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My latest Verizon home telephone bill included a surprise from OAN Services Inc. It showed a call to their directory assistance was made 3/25/07. To use this service it says we dialed [protected] and for the privilege charged with taxes $7.57. The only directory service number we know is 411 and with this kind of rate for OAN Services it makes no sense to use.

I call the OAN number on my Verizon bill and the agent easily agreed to send a check for the full amount and offered to block further use of their service from my number, which I accepted. There is just something fishy about this operation. We I first discovered the charge, my wife was inclined to ignore it and see if happens again. I bet this is just the kind of game they are playing. If it is infrequent most people will let it go. If someone complains, make the complaint go away and take them off your suckers list.

I noticed another person had the same complaint on this board. I encourage everyone to report because the only way to accumulate evidence of fraud is to have enough complaints. One are two could be a mistake.


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    ArtChick Nov 22, 2011
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    OAN Services just got me, to the tune of $39.95 per month, plus tax, for the last 6 months. I get email notifications from CenturyLink monthly that show my amount due, which is normally around $45. Every month I have gotten those emails the amount due is only what my local services are, so that's what I pay. Nothing was amiss...until today. Got a Disconnect Notice from CenturyLink for unpaid charges on my bill, totally almost $300. So then I had log into my account to inspect every bill, and that's where I find the OAN Services charges that began in June. 3+ hours and many phone calls later, what it boils down to is that my husband completed a PHONE SURVEY in May. He answered questions about his business and business name only, and specifically stated he did NOT want any services from this company. But when I finally got a hold of the Internet S Group, referred to me by OAN Services as the actual company adding the charges, they played me a recording of my husband's answers. Most of them are Yes answers, which could have been to any question on earth. But yet magically, they have my husband answering Yes in agreement to these monthly charges. And they somehow manage to leave out his explicit statement during the phone call that he did NOT want any services they might be offering!! How convenient. Now CenturyLink says we are responsible for the charges, though they are holding 3 in dispute and those *may* get removed. OAN/ISG says they will reverse 2 (just 2!) of the 6 monthly charges because my husband "authorized" them. BULL PUCKY! We don't even know what the freaking services are for. No one could explain that to us, only that it's related to the Internet! My husband's name is NOT even on my phone bill account, nor is he authorized to add/edit services to that account. And yet some scam company can add charges to my bill any time they want to?! WTF?! I have put a block of third-party services on my phone, and I don't expect to see a dime from OAN/ISG. I've also reported this CRAMMING scam to the FTC, the FCC, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (where I live) and the state's Attorney General. Hopefully this will at least help lead to getting this company put out of its so-called "business." And when all is said and done, one person's innocent survey answers have been manipulated and used to scam us for almost $300. The world is full of A-holes, I swear. Happy Thanksgiving to me.

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  • Sa
    saints64 Aug 27, 2011

    I am mad because ATT does snot care about customers at all. OAN, a third prty billing company attached a $14.95 charge om my ATT bill and I am furious. I never asked or approved OAN and never knew what it was till I read online what OAN was. I need justice and satisfaction. This is wrong. G Jones

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  • Tm
    TMSAUTO Jun 30, 2011

    Oan service's is a scam. As a new business owner I was called by OAN in my first month of business and told about this great offer to change my long distance service for a promotion. When OAN called me they told me that they were Qwest so I said lets do it. I asked the SNAKE on the phone several times if they were indeed Qwest and they told me yes. So needless to say I started getting billed for their useless services on my next statement. Qwest actually called and told me that I had a service added to my bill and that it raised a red flag on there end. All I can say is GREAT JOB QWEST for watching out for their customers best interests. I did get ahold of OAN services today and the best number to call them at is [protected] got right to a rep, and told them what they did and they cancelled my services without question. I told them what they did and told them if it happened again there would be other means takin to resolve this matter next time. Funny they did not argue with me at all. STAY AWAY FROM OAN PHONE SERVICES THEY ARE A SCAM COMPANY.

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  • Jo
    Jovanna Apr 27, 2011

    I like every hard working person on this earth is very aware of charges and changes made to my bills. I noticed thast my verizon phone bill had some charges from this company OAN which I didnt sing up for...my bill was astronomical, my ussual bill is less than $80.00 a month and I was being charged closed to $130..thats an extra $50 to $60 being changed to my phone bill for a service i had no I dea what it was...i called my telephone company and they looked at this in more detail and thry told me that this other company OAN SERVICES INC., was charging me for their services...I was needless to say...Pissed off...verizon gave me a credit of almost $100 of off my bill for this month but every time I call OAN in order for them to get me off of their service I keep getting a recording that the number that I am trying to reach is not a working number...REALLY!!! I just got of the phone with the better business beauro...lets see how fast OAN will get on the phone and call me back...

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  • Li
    Linda Braxdale Feb 16, 2011
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    Some how they need to be caught and pay for this. I did catch mine earlier and they told me I signed a contract, one I have never seen. It was done online.

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  • Kr
    KrisBB Feb 15, 2011

    I just audited our phone bills for the past year. I found that OAN Services, Inc, Official Small Business Association, has been charging us $29.95 per month for nine months for web hosting services that WE DON'T HAVE. Our CenturyLink bill shows the charges, unfortunately for our company I didn't see it sooner. The OAN representative said it is my voice on the recording, that I authorized the charges. I listened to the recording, I even recall the conversation. I said NO. Unequivocally NO, and told them not to call again. The recording just goes on and on with the man speaking broken English, rattling off how I will receive a packet in the mail...I did not receive any packet. Everyone should check their phone bills immediately. Call your service provider and BLOCK all third party charges so no one can bill you through your phone company. This is FRAUD. They lie, they cheat, they are stealing from people until they get caught, then they credit you with one month of service. VERY disgruntled. I am angry that I didn't notice earlier. $269.55 down the toilet. Paying some liar at a call center in India, who knows we didn't want the service. No means No.

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  • Li
    Linda Braxdale Nov 26, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I received on my Centurylink bill a $14.95 a month charge for this service. They told me I filled out the paper work and even had a security answer of my birthday included. I told them I wanted it canceled, they said I had to pay them this month and next month because I had filled out the form asking for their service. My husband nor I ever remember asking for this or filling out their form. This is unbelievable, I don't think I will pay for it and see what happens. This happened to me on Nov. 13, 2010

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  • Si
    SICK OF THE RIP Nov 21, 2010


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  • An
    ANNEtot Oct 23, 2010

    I got billed for $32.71 without even subscribing to them. Under OAN Providers, there was 17.76 and 14.95 charges for 2 different services. This was weird because the guy I talked with verified my email, address, phone#, bday and even the last 4 digits of my SSN. I was shocked! Asked them put a stop on it and issue a credit. So I'm waititng for verizon to confirm me that these providers are not on my phone bill anymore.
    My other concern is, I'm worried about identity theft. I don't know eher to start, who do I contact and how will I fix it. Can someone help me with this?

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  • Jo
    john dunkle Sep 24, 2010

    I found the same charge today when I called Verizon. They had no idea what the charge was for. They asked me if I had any other company that I had ordered for my service? When i told them no, they said they would put a block on my phone and refund the $35.92 that had been charged since July. They were very helpful and I suggest that if you have a similar complaint to call Verizon and they will provide a refund and block it from happening again. You need eyes in the back of your head these days.

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  • Da
    David Hi Aug 09, 2010

    The best way to stop these scam artists is for everyone who has been taken by them to contact the FCC and complain about them.

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  • Mk
    mklehnert Jul 26, 2010
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    I just got two charges for 29.95 each plus tax from OAN Services for "Tech Support" on my Century Link phone bill. We called the number and they said we signed up for it for our computer, but we don't even have internet through them. My husband remembers a phone call from someone who claimed to be from a subsidiary of AT&T and he didn't agree to anything. Now, they are going to get a recording of the phone call...they say for free. I am not sure about this!! I am writing Consumer Protection and may sue. In the meantime, CenturyLink BETTER take them off of their list of service providers. After reading hundreds of complaints, this is nothing but STEALING MONEY.

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  • Pj
    PJStew Apr 18, 2010

    My recent statement from AT&T included a third party billing for the amount of $14.95 on behalf of Phoneticom LLC. A Google search found the website advertising their "Emergency Message System" service provided for a monthy charge. Fortunately, the website included phone number and address. I will be contacting them on Monday to complain of the unauthorized charge.

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Douglas Apr 16, 2010

    On my March Verizon bill, I discovered 3 fraudulent charges from providers: ILD Teleservices Inc., OAN, ESBI Enhanced Servies Billing -- all for the identical amount of $14.95. Each claims to be a "billing clearinghouse" for other providers with whom I supposedly registered for various phone service, i.e. OAN bills for "Access Voicemail." No-one in our household ever requested these services. I called each of the three providers and got the same response: "Gee, M'ame, all we can say is that your husband must have signed up for this service online, but we're happy to cancel and issue a refund. You may see another charge on your April statement, but don't worry, we'll refund that, too, within 1-3 billing cycles." None of the three (and I spoke to supervisors) seemed to be the least bit concerned that literally hundreds of other Verizon customers were posting the very same complaint online. I then called Verizon who offered to block all outside providers from my account (who knew Verizon was ALLOWING this previously) but despite my spending 1/2 hour on the phone with customer service, I could not seem to communicate to them the fact that WIDESPREAD FRAUD is being perpetrated via Verizon's monthly billing statements, and was also told there was no supervisor I could speak to at that time. I have to call a separate number later in the day, which I intend to do, but I am a busy physician and have already spent nearly 1 1/2 hours trying to be a good samaritan!

    I advise other vistims of this scam to:
    1) immediately cancel the services and GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER, and if possible, the name of the customer service person and/or supervisor you spoke to
    2) call Verizon or your own phone company to request a block on ALL outside providers
    3) report to Verizon or your own phone company that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar complaints being posted online, i.e. that this is a widespread fraud being prepetrated through the phone companies
    4) report your complaint to the Better Businesses Bureau
    5) report your complaint to your state Attorney General's office.

    Good luck!

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  • Ba
    BanRon Mar 25, 2010

    I received my Verizon bill with a charge of $17.76 from OAN Services via Kool Tel America. Thank God for the internet and looking this up to see that it is a scam. I'm calling both OAN Services and Verizon about this.

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  • Kd
    kd3 Mar 10, 2010

    They got me, too. $479. After reading this website I called and said I was reporting them to the State Attorney General's office in Florida and California (where I live). They immediately said they would issue me a full refund. Apparently I'll see the credit on one of my next bills. It's an interesting scam. They call and ask questions, posing as someone else, recording your voice as you go. They take your generic words like "yes" and then digitally slice them into a fake conversation later that goes something like this, "Would you like to subscribe to our services?" "Yes." Do we have your permission to charge $43 a month?" "Yes." Etc.

    I'm going to call ATT next and ask them to restrict any third party billing.

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  • La
    Land of Texas Mar 06, 2010

    Our business was also a victim of what is called "cramming" - unauthorized changes or charges to the AT&T bill, I did not discover it until well into 11 months as it is buried in the pages of the monthly bill. Once discoverd a quick call was made to the number listed on the bill, they were put on notice to cease all charges and advised that both the State Attorney General for the state of Florida (where they are based) and the state of Texas (where we are located) were being notified of their method of doing business, a letter was mailed directly to their offices reiterating my conversation with their operator and cc's to both Attorney General's offices. The following week a company representive called and stated that a full refund of $434.98 would be credited to the account. I am glad to report that today (1-2 months later) we received the full credit that was promised by their company representative.

    Both the State of Florida and the State of Texas did get back to me and suggested that I speak with my phone company and have them put a "restriction" not authorizing charges from other parties to my phone provider.

    Following through with both the State of Texas & Florida I think made all of the difference.

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  • Jo
    joyce b Feb 17, 2010

    Noticed my Bill just was more each month called att and was told OAN inc had been billing my acct for over 4 month called the company and got full credit but was told that i had ordered it from a web page but they couldnt give me any of my personal info except addresses and local phone number they need to be stopped from scamming inoscent people out of money.

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  • St
    STEVEN LE Feb 08, 2010


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  • Al
    alisande21 Jan 27, 2010

    I just realized that I've been charged for this OAN since Dec. - an extra 27.94 for 3 months now. The first 2 months, I thought the extra amount was because I was late with my payment, I couldn't remember. This month I checked and OAN was on my bill as a Voicemail service. I don't have voicemail. I have a good old fashioned answering machine. I never signed up for any OAN, I never answered any calls from AT&T. In fact, I don't answer 800 numbers, unknown callers, or even unknown cell phone numbers, so I want to know how they got on my bill. This is obviously a problem. Why is AT & T still allowing this company to "contract" with them?

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  • Rh
    Rhodess Jan 17, 2010

    AT&T will not help or keep it from happening. They have allowed scammers to apply over $300 to my account over 18 months and will not do anything to help me.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Vaccaro Dec 31, 2009

    I just received my Verizon bill and notice a charge for $15.77 plus tax from OAN. Verizon and I called OAN regarding these changes which goes back to April. I was very upset and ask then to credit my account, the customer service rep was not nice and started arguing with the verizon rep and I about the charges. I finally got them to send a credit after being on the phone with then for 15 minutes.

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  • Ma
    marv peck Nov 29, 2009

    This is all one big scam. I got a charge on my local ATT landline bill on $14.95 from OAN Inc, for voicemail services from Supreme Voice Mail. I got AT&T to cancel the charge and take it off my bill. They also said they would put a hold on my bill to keep this from happening again.

    Well, this month it started all over again so I've left messages with OAN, Supreme Voice Mail and AT&T to stop this.

    I haven't paid any of this and I won't. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth.

    Marv Peck

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  • Vn
    VNewby Nov 05, 2009

    11/2009 my mother just received her AT&T bill and their was a charge for $12 + change on it from OAN Services Inc. The phone bill is in her name, but the OAN charge was in my name. Since I don't pay the bill, how did this get put in my name. She contacted ATT and they told her that it was in my name. I have never heard of OAN and can not phathom how this happened. Sure, I am on the computer a lot, but I have never signed up for a 800 number. The amount was taken off her bill by ATT. What is OAN doing? Are they grasping to make money. It sounds very suspicious to me.

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  • As
    as5869 Sep 21, 2009

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  • Ta
    tarukshi Sep 07, 2009

    I was checking my AT&T bil for this month and found this unauthorised service that said OAN Services Inc., and the charge was 24.33. Iam telling this is a real scam experience. It said to call [protected], call was made around midnight, quite surprised to talk to a live operator or CSR said this company was located in L.A, CA, As far as my knowledge goes only companies in Asia LTD or PVT LTD in the US its either INC., or LLC. Its very clear that they operate under the Bogus name of OAN Services Inc., to operate here. The CSR asked me to verify my home address and said that she would offer me 500 minutes free call if I confirm this order for first 6 months. I asked her what her company provides and who gave her authorisation to charge this to my phone number. She said that someone from my house hold confirmed the request for this order, which is not true as the only other adult or grownup in my house is my wife and she confirmed as not signing up for anything at all. Iam totally annoyed as to how AT&T such a secure well known and reputed carrier adds charges on my account from any unathorised carrier which is totally BS. Does it mean that if any tom, dick and harry say that I have signed up for a phone service with thier XYZ company and the charge is so many $$$ will they add that without verifying with us. If this is the case how can we rely on AT&T for thier services in the future and for such unathorised charges like this one. Furthermore the CSR from this OAN services said that this request is cancelled and charges will be credit to my account in the next bill. I got angry and said that why a credit when this a unathorised charge in the first place. I said that her company needs to call AT&T and cancel this charge and that no phone calls or e-mail should we recieve from that company in the future whatsoever at all. Pure e-mail and phone scam. I think we need to take the phone companies to court as well for allowing this unauthorised charge on thier bill.

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  • As
    A. Smith Aug 29, 2009

    I noticed an amount of $12.95 being billed on my telephone bill by OAN Services, Inc for USA Voice Mail Inc.

    I called to cancel the service and request credit for the charges on August 27, 2009. I was advised that the service has been cancelled, and that credit can only be issued for 3 months (June, July and August of 2009).

    After investigating, I found that it began billing on my October 2008 invoice. I sent an email requesting additional credits for the charge of $12.95 a month that appeared on my October 2008-May 2009 invoices, and to confirm that the service stops billing.

    I never authorized this charge, and never noticed it before because I pay my bill online.

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  • Du
    dupedbyverizon Aug 26, 2009

    I found a charge on my Verizon bill from OAN Services for $29.95/month plus taxes. This charge has been there every month since 2008. It is a corporate account and went unnoticed for a very long time. It was supposedly for B2B dial-up internet charges. On the same bill was a charge for high speed internet. Problem was the number it was being billed on was a forwarding number and had no physical address. Our company had been paying some $80-$100 per month for nothing. The actual high speed internet we were using was on a separate bill. What a scam.

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  • Ma
    Mary-Shenandoah Aug 20, 2009

    Got our Verizon phone bill today with a $14.95 charge from OAN Services, Inc. [protected]
    I called that number, spoke with 'Alex' (obviously not his real name, he spoke with a India or similar accent). 'Alex' stated that I signed up for this on a website called www.InnovationAbs.com or something like that - perhaps someone else with similar experience can specify the website. I can't find the website on my computers history for July 31, 2009. 'Alex' gave me a confirmation # and stated charges would be stopped. I told him I wanted them stopped immediately. I don't recall him saying anything about 3 billing cycles, but we'll be sure to call Verizon and put a stop to any further monthly charges from this company. I also told 'Alex' that I would be contacting the PA state Attorney General about OAN Services, Inc. HUGE silence on the line - no comment from 'Alex'. Now, I'm doing a search online for others compaining about this company, and hoping for a Class Action Lawsuit. Any other suggestions for productive action taken?

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  • Ra
    Racquel Charlemagne Aug 15, 2009



    Racquel Moore-Charlemagne
    [email protected]

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  • Lp
    L. P. Brown Aug 12, 2009

    OAN billed me $8.03 for a fraudulent "directly dialed" phone number of [protected] as well. I called Verizon and angrily stated that Verizon should completely drop this company and refuse affiliation because it is a SCAM company. Verizon agreed to take the charges off my bill and BLOCK OAN from my account (and supposedly any other scam 3rd party bogus phone company). Make sure you call your carrier and raise "hell" right away and demand to speak with a supervisor. I say this because I started off the conversation all sweet and professional-like with a customer service rep who stated I had to personally call OAN myself and dispute the charges. Well, I'm not going to do that because...I believe these charges are a generated by a computer BOT program and I feel like if I dialed that "F*%kin" OAN company, they would find out my phone number and sell it to bunch of voicemail type calls (scams) that I occasionally get. I keep my home phone number very private, there is no one who knows it except immediate family and they are advised not to share my number. I know it's this company. My advice to people who are being scammed by this OAN company, call your phone company only, demand the supervisor, demand they delete the charges incurred by OAN and demand they BLOCK this company and any others like it. Also, always, always check your bills. I swear people are being scammed now more than ever ..it angers me so much, it's all about principle. There's a lot of good people in this country who work way too hard to be treated this way. I highly recommend being firm(or downright angry) like I was and demand that they take the phone charges off. I also complained to Verizon that they are jerks for letting a bogus scam company on board like this...but perhaps they are in on it, too...you never know. Good Luck Folks, and remember, raise your voice and sound really angry..( I also threatened to drop Verizon all together) This should get you reimbursement and also a block.

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  • Co
    CONNIE J. NEFF Aug 03, 2009


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  • Al
    Alisha Pennartz Jul 23, 2009

    I just recieved a charge of 12.95 on my centurytel phone bill and OAN SERVICES INC stated that I had signed up for this service online and that it was for TRAVELERSVMAIL.COM I got rather irate with the woman I spoke to and told her I dont ever sign up for anything online and she said she would be glad to credit it back to my phone bill in one to two billing cycles. I said thats just crazy for something I never signed up for! Then I called Centurytel and told them I was not going to pay the 12.95 from that company and they said that I didnt have to and they were going to put it in dispute!

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  • Ka
    Karin Zimmerman Jul 21, 2009

    I received a bill on my phone bill from this company for a
    (Telecharge resource email monthly fee.) I have no idea what this is and I never heard of this company.
    Karin Zimmerman
    P.O. Box 580
    Paradise, CA. 95969

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  • De
    defisherking Jul 18, 2009

    We too have had fraudulent charges of $7.64 tax applied to our Verizon phone bill of [protected] for an "Operator Assisted " call from this "OAN Services, Inc. .
    Just got our bill on the weekend so we'll be following up on questioning these charges Monday AM, [protected], so I plan to F/U on this matter right here to tell all about the results .

    Thanks to each & everyone of you that have taken the time to share your experiences/nightmares with this
    B.S. that only takes what little of ANY free time we may still have in our lives .

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  • Ja
    Janice Becker Jul 03, 2009

    OAN Services added a charge to my AT&Tphone bill. When I called them about the bill, they stated that they had sent an email and because I did not respond they signed me up for their service. They insisted that I was responsible to pay them, even though iIwas very responsible NOT to request their service.Very interesting, -I do not own a computer. How can I get any such service? Some how they got my email address and just put my name on their list. I have never heard of the company prior to my last phone bill. I use the library computer, if I should need to access one.
    I hope that every will know of this scam company and deal with them soon.
    Janice Becker

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  • Do
    dontmesswithmebud Jun 26, 2009

    Here are my notes on 2 HOURS of phone calls about these fraudsters and their $227 worth of charges to my phone bill over 2 months:

    Spoke to "XXXXXX" with ATT on 062609 08:45.
    She is putting the $149.80 from the 060509 invoice in "claim status", and is “reducing” the amount of my bill (which will be auto-paid 062909) by $149.80 (from $543.07 down to $393.27).
    She said she can’t do the same with the 050509 bill because it has already been paid.
    She said I have to call these 3 companies and ask them to remove the charges from both the 050509 and 060509 ATT invoices, and to discontinue charging us.
    She said it will take 1 to 2 billing cycles to see the credits on our ATT invoices.
    She said if we can’t get satisfaction from these 3 companies, contact ATT again and they will pursue it further.

    The 3 companies and their charges:

    Enhanced Services [protected]
    Billed on Behalf of AMBONET.COM, LLC # Questions? Call: [protected] Itemized Charges and Credits Item No. Date Description Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX [protected] AMBONET.COM WEBHOSTING MNTHLY SVC FEE 29.95
    Taxes 17-02 Federal .00 17-03 State and Local .00 Total Taxes .00 # New services provided and billed Total Enhanced Services 29.95
    29.95 – 050509 invoice
    29.95 – 060509 invoice
    59.90 Total
    Called 062609 09:50 and spoke to XXXXXX. She transferred me to “ambonet.com”, who’s actual phone number is [protected]. Talked to rep and he stated that both charges of $29.95, a total of $59.90, will be credited immediately on our ATT invoice, and that “our services” and billing will be immediately discontinued.
    Confirmation number XXXXXX

    OAN Services, Inc. [protected]
    Billed on Behalf of KEYSECURE, INC. # Questions? Call: [protected] Itemized Charges and Credits Item No. Date Description Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX [protected] KEYSECURE-ONLINE DIRECTORY LISTNG MTH 39.95
    Taxes 18-02 Federal .00 18-03 State and Local .00 Total Taxes .00 # New services provided and billed Total OAN Services, Inc. 39.95
    39.95 – 050509 invoice
    79.90 – 060509 invoice
    119.85 Total
    Called 062609 10:15 and spoke with “XXXXXX”. He said “service” will be discontinued, we’ll no longer be billed, and $119.85 will be credited to our ATT account and will show up in one to two billing cycles.
    Confirmation number XXXXXX

    ILD Teleservices [protected]
    Billed on Behalf of CALLING [protected] Questions? Call: [protected] Long Distance
    No. Date Time Place Called Number Code Min Amount
    Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX
    Itemized Calls
    [protected] 1055A DIR ASSIST [protected] D 1.0 # 4.99

    Itemized Charges and Credits Item No. Date Description Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX [protected] UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND FEE .[protected] CARRIER ADMINISTRATIVE FEE 1.55 Total Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX 2.15 Total Itemized Charges and Credits 2.15 Total for CALLING [protected] 7.14
    Taxes 19-04 Federal .00 19-05 State and Local .42 Total Taxes .42 # State taxable KEY TO CALLING CODES D Day Total ILD Teleservices 7.56
    7.56 – 050509 invoice
    7.56 Total
    Called 062609 10:23 spoke with XXXXXX. She can only credit the $7.56 charge ($7.14 plus taxes to be credited by ATT), for the (for CALLING [protected]), (the 050509 invoice charge).
    Confirmation number XXXXXX.

    She says I need to call “Bizzlink.com” to get credit for their $39.95 charge for “web hosting”, at 866.789-8233

    ILD Teleservices [protected]
    Billed on Behalf of BIZZLINKS.COM, LLC Questions? Call: [protected] Itemized Charges and Credits Item No. Date Description Charges for XXX-XXX-XXXX [protected] BIZZLINKS.COM, LLC-WEBHOSTING MTH FEE 39.95
    Taxes 18-02 Federal .00 18-03 State and Local .00 Total Taxes .00 Total ILD Teleservices 39.95
    Spoke with “XXXXXX” 062609 10:45. He said we not only have this $39.95 charge, we’ll also see another one on the next bill. He said he’ll “call back in 3 minutes” after he OK’s refunds. He did call back, and said we should receive a check for $79.90 in 10-15 business days. If we don’t receive it, he said to call him back personally, at XXX-XXX-XXXX, Extension xxx.
    Confirmation number XXXXXX

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  • Ho
    honorable Jun 20, 2009

    Today, June 18, 2009, we received our monthly AT&T bill only to discover a $38.56 charge from OAN Services for the past 3 months. The AT&T customer service rep. made a few calls to OAN with me on the line and question him about the charges on my bills and OAN rep said I will removed the charges, but the AT & T rep said NO I will do it for Mrs. !!!. The OAN rep said that someone sign up for an 800 number on my phone online with part of my name. However, this is clearly an attempt at fraud and I hope attorney generals in several states take up this issue.

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  • Ke
    Ken Montsinger Jun 19, 2009

    Three times during the last twelve months, OAN services has added unauthorized charges to my AT&T phone bill. Twice I've gone to the California Public Utility Commission, only to be informed they closed the matter when AT&T removed the charges. AT&T claims they are mandated by FCC rules to bill for OAN services. I've written to the FCC, and they responded that this was under the the FTC's jurisdiction!
    No response yet from the FTC. I've complained to my congressman, do nothing Mr Brad Sherman.
    It's a joke! We get crammed, and can't do a damn thing about it. I've reached the point if AT&T continues with this BS, then I'm contacting Time-Warner, and if they will insure me that I can block third-party billing, then I'm changing services. The funny thing about all this, I'm a retired AT&T employee! They could if they wanted to and go back to the FCC and get changes to the billing procedures regarding third party billing.
    In the mean time I'll just look twice at my bills.

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