I was at Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY and was window-shopping with a friend...Next thing I knew--some sales woman literally GRABBED my arm and pulled me over to her area (one of those little sales spots in the middle of the mall) where she was demonstrating and selling Obey Your Body products...She then grabbed my hand and said "Oh my...What have you done to your nails?"...I was so stunned by this woman's pushiness that I--and my friend were speechless!! The woman had some sort of foreign accent, and she started doing a mini-manicure on one of nails...AFTER THAT--she takes out some moisture lotion and started wiping it UNDER my eye, telling me it will fix any wrinkles!!! My friend said he thought it did nothing for me, so she then whipped out an Obey-Your-Body nail-care package...She was a smooth operator and convinced me to buy it...I didn't have much money on me, and told her this--AND THEN SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO RECOMMEND BUYING A SECOND NAIL-CARE PACKAGE...I told the vulture that I only had enough money left for gas for my car...But then she started begging me and used relentless persuasion tactics and REFUSED to take NO for an answer (even when I told her NO)...So she then dropped the price TWO TIMES, to where I felt compelled to buy it--as a gift for my sister..

These people are unprofessional and flat-out con-artists...And they are RUTHLESS. I am a nice person, and this sales woman took advantage of that!!

MY WARNING to people: If a salesperson from Obey Your Body at the mall GRABS you outta nowhere, tell them to unhand you, IGNORE their pleas, and then walk AWAY FAST!!!


  • Ni
    NikkiTT Jan 22, 2012

    I am from South Africa and had the very same thing happen to me at the local mall here. Just walk away and rather be rude I spent R1500 wich is over $100 on complete rubbish becasue I let someone prey on my vanity.

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  • Ob
    obeyyourbodyscam Oct 22, 2016

    same experience, sadly I spent in excess of 1000 usd

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