Oakleyproduct is faulty

Ai Oct 03, 2019

I bought a pair of Oakley sliver stealth deep water polarised from the Oakley store on my birthday 2 weeks ago I have the receipts i checked the leans for scratches and the were perfect but when i took the home and was admiring them I noticed on the arm the manufactured usa symbol was crooked and there's a scratch going from the emblem to the lettering CE I took a a photo and sent it to Oakley online and they told me to take them back to the store when I took the sunglasses back to the store they had another the two pairs with exactly the same fault the manufactured USA were crooked and have the sctatch out of 3 I took the 1 with the least crooked emblem but still has a scratch just on top of it because I didn't want to go home without a pair of glasses nothing else fits my face properly i love them but there's a defect on them and I paid full price I do not think this is fair and it's not just one pair it's all the pairs they had and when I spoke to a lady on main office she grabed a pair from the store room and seen the same thing as well and told me that it's a mould problem and didn't offer any resolution or help she just said go back to the store and deal with the store the problem is I have gone into the store and dealt with them and they're very nice all have other sunglasses they were going to replace them with had the same defect the store cant help they've showed me three other pairs and they're exactly the same defect crooked emblem with a scratch on top of it.. i paid full price for them this really hurt me this to pay so much and have this defect


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