Optimumtelevision service

Rw Oct 03, 2019

For the past month I have repeated pixelation on all 3 of my cable tvs. I have replaced the DVR and the other 2 cable boxes.
I have had two service technicians come to my house and repeat the same process of checking wires for tightness and rebooting system.
I was provided a cell number of the second technician, who, when I called to indicate the issue continues, indicated they "called it in".
No one contacted me or came to the house to check outside wiring.
I contacted Cablevision by phone and was told I would just have to wait. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was left on hold 15 minutes (phone left off the hook) and I eventually disconnected.
I contacted Optimum through their Twitter chat and was asked to reboot boxes after providing the box numbers so they could reset. I indicated no change and the havent responded in 2 days. I remain with poor quality service (tvs only. Phone and internet no issues) and no way of speaking to anyone who can provide direction.

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