get from them this morning.


    Call your Credit Card Company and file a complaint (each card company will have different requirements for this procedure. However it would be a good idea to cancel the current card and issue a new card and number as they compromised your account. Example there are several small charges (less than $2.00) I did not authorize from people I do not know in addition to the $82.31 and $92.31 so it is likely your card has been compromised too)

    The credit card company customer service made records of the complaint and provided a Phone number for these pirates. The ones on record with my CC provider were;
    OXI-Berry 866 906 6551 (but see if you can get a number from your CC as these guys float their contact information around)
    Nutrition Basics 877 705 7423

    Once you get them on the phone tell them you are canceling your subscription and the ORIGINAL ORDER (provided you have not received the item). If they argue with you tell them they never verified the TOTAL charges DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. They will pass this on (eventually) to an account or management person who will authorize this just BE PERSISTENT and make it clear you will have the CC company and the AGs office after them.

    Once they agree to cancel the order and subscription make sure and get a cancelation code and a refund code for verification. The Nutrition Basics company sent me an email verification immediately. The OXI-Berry crew (the harder of the 2 to work with) you will receive the code via email and letter.

    I can’t emphasize enough BE PERSISTENT

    Good Luck

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  • Go to https://www.myordersupport.com at the top right of the page there is a live chat option, choose it. I just cancelled my order through the live chat, it took about 5-8 minutes to do, very easy. You will have to tell them the last 4 degits of your credit card number. Have pen and paper ready to write down the agents name you chatted with and your cancellation order #'s Waiting to see if I get a refund.

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  • Ro
    ronk523 Aug 19, 2009



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  • Be
    bewaretraps Aug 19, 2009

    Repeating what ronk523 advised:
    Go to https://www.myordersupport.com at the top right of the page there is a live chat option, choose it. I just cancelled my order through the live chat, it took about 5-8 minutes to do, very easy. You will have to tell them the last 4 degits of your credit card number. Have pen and paper ready to write down the agents name you chatted with and your cancellation order #'s

    In addition, here's how the company traps you:
    "It's clearly stated on our terms and conditions that if your account remains active after the 15 day free trial period starting on the date of order, you will be billed for the full amount of the product. The product is a monthly supply for as long as your account remains active. Since your account was not canceled you were billed for the full month supply."

    In my case, I placed the order on 7/31/09 so 15 days later was 8/15/09. Charge on my credit card was 8/18/09. Note that the policy doesn't state "15 business days." The product arrived on 8/17/09.

    So do the live chat and you should get the results you seek. The other trap is that you must return the unused portion within 14 days of when the product shipped. SO act quickly if you want a FULL refund! Good luck to us all!

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  • Ro
    ronk523 Aug 19, 2009

    Again whatever you do make sure and contact your credit / debit card provider and LOOK EVERYDAY ON LINE FOR UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES. These do not have to be large amounts in fact the smaller the better for scam artists less trouble to get into i.e. no felony charge for the amount and small enough to not raise a lot of suspicion.

    best of luck

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  • Aj
    AJ Ashley Aug 20, 2009

    Purchased Oxi berry .99 trial on 8/6/09, they took out another 87+ on 8/20/09 from Life berry, without my authorization and no trial product received. Per investigation found company(s) fraudulent. I canceled my bank card and filed fraud transaction with my bank. Associated web sites shipmentassistance.com and assistmyorder.com. You may also find they change their website look and ip address seems obvious it's a scam.

    Avoid free or trial online offeres!

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  • T4
    t4ba Aug 20, 2009

    At least you got through top them!!!At least I was using my head on this one and used a gift card credit card that just had $1.54 on it, so the laugh will be on them after the .00 cents shipping they will only get.55 more cents outta me!!!. I have been trying to call all evening to cancel my subscription and I have emailed them and been on the online help... but I have yet to speak to anyone. I am sorry that the both of us got RIPPED OFF!!!

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  • T4
    t4ba Aug 20, 2009

    I got them!!! I ordered the free 15 day trial and have been trying to cancel since about 5 minutes after my order... I got the jacked up menus on both phone numbers and no one to help online, I did send an email...Well when I got the .99 cent shipping I used a gift credit card that had like $1.54 on it, so after they have taken my .99 cents out they will only get .55 cents more out of me... LESSON LEARNED!!! ONLY BUY THESE THINGS WITH A GIFT CREDIT CARD!!!

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  • Cs
    C.s Aug 21, 2009

    I ordered the oxiberry and the colon cleanser, these people are charging me an arm and a leg and I haven't received the item. Every time I call they say I have 2 verify my address and I do and ask 2 cancel my order four time already and every day I wake up they take 39.99 or 49.99 and I call they say I ordered more things. It’s always a different story with this company. I call my bank and report them and they give me my money back. These people are stealer and I don’t know why they still in business I just want to sue them so bad, Cause its not fare that they taking our money that we work so hard for like that. Now I will never order things online again they ruined it for me.


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  • Di
    Diana Ramirez Aug 21, 2009

    I just got charged with 2 unauthorized charges of 88.00 I could not beleive this, I called my credit card company the are going to see if the can put a block on the charges, and I had to order a new card how do I to get my money back please help!!!


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  • Al
    Al126 Aug 24, 2009

    The same EXACT thing happened to me. However working with my credit card company I was able to reverse the charge and they suggested that I get a new credit card which I did. It seems that the credit card company knew it was a scam and a big one at that.

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  • Kr
    kristy s Aug 24, 2009


    This is an automatic notification – do not reply to this e-mail
    This confirms that a transaction for the amount of $87.13 has been refunded and should appear on your bank statement in 5 to 7 business days.
    Should you have any further concerns
    Pelase contact [email protected]
    Or call us at 1-866-949-0138


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  • Lc
    LC_Q Aug 24, 2009

    It took 3 weeks but I finally received my order. I was a little worried when I didn't receive a confirmation after I ordered the OxiBerry on-line so I immeidately called my bank and had my debit cc # changed. The shipping charges made it on the card before I cancelled. Now I cannot reach anyone at the number provided on my bank transaction to get the address to send back the product. I was on hold for about 10 minutes, and thought I finally reached a "human" but it was just a recording, which repeated the same sentence over and over again. I am not impressed at all. I'm thankful that I went with my gut and cancelled my cc#. Don't waste your time trying to contact these people, call your bank and cancel your #.

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  • Pa
    pattycake2 Sep 01, 2009

    My card was charged also for charges that were not unauthorized, I called 1-800-435-2193 hope this helps.

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