Outback Steakhousecheesesteak sandwich, lazy service and filthy bathroom

B Oct 07, 2019

We used to frequent this restaurant a lot. The last two times the food was greatly inferior to that of a fast food restaurant but we were very hungry after shopping and in the area so we thought we would give it another try as it used to be a great place.
I used the bathroom and it was FILTHY. Reminded me of a bad truck stop. My husband's philly cheesesteak was so greasy and sloppy. It was wrapped in soggy paper and the steak was barely inside the wet roll. Fries were cold. The staff never once checked on us to see how the meal was. My husband was too hungry to bother flagging someone down. The restaurant was not busy at all. When the waitress picked up our dishes, she finally asked how everything was. We told her that it was below average. She said we should have said something. Isn't that her job to check on us? We won't be back. #millenialstaff

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