Obey Your BodyUnethical Behavior


On 10/25/2015 I was given at demonstration at the Bay Plaza Mall in the Bronx NY by a Man named "Jay" at the “Supreme” Kiosk selling OBEY YOUR BODY PRODUCTS. I purchased a face peel system and was given a scrub as a free gift plus a 20 dollar gift card. Total spent $108.88 I explained to Jay I have very sensitive skin and asked explicitly if there was a no refund policy I cannot buy the product because I need to see how it would react to my skin. He replied, "Come back and I will take care of you". Not even a half hour elapsed and the skin on my arm (where he tested the product on me) turned bright red and became inflamed. (I have picture documentation also attached) I hadn't even left the mall. I returned to "Jay" and he fed me a routine of him not being able to give me a refund because his manager wasn't on site. Made me fill out a paper and someone would call me in the morning. I received no call. I returned to the Mall Monday night and Jay acted surprised "Oh no one called" let me take your number and I will call to check on you tomorrow. Although he had already taken my number the day prior. I got no call. I spent all of Tuesday calling the numbers listed for the company as Jay now fed me some story, on Monday, of me having to call to get prior authorization for a refund even though I am the customer. I proceeded to email and call the numbers listed online and on the business card Jay gave me. Nothing works. Emails bounce back and the phone numbers are non-working. I looked up the company online and found Jay has done this prior too many customers and to my amazement the same product I was sold, was sold to these people at half the price I paid. Real nice. I have exhausted all possibility of contacting the company and Jay refuses to issue me a refund. I have not used any of the products I was sold. Jay used his samples on me. I suggest the Administration at the Bay Plaza Mall takes heed to these online complaints and removes this vendor Kiosk and offer the space to a company that aren’t scam artists. Sadly for the company and Jay this time he swindled a lawyer. I will be pursing legal action against the company for no response to customer complaint or any resolution. I have an allergy and just want to return the un-used product for a refund.

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