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I purchased some products from this company and paid them upfront using online billing on their website. Once money was gone nothing happened, I mean that no confirmation was sent and in months time I haven't received my order. They haven't replied to any of my emails with complaints and requests for refund either... At least next time I'll be more careful when ordering online.


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    lover of stray dogs Sep 23, 2012

    I am a very satisfied customer who lives in southeastern KY. I have dealt with the folks who market Odorxit products for years, and I have never been disappointed in any way. Once when I ordered and did not include all the information, they emailed me immediately, so yes, they do stay on top of their transacions. They are professional, and the products are delivered very quickly. Being a pet owner and also living in a place where others like to drop their discarded pets, I totally appreciate the efficiency of this product. I have recommended this company many times and will continue to do so.

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    Tish Kofahl Aug 05, 2014

    I recently purchased OdoXit Air Quality Control directly from the company,
    This product can be used in two different ways, depending in the problem.
    The rapid release method (24 hours) or gradual release (30 days). I
    used the gradual release mode to eliminate cigarette smoke in my apt.
    During the annual inspection of my unit there were no negative comments
    and I smoke 1 1/2 packs a day. I did not buy OdoeXit from a third party,
    after reading the warnings on the web. Visitors are amazed that my home
    doesn't smell. This product does exactly what it says it does.

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  • Dw
    dwillis69 Jul 12, 2015
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    Verified customer

    My dog was directly sprayed by a skunk. We tried everything to get the stench out. We bathed her 4 times with different products and unfortunately nothing worked. We found this product online, and what I liked about it is the fact it had a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. After reading the manuel very closely, we washed our dog exactly how it states in the book. Sadly, the stench was still there.
    I reached out to Odorxit and left a message for their rep to return my call. Two messages were on my voicemail on advice on washing my dog. We had washed our dog exactly the way the ladies mentioned on my vm. I then washed Shiloh a second time with no success. I finally called again and left a message with no return phone call. So my last effort, I called at about 7:00 at nite and a man (the owner) answered the phone. I asked for a supervisor and he stated "speaking". I then started to explain that I could not get this smell out. He then started explaining how the process works. At this point I said "sir, we already tried this". He immediately interrupted and said... "Are you going to listen or not?" In a conniving voice. He said that I was 100 percent not telling the truth. He became very angry, vile and unprofessional. He stated that he has 3 groomers in the Cincinnati area that use these products and have never had a problem. What am I to say, "come to my house and smell my dog? I even told him I would gladly video tape at my groomers so he can see that I'm doing this correctly. This is not rocket science. The manuel clearly states how to wash the dog with your product. He kept saying over and over that I was 100 percent not telling the truth. He then said "give me your name and address and I will send you a check for 39.99 EVEN though you are 100 percent not telling me the truth"...in a very angry voice. At this point he had me so upset for being so rude. I told him that I was going to put my review online and then he got even more angry yelling, "oh, now you are threatening me?". I have never had this experience my entire life. I am a flight attendant for a major carrier for 20 years and I deal with customers from all walks of life and I would never treat anyone like this guy did. Finally I told him that I was going to have my husband call him. He said "fine" and hung up. My husband then called him and sure enough the answering service picked up. I also sent an email to odorxit for a return call or email and we never heard back. I spent $130.00 on their products because I sincerely believed that this product would work. Not only on our dog, but the dog bed, sheets in our room, etc. At this point, they can keep the money we spent. It's not worth it to be hideous on the phone and extremely rude. Oh, and if the owner is reading this...I have the whole conversation recorded ... So now who's telling the truth? Such a disappointment.

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  • Ow
    Owlmama Aug 02, 2016

    I started using odorxit as a result of listening to a well known national home improvement radio talk show. My issue was that my potty training twin boys with poor aim (tmi) were ruining my hard wood floors, I also have a puppy who is potty training the combo made me purchase odorxit. No only did the product arrive quickly but I have received excellent support via their customer support phone number. Perhaps the person submiting the complaint is not using the website or actualmy ordering through odorxit. I saw it on Amazon but decided to go straight to their website. Since it is a made in the USA product, I figure go straight to the source. By the way my problem has been solved with the odors from potty training!

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