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C Jan 28, 2020

July 7, 2015. 5:00 p.m. salesman came to door, claimed he was here on behalf of OEG and the ONTARIO Government, wishing to assess the age and efficiency of our furnace. not selling anything.. Innocent enough. after "inspection" started to explain that because of age, etc. our furnace did not meet regulations for conserving energy, efficiencies, what have you.. started explaining the benefits of rental, sat on the arm of my chair, hovering over me. i did not want to go ahead with the rental, he showed me the Program Qualification Form, should have been my first red flag, Current liabilities = $160 per month, New Assets. OMG. then the Savings net cost $135 per month, which is a SAVING of 40 - 50 $$ per month . 160 - 135 = 25.00. am I stupid. I am 70 years old at the time and not very quick at my game. my son and I had no time to confer, the offer is while he is in the area, can have it done tomorrow, units are on the truck, standard contract, no need to read it, 79.95 per month plus tax, includes inspections yearly, maintenance, warranty, never any cost for repairs. OK, OK signed. WELL, what about the AC. will not work well with a new furnace, efficiency, higher consumation of gas to run, electricity burden, got the unit on the truck, can be installed tomorrow, no need to read the contract, all standard. ya, ya 79.95 per month plus tax. DID NOT SEE THE 3.8% ANNUAL INCREASE CLAUSE. He was so smooth I could not even think he would be a cheat.
They arrived next day, tore my furnace open, PUT IN AN INSERT. not a new furnace, did get a new AC installed. very fast workers, installed some cockamamey piping for the ventalation - asked why - Oh, your furnace ventalation no good, not efficient. sign here, and gone. by January 2016 the furnace failed, finally got in touch and they sent a repair guy. no charges..
NOW back to July - Ontario Government givin $1, 300.00 rebate, 650.00 per unit, Verbal promise, and you know how that will hold up in court. finally got the paperwork to apply for rebate, sent it registered mail, August, a month later, no response, phoned 6-7 times, no answer, cannot reach salesman at the number he gave me, cannot reach his "assistant or whatever" . finally received 400.00 and 250.00 rebates.
Continued to pay, faithfully, charges increasing every year, gas and hydro increasing each month, absolutely no decrease or savings. finally sat down and added it up. Have paid 10K for AC and furnace insert. no service calls other than the one to fix the furnace. no contact from the company, no saving on gas and hydro. stopped payments... Guess who called me?????
Unfortunately, the story has not ended, I don't know what to do next or who to turn to, all I know is I can't pay over 200.00 per month any longer.

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