Olive Garden / very poor experience at olive garden - tyngsboro, ma

Fo Aug 13, 2019

I have been to Olive Garden more times than I can count, but things have changed for the worse. The prices went up, and the service went down. From the start, the waiter we had was very pushy and rude. He offered us a sample of wine and after telling him we would just be ordering simple drinks, soda and water, he gave a dirty look and made sure to speed up our service and get us out quick. He was throwing down our plates with no care and spilling soup on my boyfriends arm. As well, he did not tend to us, not asking if we need more bread or anything like that. Overall he was very careless. I felt like speaking to the manager at that point but I let it slide because it is not a restaurant up to my standards and I figured nothing would change anyways. On our way home both myself and my boyfriend felt sick to our stomachs. Food poisoning was most likely the cause. As well as poor service and higher prices our food did not taste as good as usual, very shocking, and to make matters worse food poisoning! Very displeased. Not worth our money. I deserve a refund.

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